Which element contains one set of paired and three unpaired electrons in its fourth and outer main energy level? ​


Answer 1


Phosphorus (P) because of the 5 valence electrons total, 3 of them are in the 3p sublevel, and according to Hund's rule, they "single-fill" each orbital first.

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The pOH of an aqueous solution of 0.480 M trimethylamine (a weak base with the formula (CH3)3N) is .




Kb of  (CH₃)₃N is 7.4 x 10⁻⁵

initial concentration of (CH₃)₃N   a   is .48 M

(CH₃)₃N    +   H₂O =  (CH₃)₃NH⁺  +  OH⁻

a - x                                     x               x  

x² / (a - x )  = Kb

x is far less than a so a - x can be replaced by a .

x² / a   = Kb

x²  = a x Kb = .48 x 7.4 x 10⁻⁵ = 3.55 x 10⁻⁵ = 35.5 x 10⁻⁶

x = 5.96 x 10⁻³

pOH = - log ( 5.96 x 10⁻³ )

= 3 - log 5.96

= 3 - .775

= 2.225

what’s the most abundant isotope of lawrencium




Thirteen isotopes of lawrencium are currently known; the most stable is 266Lr with a half-life of 11 hours, but the shorter-lived 260Lr (half-life 2.7 minutes) is most commonly used in chemistry because it can be produced on a larger scale.


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A sample of propane, C3H8, contains 13.8 moles of carbon atoms. How many total moles of atoms does the sample contain



[tex]Total = 50.6\ moles[/tex]



[tex]Propane = C_3H_8[/tex]

Represent Carbon with C and Hydrogen with H

[tex]C = 13.8[/tex]


Determine the total moles

First, we need to represent propane as a ratio

[tex]C_3H_8[/tex] implies

[tex]C:H = 3:8[/tex]

So, we're to first solve for H when [tex]C = 13.8[/tex]

Substitute 13.8 for C

[tex]13.8 : H = 3 : 8[/tex]

Convert to fraction

[tex]\frac{13.8}{H} = \frac{3}{8}[/tex]

Cross Multiply

[tex]3 * H = 13.8 * 8[/tex]

[tex]3 H = 110.4[/tex]

Solve for H

[tex]H = 110.4/3[/tex]

[tex]H = 36.8[/tex]

So, when

[tex]C = 13.8[/tex]

[tex]H = 36.8[/tex]

[tex]Total = C + H[/tex]

[tex]Total = 13.8 + 36.8[/tex]

[tex]Total = 50.6\ moles[/tex]

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