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Answer 1

No, the coordinates can not be the solution to find the answer. I know this because to find a slope-intercept equation you would need to have 2 coordinates. You would need 2 coordinates to first find the slope of the equation (m) in the equation y=mx+b.

Answer 2
Yes plug in (12,9) to the equation

9=1/4(12)+6 which is true

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Which equation is the inverse of y = 16x2 + 1?
O y=+T6
O y =


Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]y = 16 {x}^{2} + 1 \\ \\ y - 1 = 16 {x}^{2} \\ \\ \frac{y - 1}{16} = {x}^{2} \\ \\ \pm \sqrt{ \frac{y - 1}{16} } = x \\ \\ x = \pm \frac{ \sqrt{y - 1} }{4} \\ \: this \: is \: the \: required \: inverse \: \\ equation \: of \: y = 16 {x}^{2} + 1[/tex]

The equation that represents the inverse of y = 16x² + 1 is y = ±√[(x - 1)/16]

What is Equation?

Two or more expressions with an Equal sign is called as Equation.

Let us find the inverse of the equation y = 16x² + 1.

To find inverse we need to replace y with x and x with y in the original equation to obtain:

x = 16y² + 1

Now solve for y in terms of x by rearranging the terms

x - 1 = 16y²

Divide both sides by 16

y² = (x - 1)/16

Take square root on both sides.

y = ±√[(x - 1)/16]

Therefore, the equation that represents the inverse of y = 16x^2 + 1 is:

y = ±√[(x - 1)/16]

To learn more on Equation:


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Step-by-step explanation:


p= 11

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Literally take your f(x) and - your g(x)

(x^2+9x+18) - (x + 6)

Remember to distribute the negative sign.

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What are we meant to do its sideways

Step-by-step explanation:

This graph shows the solution to which inequality???



B. y > (4/3)x - 2

Step-by-step explanation:

The dotted line means that the answer WILL NOT include the line itself, just the space above it. Since the shaded area is above the line, it must be greater than the line.

Solve the inequality below.

4(x + 3) < 6x – 2



X > 7

Step-by-step explanation:

4(x + 3) < 6x – 2

4x + 12 < 6x -2

-6x            -6x

-2x + 12 < -2

-12           -12

-2x < -14

-----     -----

-2         -2

x > 7

The < change because it was divided by a negative number

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its asking how many points on the graph you need to move down and to the left or right to make the orange shape line up with the purple shape

The ratio of collectible cards Kyle owns to cards that Zeona owns is 3:2. Zeona has 36 cards. How will the ratio of Kyle’s cards to Zeona’s cards change if they both sell half of their cards? Explain.



It wouldn't.

Step-by-step explanation:

With the ratio, since Zeona has 36 cards, Kyle must have 54. If they each sold half, Kyle would have 27 and Zeona would have 18. So, the ratio would still be 3:2.

Find f(n)+g(n)



[tex]\longrightarrow 5n+1\longleftarrow[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]f(n)=2n+1\\\\g(n)=3n\\\\f(n)+g(n)=?\\\\\longrightarrow (2n+1)\longleftarrow\\\\+\longrightarrow (3n)\longleftarrow\\\\f(n)+g(n)=2n+1+3n\\\\=(2n+3n)+1\\\\=(2+3)n+1\\\\=5n+1\longleftarrow \\\\\dagger[/tex]


[tex]\boxed {\tt f(n)+g(n)=5n+1}[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

We want to find f(n) + g(n) . Basically, we have to find the sum of f(n) and g(n).


We know that:


Therefore, we can substitute 2n+1 in for f(n) and 3n in for g(n)


Combine like terms. The terms 3n and 2n both have a "n" so they can be combined.




f(n)+g(n) is equal to 5n+1

3√5•3√2 =
A. √10
B. 9√10
Which one? ​


Answer: Choice B

Work Shown:

[tex]x = 3\sqrt{5}*3\sqrt{2}\\\\x = (3*3)(\sqrt{5}\sqrt{2})\\\\x = 9\sqrt{5*2}\\\\x = 9\sqrt{10}\\\\[/tex]

The rule used on line 3 is [tex]\sqrt{A}*\sqrt{B} = \sqrt{A*B}[/tex]

Solve for g. C = d/g



I believe that g=dc

Step-by-step explanation:

You swap positions with g and c along with their sign of operation.

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I believe that the answer is number 2

Step-by-step explanation:

2(x + 1) = 2x + 2.




Step-by-step explanation:

It is equal to nothing.


-2x     -2x    


-2      -2



( − ∞ , ∞ )

Step-by-step explanation:

Distribute the 2 in 2 (x+1)

2 ⋅ x = 2 x

2 ⋅ 1 = 2


2 x + 2

Equation is now:

2 x + 2 = 2 x + 2

Subtract 2 from both sides of the equation:

2 x = 2 x

Divide both sides by 2:


Both sides of the equation are the same:

x = x

Any real number or:

( − ∞ , ∞ )

what is the value of x?




Step-by-step explanation:

I know that the other angle (not x) is 48 because the lengths are the same of 2 sides. Therefore I can use 180-48-48 to get 84, the correct answer.

A city planner wants to build a bridge across a lake in the park. To find the length of the bridge, he makes a right triangle with one leg and the hypotenuse on land and the bridge as the other leg. The length of the hypotenuse is 340 feet and the other leg is 160 feet. Find the length of the bridge



The length of the bridge is 300 feet.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let A represent the length of one leg.

Let B represent the length of the other leg (i.e length of the bridge)

Let C represent the length of the Hypothenus.

From the question given above, the following data were obtained:

Length of Hypothenus (C) = 340 feet.

Length of one leg (A) = 160 feet.

Length of the bridge (B) =.?

The length of the bridge can be obtained by using the pythagoras theory as illustrated below:

C² = A² + B²

340² = 160² + B²

115600 = 25600 + B²

Collect like terms

115600 – 25600 = B²

90000 = B²

Take the square root of both side

B = √90000

B = 300 feet

Therefore, the length of the bridge is 300 feet

how many snakeman and red crows were sold altogether



you did not out the full equation so I am not able to solve your problem.

If you put the full problem I will try to solve and walk you through it.

please help i'm stuck :,)

Jacob and Sophia are in a running club and record how long it takes them to run a 5-kilometer race. Jacob's time was 4 minutes under the average time of the running club. The difference between Jacob's time and Sophia's time is 10 minutes. The possible times of Sophia's run are ____ minutes below the average or ____ minutes above the average.



14 minutes below or 6 minutes above

Step-by-step explanation:

Let's say Sophia's time was 10 minutes WORSE

4 minutes below average- 10 minutes= 14 minutes below average

Let's say Sophia's time was ten minutes BETTER

4 minutes below average + 10 minutes= 6 minutes above average.

Hope this helps!


14 minutes below the average

6 minutes above the average


Let A = average running time

Jacob's time was 4 minutes under the average, so his time is A-4 minutes. Whatever A is, subtract off 4, and you'll get Jacob's time.

Sophia and Jacob have a difference of 10 minutes. If J = Jacob's time and S = sophia's time, then S-J = 10 or J-S = 10 depending on who has the larger time.

We can use absolute value to ensure that whatever we pick (S-J or J-S) will be positive. So |S-J| = 10. Recall that absolute value represents distance on a number line. Negative distance isn't possible.


Let's plug in J = A-4 and solve for S

|S-J| = 10

|S - ( J )| = 10

|S - (A-4)|

|S-A+4| = 10

S-A+4 = 10  or  S-A+4 = -10

S-A = 10-4  or  S-A = -10-4

S-A = 6  or  S-A = -14

S = A+6 or S = A-14

The equation S = A+6 shows Sophia is 6 minutes above the average

The equation S = A-14 shows Sophia is 14 minutes below the average


Let's pick some number for A that is over 14 minutes. Let's say the average running time is A = 20 minutes.

If A = 20, then Jacob's time is J = A-4 = 20-4 = 16

If the average running time is 20 minutes, then Jacob ran for 16 minutes.

If we subtract 10 from this, then J-10 = 16-10 = 6 is one possible time for Sophia. Notice how this is 14 minutes below the average (20-14 = 6)

If we add 10 to Jacob's time, then J+10 = 16+10 = 26, which is 6 minutes overage the average (20+6 = 26)

This is one numeric example, but you could use any value of A that you want as long as it's larger than 14. The reason A has to be larger than 14 is to ensure that Sophia's lower time value (A-14) is not negative. Having a time of zero is not feasible either.

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Answer: go to Cymath

Step-by-step explanation: This helped me with like everything in math class! It gives you step by step answers

What's the answer ?
A. B. C. Or D? ​



D.) y=-x-2

Step-by-step explanation:


D.) y=-x-2

Step-by-step explanation:

Trust me I just know

if tanΘ =√3 determine all the possible values of Θ such that -2π≤0≤2π



Sure! Can you tell me the digits of pi?

Step-by-step explanation:

Caleb is a junior at JA Enterprise High School and plays rugby on the school team. He has a part-time job at a local fast-food restaurant and works 20 hours a week for $7.60 an hour. His gross monthly income is $608.00, and his take-home pay is $501.64. In his spare time, Caleb walks a dog belonging to an elderly neighbor. He earns an additional $40.00 per month for that chore.

Caleb's parents gave him a used car, and he pays his own insurance, which is $110 per month. His gas and maintenance expenses usually run $65 a month. He also has a cell phone and pays his parents $30 each month for his share of the family plan.

In three weeks, Caleb plans to take a day trip to Six Flags amusement park. His admission will cost $50, and he plans to have $35 for meals and another $50 for incidentals.

Caleb needs to start saving for Christmas, which is in four months, and he usually spends around $200 on gifts for his family and friends. He also would like to buy a new $80 e-reader this month.

Though Caleb's parents will help pay for his college tuition, he knows that in two years, he will have to pay for his books and earn his own spending money. He is estimating that each semester, he will spend $300 on books and $600 on personal needs.

How much are Caleb's regular monthly expenses?



Caleb's net monthly income would be $541.64

Step-by-step explanation:

His monthly take home pay from restaurant is $501.64

Since he earns additional $40 per month for dog walk,

Therefore, his monthly pay would be ;

= $501.64 + $40

Caleb's net monthly income =$541.64

Caleb's monthy regular expenses including car insurance and books is


What is an equation?

An equation is written in the form of variables and constants separated by the operation of multiplication and division,

An equation states that terms in different forms on both sides of the equality sign are equal.

Multiplication and division do not separate the terms of an equation.

From the given information, The total net earnings of Caleb is,

= $(501.64 + 40).

= $541.64.

Now, The expenses for Car insurance, Gas, and cell phone recharge is,

= $(110 + 65 + 30).

= $205.

Again, For books and personal needs, he have to spend $(300 + 600).

= $900.

Monthly it is,

= 900/6.

= $150.

Therefore, Caleb's regular expenses is,

= $(205 + 150).

= $355.

learn more about equations here :


david and Jack share $120 in the ratio much did david get ?​




Step-by-step explanation:

ratio is 3:5

David gets 3x, Jack gets 5x

So, 3x+5x=120



David got 3x = 3*15 = $45



Step-by-step explanation:



because it is 3:5 ratio

Amelia practices the piano 980 minutes in 4 weeks. At what rate did she practice, in minutes per day?



35 minutes a day.

Step-by-step explanation:





Step-by-step explanation:

980 divided by 28 (days in a month)

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math is tricky but itsall in your head jk you got this

Step-by-step explanation:


C. 6 1/2

Step-by-step explanation:

your formula: V=lwh

(turn your fractions into improper numbers)

13/6*6/5*5/2= 13/2= 6 1/2

pair that describes <2 <3



Hello!!! Princess Sakura here ^^

Step-by-step explanation:

The angles 2 and 3 are corresponding angles. So it's choice C.

Tip: Any pair of angles each of which is on the same side of one of two lines cut by a transversal and on the same side of the transversal.

which angle pairs are congruent? Select all that apply



Step-by-step explanation:

The first and last one

Question Details
An atom of hydrogen has a mass of about 1.66 x 10^-25
grams. An atom of oxygen has a mass of about 2.656 x
10^-23 grams. How many times the mass of the
hydrogen atom is the mass of the oxygen atom? Give
your answer in scientific notation.



Atomic mass unit-

It is represented by ‘amu’. It is equal to the quantity 1/12th mass of an atom of C-12.

Actual mass of one atom of C-12 = 1.9924 x 10-23 gm. = 1.9924 x 10-26 Kg.

1 amu = 1.9924 x 10 -23/12 = 1.66 x 10 -24 gm. = 1.66 x 10 -27 Kg.

Atomic mass of an element = mass of one atom of the element / 1 amu

Actual mass of an element = atomic mass of an element in amu x 1.66 x 10 -24 gm.

For ex-

Actual mass of hydrogen atom = 1.008 x 1.66 x 10 -24 gm. = 1.6736 x 10-24 gm.

Actual mass of oxygen atom = 16.00 x 1.66 x 10 -24 gm. = 2.656 x 10-23 gm.

Average Atomic weight (Mass)-

“The Average Atomic Masses of many elements are determined by multiplying the atomic mass of each isotope by its fractional abundance and adding these values and then dividing it by 100.”

Ex.- Naturally occurring carbon contains three isotopes – C12 (98.892 % abundance), C13 (1.108 % abundance), C14 (2 x 10-10 % abundance).The relative atomic masses of these isotopes are 12.000, 13.00335 and 14.00317 amu respectively.

Average atomic mass = % of I isotope x its atomic mass + % of II isotope x its atomic mass +% of III isotope x its atomic mass/100

= 12 x 98.892 + 13.00335 x 1.108 + 14.00317 x 2 x10-10 /100

Average atomic mass= 12.011 amu

Molar volume –

Molar volume of a substance is volume occupied by 1 mole of that substance .

Molar volume of solid or liquid = molar mass / density

Molar volume of ideal gas at 00C or 273 K and 1 atmosphere pressure is 22.4 litre.

Gram atomic mass(weight) or gram atom –

“Gram atomic mass(weight) of an element is the mass of Avogadro number ( 6.023 x 1023 ) of atoms of that elements in grams.”

Ex –

mass of 1 atom of oxygen = 16 amu = 16 x 1.66 x 10-24 gm

Mass of 6.023 x 1023 atoms of oxygen= 16 x 6.023 x 1023 x 1.66 x 10-24 = 16 gm.

Hence, Gram atomic weight of oxygen = 16 gm.

No. of gram atoms = mass of element in gm / atomic mass of element in gm.

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answer is 5

Step-by-step explanation:

Can You Please Help? I swear I will mark brainliest



The answer is 2 inches

Step-by-step explanation:

U just have to divid 20 by 10 and you get ur answer

You receive a gift card for an
online game. Every time you play,
you spend the same amount of
money. After playing 2 games,
the card balance is $17.70. After
5 games, the balance is $14.25.
Determine the original value of the
card. Explain.


Answer: $20

Explanation: If you have $17.70 after 2 games and $14.25 after 5, you do 17.70-14.25; which equals $3.45 so in 3 games you spend $3.45 now divide that by 3 to determine the unit value; which equals $1.15, so you spend $1.15 on every game now times that by 2 which is $2.30 and add that to $17.70 to see the original amount of money on the card which was $20
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