Who’s the father of plastic surgery?


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Who’s the father of plastic surgery?

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Sushruta Samhita


He was an Indian physician who lived around 1000 and 800 BC.  He had many advancements in medicine, especially in surgery.

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Which of the following is a good example of visual encoding?


A good example of visual encoding is thinking about a dog you want to adopt and having the image of the dog appear in your mind. The correct option is D.

What is visual encoding?

Visual encoding is remembering what you have seen. This is like you see a bird on the street, and you passed by it. Then you remember it in the home, the color of the bird, the type of bird, etc.

The first option, the lyric of a song, that you have not seen, will not come under visual coding. The second option is dreaming, which is different from visual coding.

The third one is remembering other things by seeing a thing similar to it, which is not visual encoding. Only the last option is correct because it shows seeing a dog and then remembering it afterward.

Thus, the correct option is  D. Thinking about a dog you want to adopt and having the image of the dog appear in your mind.

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The question is incomplete. Your most probably complete question is given below:

Being able to remember the words to a song even when you can’t remember the tunedreaming about your mother and deciding to call herremembering the colors of the rainbow by thinking about a bag of Skittlesthinking about a dog you want to adopt and have the image of the dog appear in your mind

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According to Dane (2011), mindfulness means



Mindfulness means you maintaining a moment by moment understanding of ones thoughts, feelings, body and environment. it also means acceptance. that we pay attention to our feelings and thoughts and take them into consideration for our health.

when was freddie mercury born



joe mama



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In which order do these go in??? Please help will mark brainliest


salivary amylase goes first then the pancreatic amylase then the sucrase then the monosaccharides going to the bloodstream

Which statement is true about fibroblasts? They are a type of cell that can be found in ET. They prevent the blood from thinning too much. They are a type of WBC that fights off bacterial and viral infections. They make the protein fibers in CT.



They make the protein fibers in CT


Fibroblast is a proteinous compound which aids the synthesis and maintenance of extra cellular matrix.

They also help in the wound healing processes of the body and as a major component of the connective tissues in the body also.

The analysis above then validates the fibroblast as making the protein fibers in the connective tissue.

They make the protein fibers in CT.  

• One of the most common kind of cell found in connective tissue is a fibroblast.  

• It produces collagen proteins, which are used to sustain a structural framework for several tissues.  

• They also perform an essential function in the process of healing.  

• They are critical in breaking down the fibrin clot, in supporting the normal wound healing, producing novel extra cellular matrix, and collagen compositions to support other cells related to effective healing of wound.  

Thus, the correct statement is that they make the protein fibers in CT.

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Which of the following is a common contributing factor to depression in a young adult?
Being denied health insurance

Too many societal expectations

Unplanned pregnancy



For this question I would say option B would be the most common. Though the other options could be factors, they don’t seem to be the most common factor. Too many societal expectations sounds more likely to be correct. Society has a certain image for what young adults should do or how they should act, which could cause depression in a young adult. If you’d like more of an explanation on this, let me know. I hope this helps you.
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