Open-Ended Which of these situations can be represented by the opposite of 53? Use pencil and

paper. Describe two more situations that can be represented by the opposite of 53.

A book was 53 pages shorter than you expected.

Andrew spent $53.

The temperature was 53°F.

Jennifer sold 53 apples.

Select each situation that can be represented by the opposite of 53.

O A. Andrew spent $53.

OB. Jennifer sold 53 apples.

OC. A book was 53 pages shorter than you expected.

D. The temperature was 53°F.


Answer 1


A book was 53 pages shorter than you expected

Jennifer sold 53 apples.

Andrew spent $53.

Step-by-step explanation:

The question proposed that we should determine which situation can be said to be the opposite of 53. From the listed option, we will realize that the following:

A book was 53 pages shorter than you expected

Jennifer sold 53 apples.

Andrew spent $53.

The above options are the opposite of 53. This is because a book that was shorter than expected will need to be refilled.

Suppose Jennifer has x apples, and She sold 53 apples out of it. It means x = -53, which is the opposite of 53.

Andrew spent $53; let say Andrew had y+$53. After spending $53, he has y = - $53, which is the opposite of 53.

But the temperature, which was 53°F, will still be at that position on the thermometer provided it is not being affected by external conditions.

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x=-1 and -3



x=1 and 4



x=-3 and 3


is 77.65488319 rational or irrational




Step-by-step explanation:

step by step instructions



Step-by-step explanation:

The decimal doesn't terminate.

Gemma makes a conjecture that the sum of an odd integer and itself is always an even integer. Which choice is the best proof of her conjecture?

A) Look at these different examples: 7 + 7 = 14, 13 + 13 = 26, 23 + 23 = 46. So the sum of an odd number and itself must be even
B) Let 2n + 1 be an odd number; (2n + 1) + (2n + 1) = 4n + 2. Because 4(n + 2) is divisible by 2, the sum of 2n + 1 and itself is even.
C) Let n represent an odd number, and let n + n be an even number. Therefore, n + n = n + n, which shows that the sum of an odd number and itself is even.
D) Every time you add an odd number and itself, the sum is an even number.Every time you add an odd number and itself, the sum is an even number.



Let 2n + 1 be an odd number......  B/2nd option

Step-by-step explanation:

The best choice is

Let 2n + 1 be an odd number; (2n + 1) + (2n + 1) = 4n + 2.

Because 4(n + 2) is divisible by 2, the sum of 2n + 1 and itself is even.

What is Conjecture?

A hypothesis in mathematics is a conclusion or a proposition made tentatively without supporting evidence. Some conjectures, like the Fermat's Last Theorem or the Riemann hypothesis, have significantly influenced the development of new branches of mathematics.

First, Only three examples are given which is not appropriate at all.

Second, This is the best proof is

Let 2n + 1 be an odd number; (2n + 1) + (2n + 1) = 4n + 2. Because 4(n + 2) is divisible by 2, the sum of 2n + 1 and itself is even.

Fourth, State the meaning of Title without proof.

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The following scores represent students' test grades in Ms. Orr's science class. Test Scores 78 81 78 81 78 81 78 81 78 87 91 87 91 87 91 87 91 87 What is the median score for Ms. Orr's science class?

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Its definitely B 84.5

I took the test

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

The median score is the score that appears in the middle of the graph and the set of numbers. 87 is the median score.


Select the equation of the line parallel to y=-4x-6 the
equation and that passes through the point (1, 2).
O y=-4x+6
O y=4x-4
O y=-4x-4
O y = 4x+6




Step-by-step explanation:

If you are looking for a parallel line with just the equation then look for an equation with the same slope and different Y intercept. After you find that just check and see if it passes the coordinate.




If it works you have your answer!

The equation of the line parallel to y = -4x - 6 and passing through (1, 2) is

y = -4x + 6.

The slope of y = -4x - 6 is -4.

passing through the point (1, 2)

the new line is parallel to the original line, it will have the same slope (-4).

Use the point-slope form of a linear equation to write the equation of the new line. The point-slope form is y - y1 = m(x - x1), where m is the slope, and (x1, y1) is the given point.

substituting values,

y - 2 = -4(x - 1)

y - 2 = -4x + 4

y = -4x + 6

learn more about slope here


Which is true about x, the quotient of the division problem shown below? х 81 918 O The quotient contains a repeating decimal. O The quotient contains a terminating decimal. O The quotient is a whole number less than 11. O The quotient is a whole number greater than 11



The answer is choice 2 and 3, that is "The quotient has a final decimal and the whole number is less than 11".

Step-by-step explanation:

The product of a ratio: amount (r) over other(s) (variance from 0) becomes mandatory to note this quotient and in the following case Thus q is = 0.0882352941.

[tex]\to \frac{81}{918}= 0.0882352941[/tex]

It wasn't a repeating decimal, however a final decimal, so it's got an end.

Its quotient may be less than 11 in total.

Numbers of W = {0,1,2, ...} and 0 < 11 are provided for this entire series of data therefore It's real .



Step-by-step explanation:

which expression is equivalent to 0.17w + 0.77 + w? -0.77 + 1.17w
-0.17w + 1.77



113.29w +1.77

Step-by-step explanation:

The diagram of a living room is shown below. What fraction of the living room is covered by the rug? need done ASAP



[tex] \frac{10}{27} [/tex]

Please answer quickly!


Sorry I think the picture is blocked so I can't see it

mark the error / s es de moninomios​


9514 1404 393


  2x²2y³ -- Coefficiente: +4

  5xy -- Grado: 2

  -5x⁴y -- Grado: 5

Step-by-step explanation:

The coefficient of the literal part is the product of all of the numerical factors in the term.

  2x²2y³ = (2·2)x²y³ = 4x²y³ . . . . the coefficient is 4

As in the upper left box, the degree of the term is the sum of the exponents of the literals.

  5xy has a degree of 1+1 = 2

  -5x⁴y has a degree of 4+1 = 5


The remaining descriptions are correct.

Lauren's vet commented that her puppy gained 10% in weight since the first visit. Write an expression that could be evaluated to show the puppy's current weight. Use a variable to represent the weight of the puppy at the first visit. Write the expression in simplified form. If the puppy gains another 10% in weight from the current visit to a future visit, how much will the puppy weigh? Write an expression that could be evaluated to show the puppy's future weight. Write the expression in simplified form.


Answer: expression to show puppy's current weight = x+ 0.1x, simplified form = 1.1x

Expression that for puppy's future weight= 1.1x + 0.1(1.1x), simplified form = 1.21 x

Step-by-step explanation:

Let x= Puppy's weight in the first visit.

If it gained 10% in weight from the first visit, then his current weight = (weight in first visit)+10% of (weight in first visit)

= x+ 0.1x

i.e. expression to show puppy's current weight = x+ 0.1x

In simplified form it will be

x+ 0.1x = x(1+0.1)


=1.1 x  (simplified form )

If puppy gains another 10% in weight, then its future weight = (current weight)+10% of (current weight)

= 1.1x+10% of 1.1x

= 1.1x + 0.1(1.1x)

Expression that for puppy's future weight= 1.1x + 0.1(1.1x)

= 1.1x(1+0.1)

= 1.1x(1.1)


= 1.21x  (simplified form)

Hong needs to memorize words on a vocabulary list for Spanish class. He has memorized 30 of the words, which is five-sixths of the list. How many words are on the list?


36 words are on the list

Write the slope-intercept form of the equation for the line containing (1,-6) and (−4,4).




Step-by-step explanation:

m = 10 / -5 = 2 / -1 = -2

Which number line best shows the position of 13?


The 3rd number line because the square root of 13 is 3.6!

Name the property that the statement illustrates.



Symmetric property of angle congruence

symmetric property of angle congruence

A rock garden is in the shape of a triangle as shown. Which equation could be used to find the area of the rock garden



Step-by-step explanation: hope this helps you

The area of the rock garden will be represented by the equation 1/2 x 15 x 8 = 60. The correct option is D.

What is the area of a triangle?

The entire area filled by a triangle's three sides in a two-dimensional plane is referred to as the triangle's area. The fundamental equation for a triangle's area is A = 1/2 x b x h, where b and h are the product of the triangle's base and height.

The area of the triangle will be calculated as,

Area = 1/2 x 15 x 8

Area = 15 x 4

Area = 60 square feet

To know more about an area of a triangle follow


What is .24 written as a percent?




Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Shift the decimal point two places to the right: 0.24 → 2.4→ 24.

Step 2: Add a percent sign: 24%

and that's how you get your answer

The .24 written as a percent is 24%.

To convert .24 to a percent, multiply it by 100.

.24 ×100 = 24

When we express a number as a percent, it represents a proportion out of 100. In this case, .24 as a percent means that .24 is equivalent to 24 out of 100 or 24%. The percent symbol (%) indicates that the number is being represented as a fraction of 100. This can be interpreted as .24 representing 24 parts out of 100, or 24 hundredths.

To know more about percent here


You were lifting weights with 220,000 and a volume of 1000cm^3. what is the density?




Step-by-step explanation:

Given parameters:

  Mass of the weight = 220000g

  Volume  = 1000cm³


Density of weight = ?


Density is the mass per unit volume of a substance.

Mass is the amount of matter in a substance.

Volume is the amount of space a substance occupies

        Density  = [tex]\frac{mass}{volume}[/tex]

Input the parameters and solve

        Density  = [tex]\frac{220000}{1000}[/tex]  = 220g/cm³

A. 7√6
B. 8√3
Which one?



√294 = A. 7√6


Factor  49  out of  294 . √

49 ( 6 ) Rewrite  

49  as  7 ² . √ 7 ² ⋅ 6

Pull terms out from under the radical.

7 √ 6

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Step-by-step explanation:

Because 8.69 has .09 more than 8.6


8.69 > 8.60

Step-by-step explanation:

You need to add a zero to the end to 8.6 so it's easier to compare. Since all the digits in the two numbers are the same except 9 and zero, those are what you need to compare. 9>0, so 8.69 > 8.6

hope this helped! :)

Matthew is going to drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nevada. His car travels a consistent

number of miles

per gallon of gasoline and he has some gasoline in his tank already. Matthew writes the

equation 25(x + 3) = 424, where x represents the number of gallons of gasoline he will need to purchase to

complete the trip.

Identify the meaning of each of the constants in Matthew's equation in the context of the problem, then solve

the equation to determine how many gallons of gasoline he must purchase.


Answer: 14 gallons of gasoline.

Step-by-step explanation:

given data:

25(x + 3) = 424

where x is the number of gallon of gasoline needed to purchase.


25(x + 3) = 424

first we open the bracket

25x + 75 = 424

collect like terms

25x = 424 – 75

25x = 349

divide both sides by 25

25x/25 = 349/25

x = 13.96

x = 14

mathew needs to get 14 gallons of gasoline.

1. Juliet O'Hara works for a weekly paycheck. Last week she worked 5 days for a total of 39 hours. Her regular rate of pay is $10.95 an hour. In addition to federal income tax, state income tax, Medicare, and social security, Juliet also has insurance of $20 a week withheld and puts 4% of her gross pay into a retirement account. Compute her gross pay, deductions, and net pay. SHOW YOUR WORK!


Step-by-step explanation:

given data:

hours worked weekly = 39

pay/her = $10.95

insurance withheld weekly = $20

percentage put into Retirement = 4%


Gross pay

= hrs worked weekly x pay/hr

= 39 x $10.95

= $427.05.


insurance deduction

= $427.05 – $20

= $407.05

Amount put into retirement account

= 4% of $427.05

= 4/100 x $427.05

= $17.082


= $427.05 – $20 –$17.082

= $389.97

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The answer to question 3 is 4

If your balance is $90 dollars & you have to pay a $10 deposit fee how much left do you have to pay



90 minus 10 is 80 so $80 left

What is the slope of the following table?



The slope is 7

Step-by-step explanation:

Choose any of the following points for example (0.5,3.5) and (1,7)


Divide 4.5/0.5 to get 7

Charles Babbage is known as the father of computer why ​



Charles Babbage, who was born in 1791, is regarded as the father of computing because of his research into machines that could calculate. Babbage's Difference Engine Number 1 was the first device ever devised that could calculate and print mathematical tables.


The graph of an equation intersects the y-axis at some point. What do the coordinates of the intersection indicate?

A. the input when the output is zero

B. the output when the input is zero

C. the input when the output is 1

D. the output when the input is 1




Step-by-step explanation:

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The graph of an equation intersects the y-axis at some point. Therefore, the coordinates of the intersection indicate is B. the output when the input is zero.

What is perimeter?

Its the sum of length of the sides used to made the given figure. A regular figure with n-sides has n equal sides in it, and they are the only parts of it(that means, nothing more than those equal lengthed n sides).

Since sum of side lengths of the triangle of vertices: 3

Area: ½ × base × height

Number of edges: 3

Internal angle: 60° (for equilateral)

The Sum of interior angles is 180°

Therefore, the coordinates of the intersection indicate will be;

B. the output when the input is zero.

Learn more about perimeter here:


Jordan already knew 2 appetizer recipes before starting culinary school, and he will learn 2 new appetizer recipes during each week of school. Write an equation that shows the relationship between the number of weeks w and the number of appetizer recipes a. Write your answer as an equation with a first, followed by an equals sign




r= w/2

r- w/2 = 0

w -2r= 0

Step-by-step explanation:

Let w be the number of weeks and r be the number of recipes learnt . So he will learn 2 recipes each week .Equating gives


when w= 1

w= 2(1) = 2

For 1st week 2 recipes are learned

when w= 2

w= 2( 2) = 4

For 2nd week 4 recipes are learned.


when r= 2

r= w/2

r =2/2  = 1  one  recipe is learned in half of the week  

r- w/2 = 0


w -2r= 0

2/5 x 1 2/3
i know its easy




Step-by-step explanation:

Convert any mixed numbers to fractions.

Then your initial equation becomes:


Applying the fractions formula for multiplication,



Simplifying 10/15, the answer is


How many degrees is are



AMH = 32

Step-by-step explanation:

The angles are alternate exterior angles and when the lines are parallel, alternate exterior angles are equal

x+86 = 24+2x

Subtract x from each side

x+86 -x =24+ 2x+2x-x

86 = 24 +x

Subtract 24 from each side

86-24 = 24+x-24

62 =x

x+86 = 62+86 =148

AMH is supplementary since it forms a straight line

AMH + x+86 = 180

AMH + 148 = 180

AMH = 180-148

AMH = 32

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I WILL GIVE YOU BRAINLIEST!!!\Refer to the Newsela article "How You Can Make a Solar Oven To Cook with a Pizza Box."How does the text make a connection between solar energy and burning fuel?It compares how both can be used to cook food.It analyzes how efficient solar energy is.It explains both in equal detail.It divides them into categories. Round 7.3065 to 2 decimal places Humans shed about three million particles of skin every five hours. Humans can shed about fifty thousand particles of skin every five minutes. The approximate number of particles of skin a human can shed in five hours can be written in the form a times 10^b, where a is 3 and b is __ An unknown substance has a volume of 2 cm3 and a mass of 38.6 grams. What is the density of the sample? Most economic activities on this feudal manor were related to what? a. guilds b. industry c.banking d.agriculture Egg equationIf a hen and a half lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs will half a dozen hens lay in half a dozen days? help me out bro7 (x-3)+3 (4-x)= -8 - Karan has n chocolates. He gave his younger brother 5 chocolates and distributed the remaining isequally between his friend and himself. How many chocolate did his friend get in terms of n? Ethan bought 4 packages of pencils. After he gave 8 pencils to his friends, he had 40 pencilsleft over. How many pencils were in each package? Use the drop-down menus to solve theproblem arithmetically and algebraically. Identify a counterexample: If the sum of two integers is even, then both the integers are even6+ 10 = 163+9 = 1214 + 9 = 23none of these Leo reads 10 pages in 1/3 hours What is the unit rate for pages per hour how is pi able to hold the beliefs of 3 different religions Ian purchased cans of soda for a party he was having. For every 12 cans of soda she payed $4.98. What is the cost per can of soda?The cost of each can of soda is $i need this quik and now its waters.The Persian Gulf is more at risk for oil spills than other areas because oil isA. extracted fromB. processed inC. refined inD. transported in Combine Like Terms. -13x + 14a - 12x + 7x - 4x * Digging deep into history, what TWO significant historical events indirectly sparked the beginning of the American Revolution? which characteristic of gregorian chant The Sahara Desert is the smallest desert but has the most extreme climates, what doesthe Kalahari Desert have?Good ClimatehottesttemperaturesThe driest climateThe wettest climate Mike and Larry are friends who share the same birthday.They decided to have a birthday party together and their friends. Mike received 21 gifts while Larry received 12 gifts. What is the ratio of gifts for Mike to Larry PLEASE HURRY!!!Which supporting detail is most helpful in determining whether the author'spurpose is to inform, explain, persuade, inspire, or entertain?For those of you who couldn't joint us, the Militello family picnic was agreat success this year. To recap, 43 of our relatives met at Little CreekPark to enjoy food, laughter, and the annual bocce ball tournament. Ahighlight of the picnic was the emotional reunion of cousins Mike andSarah. After years of not talking to one another, they agreed to forgiveand forget. A good time was had by all. We look forward to continuingthis family tradition next year. Stay tuned for details about the exactdate and time. Let's try to get the whole Militello clan there next time.