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The number 4 and the number 4/1 are
exactly the same. Explain why.


Step-by-step explanation:

Hey there!

It's obvious that 4 and 4/1 are exactly same.

Reason: something divided by 1 is always a a number same in a numerator.


1. 7/1 = 7

2. 5/1 = 5

Hope it helps..

Write a sentence as an equation using the given information in each problem.

1. Write the sentence as an equation.
the product of 371 and ​d​ is the same as 52

2. Write the sentence as an equation. n​ decreased by 320 is equal to 139

3. Write the sentence as an equation. 317 is equal to ​k​ plus 110

4. Write the sentence as an equation.
the total of 374 and ​k​ is the same as 305

5. Write the sentence as an equation. 398 is the same as ​d​ plus 6



1. 371 × d = 52

2. n - 320 = 139

3. 317 = k + 110

4. 374 + k = 305

5. 398 = d + 6

Step-by-step explanation:

1. 371 × d = 52

d = 52/371

d = 0.14016172506

2. n - 320 = 139

n = 139 + 320

n= 459

3. 317 = k + 110

k = 317 - 110

k = 207

4. 374 + k = 305

k = 305 - 374

k = -69

5. 398 = d + 6

d = 398 - 6

d = 392

An alloy is a mixture of metals. Suppose that a certain alloy is made by mixing 50 g of an alloy containing 12% copper with 78 g of an alloy containing 92% copper how many grams of copper are in the resulting mixture what percentage of the resulting mixture is copper


Given :

An alloy is a mixture of metals. Suppose that a certain alloy is made by mixing 50 g of an alloy containing 12% copper with 78 g of an alloy containing 92% copper.

To Find :

How many grams of copper are in the resulting mixture what percentage of the resulting mixture is copper.

Solution :

Mass of copper in 50 gm alloy = [tex]50\times 0.12 = 6\ gram[/tex].

Mass of copper in 78 gm alloy = [tex]78\times 0.98 = 76.44\ gram[/tex].

Total mass of copper, ( 6 + 76.44 ) gm = 82.44 gram.

Percentage of copper in resulting mixture :

[tex]\%=\dfrac{82.44}{50+78}\\\\\%=64.4\ \%[/tex]

Hence, this is the required solution.

Which of the following is a possible value for X




Step-by-step explanation:



First, You cross multiply.

(x - 1)(x + 1) = 8

x^2 - 1 = 8

Now subtract 8 from both sides.

x^2 - 9 = 0

x^2 - 9 is a difference between 2 squares.

(x + 3)(x - 3) = 0

For an equation with only multiplying to be equal to 0, one of its factors must be 0.

So either x + 3 = 0 or x - 3 = 0.

So x could be -3 or 3.

The answer is (E).

Hope this helps!

A square plaza at a train station has a side length as shown. Which expression represents the area of the plaza in square meters?

2x + 6
x2 + 9
6x + 9
x2 + 6x + 9


here's the answer hope this helps :)


D. x2 + 6x + 9

Step-by-step explanation:

For anyone who didn't understand the above answer^^

Given: ΔABC, where AB = BC Prove: m∠BAC = m∠BCA Statement Reason 1. Let ΔABC be an isosceles triangle with AB = BC. given 2. Create point D on side so bisects ∠ABC. constructing an angle bisector 3. M∠ABD = m∠CBD definition of angle bisector 4. BD = BD Reflexive Property of Equality 5. ΔABD ≅ ΔCBD 6. M∠BAC = m∠BCA Corresponding angles of congruent triangles have equal measures. What is the reason for statement 5 in this proof? A. ASA B. SSS C. AAS D. SAS




Step-by-step explanation:

Given: ΔABC

Bisecting <ABC to create point D implies that BD is a common side to  ΔABD and ΔCBD.


m<ABD = m<CBD (angle bisector)

BA = BC (given property of the isosceles triangle)


ΔABD ≅ ΔCBD (Side Angle Side)

The reason for statement 5 in this proof is that ΔABD ≅ ΔCBD by SAS (Side-Angle-Side) relations of the congruent triangles.


Option D is correct trust me

Step-by-step explanation:

Mrs. Greene wants to plant a vegetable garden in her yard. She purchased a package containing 30 sections of fencing, each 1-foot long If she uses all 30 sections to create rectangular space, how many different arrangements are possible? What is the largest area she can enclose for her garden with this fencing?



The largest area she can enclose for her garden with this fencing is [tex]56 ft^2[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

Suppose the rectangular space Mrs. Greene wants to plant has dimensions x feet and y feet.

Since each section of fencing is 1-foot long, both x and y must be integer numbers.

The perimeter of the rectangular space is calculated as:

P = 2x + 2y

And we know she uses all 30 sections of fencing, thus:

2x + 2y = 30, where x, y are integers and positive.

Simplifying by 2:

x + y = 15

Solve for x:

x = 15 - y

This equation doesn't have infinitely many solutions, since both numbers must be integers and positive. Suppose we start by setting y=1, then x=14. That is a possible arrangement for the garden.

Another valid option is for y=2, x=13

Continuing with these patterns, we find the maximum value for y is 7, x=8, because if we set y=8, x=7, this is the same condition as y=7, x=8.

Thus, from y=1 to y=7, there are 8 possible combinations for the arrangement of the garden.

The area of a rectangle is

[tex]A=x\cdot y[/tex]

Testing some possible arrangements:

y=1, x=14

[tex]A=1\cdot 14= 14 ft^2[/tex]

y=2, x=13

[tex]A=2\cdot 13= 26 ft^2[/tex]

y=3, x=12

[tex]A=3\cdot 12= 36 ft^2[/tex]

We can notice the combination y=7, x=8 has an area of:

[tex]A=7\cdot 8= 56 ft^2[/tex]

This is the largest possible area of all combinations, thus:

The largest area she can enclose for her garden with this fencing is [tex]56 ft^2[/tex]

Can someone Answer this please!



I think the answer is A because Irrational numbers cannot be written in as a fraction but the do repeat at the point

If B = 3x^2-x+3and A=x-6, find an expression that equals 2B+3A in standard form?



[tex]6x^{2} +x-12[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

All you need to do is multiply equation B by 2 and multiply equation A by 3, then put an addition sign between them and combine like terms after you've distributed what you needed for each one.

Which input in this table is incorrect?



I would say its D. 9.00

Step-by-step explanation:

10 Brynlee's monthly cell phone bill
is $60 a month plus $2.50 per
gigabyte used. Raylin's cell phone bill is $450
per month plus $3.25 per gigabyte used.
Determine after how many gigabytes used
would the cell phone plans cost the same
for the month what is the answer??



20 gigabytes

Step-by-step explanation:

Let n represent the amount of gigabytes used.

First make an equation for each senario, Brynlee's would be 60+2.50n and Raylin's would be 45+3.25n.

Set them to equal each other, 60+2.50n=45+3.25n.

Then isolate for n.



Divide both sides by 0.75 to get 20

Which sequences of transformations confirm the congruence of shape II and shape I?

a reflection of shape I across the x-axis followed by a 90° clockwise rotation about the origin
a reflection of shape I across the x-axis followed by a 90° counterclockwise rotation about the origin
a reflection of shape I across the y-axis followed by a 90° counterclockwise rotation about the origin
a reflection of shape I across the y-axis followed by a 90° clockwise rotation about the origin
a reflection of shape I across the x-axis followed by a 180° rotation about the origin



Step-by-step explanation:


A, B and C

Step-by-step explanation:

Which pair of functions are inverses of each other?




Step-by-step explanation:

Inverse means that the function is reversed from the original function, f(x).

To find the inverse function of f(x)=5x-11, add 11 to x, then divide the expression by 5.

This would be (x+11)/5.

So, you know that A is true.

Try the other selections too.

B: [tex]g(x)=x^3/2[/tex]       The x should be tripled before being divided by 2; FALSE

C: [tex]g(x)=7/(x+9)[/tex]     7 should by in the numerator; FALSE

D: [tex]g(x)=6(x+8)[/tex]    8 should be added before being multiplied by 6; FALSE

I hope this helps!!!

Using composite functions, it is found that the pair of functions that are inverse of each other is given by:

A. [tex]f(x) = 5x - 11[/tex] and [tex]g(x) = \frac{x + 11}{5}[/tex]


The composite of functions f and g is given by:

[tex](f \circ g)(x) = f(g(x))[/tex]

Two functions f and g are inverse of each other if:

[tex]f(g(x)) = g(f(x)) = x[/tex]

Item a:

[tex]f(x) = 5x - 11[/tex]

[tex]g(x) = \frac{x + 11}{5}[/tex]

[tex]f(g(x)) = f(\frac{x + 11}{5}) = 5(\frac{x + 11}{5}) - 11 = x + 11 - 11 = x[/tex]

[tex]g(f(x)) = g(5x - 11) = \frac{5x - 11 + 11}{5} = \frac{5x}{5} = x[/tex]

Since [tex]f(g(x)) = g(f(x)) = x[/tex], these functions are inverse of each other.

A similar problem is given at https://brainly.com/question/23458455

Nool is a computer repairman, To fix a computer,
he charges a customer X per hour, plus a fired
lee of $15 for the service call, as represented by
the equation below
y = 40x + 15
In the equation, what is represented by the variable
A the number of hours Noel worked
the amount Noel charged per hour
C, the fixed fee for the service call
D. the total cost of the repair job
Can someone


i’m pretty sure it’s B, the amount Noel charged per hour :)

Someone plz help me thank you.



there are 438 blue marbles and 162 red marbles

Step-by-step explanation:

If we were doing it out of 100 there would be 73 blue marbles and 27 red marbles add 73 to 27 and you get 100 so multiply 73 by 6 and you get 438 and then multiply  27 by 6 and you get 162 and 438 to 162 and you get 600. Therefore your answer is 438 blue marbles and 162 red marbles.

hope this helps

A and \angle B∠B are supplementary angles. If m\angle A=(5x-19)^{\circ}∠A=(5x−19)

and m\angle B=(2x+10)^{\circ}∠B=(2x+10)

, then find the measure of \angle B∠B.


Answer: 52

Step-by-step explanation:

4x+8 = 5x-3 by the Vertical Angles Theorem that states the vertical angles are congruent.  

Subtract 4x from both sides and get:

8=1x -3

Add 3 to both sides:

11= 1x

if x =11, plug that in to angle A.  

4x+ 8 becomes 4(11)+8 =

44+ 8=


When electrons flow with little resistance through a conductor it is called a



The answer is free electrons

Step-by-step explanation:

When electrons flow with little resistance through a conductor, then it is called a Electricity.

What are electrons?

"The electron is a subatomic particle whose electric charge is negative one elementary charge."

What is resistance?

"Resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit."

What is conductor?

"A conductor, or electrical conductor, is a substance or material that allows electricity to flow through it. "

What is Electricity?

The steady flow of electrons through a conductor is called electricity

Hence , if electrons are flowing that means they conducts electricity.

Learn more about electricity here



Ron Alotte and Dee Selerate ran a 20 km. Race. Dee made three 10 minute stops during the race to fix her shoes and rest and yet the two racers finished in a tie. If Ron ran the race at a constant speed of 8 km. Per hour, find Dee's average speed when running.




Step-by-step explanation:

Given that:

Distance covered by both Dee and Ron= 20km

Ron's speed = 8km/hr

Dee made three 10 minute stops during the race.

Time it took Ron to cover 20km

Time = distance / speed

20km / 8km/hr = 2.5 hours = 150 minutes

Since they both tied ;

Running time of Dee = (150 - (3*10)) = 120 minutes = 2 hours

Ron's speed = distance / time

Speed = 20 km / 2hours

Speed = 10km/hr

Which equation shows an example of the associative property of addition?

A. (–4 + i) + 4i = –4 + (i + 4i)
B. (–4 + i) + 4i = 4i + (–4i + i)
C. 4i × (–4i + i) = (4i – 4i) + (4i × i)
D. (–4i + i) + 0 = (–4i + i)



I am pretty it's A

Step-by-step explanation:

Basically the Associative Law of Addition means that the order that the numbers are added does not matter.


A. (–4 + i) + 4i = –4 + (i + 4i)

Step-by-step explanation:


Have a great day y'all :)

On June 30, Tina Nader's check register balance was $452.88 and her bank
statement balance was $697.55. Checks outstanding were 561, $39.28; 562,
$121.31; 564, $83.19. The statement showed earned interest of $0.89. Reconcile
the check register and bank statement.




Step-by-step explanation:


43 is what I would say

Step-by-step explanation:

step by step

What is the equation, in point-slope form, of the line that is perpendicular to the given line and passes through the point (2, 5)?



C) y − 5 = −(x − 2)

Step-by-step explanation:

Does 3 times 48 equal 4 times 36




Step-by-step explanation:

3 x 48 = 144

4 x 36 = 144

They are equal.


3 * 48 is 144 4 x 36 is also 144 so yes they are equal

Janessa,has 18$. She buys a ticket to a movie and a smoothie. How much money dose she have left? Ticket: $8.75
Celery Sticks: $3.75
Smoothie: $2.85
What do you need to find before you can solve the​ problem?
A. The total amount of money Janessa has in her bank account.
B. The cost of a smoothie
C.The total amount of money Janessa had spent
D. The total amount of money Janessa has left.



B. The cost of a smoothie

Step-by-step explanation:

The answer to the problem: 8.75 + 2.85 = $11.60

But to solve the problem you have to know the price of a smoothie.

As x approaches infinity, for which function does f(x) approach negative infinity? Select all that apply. Select all that apply: f(x)=19x(3x+7)(x+12) f(x)=−23(x+4)(x−1)(x−5) f(x)=3x(x+4)(x+7)(x−9) f(x)=(4x−7)(3x+1)(2x−11) f(x)=−29x(2x+5)(2x−1)(x+8)(x−1)(x+4) f(x)=−45x(x+1)(x+5)(x+8)(2x+5)(2x−7)(4x+1)


Answer and explanation:

Please find answer and explanation attached

5 ice cream cones cost $7.25. At this rate, how much do
3 ice cream cones cost? Plus what is the cost per ice cream cone




Step-by-step explanation:

. 7.25 divided by 3 is 2.416666666 on the calulater. and the cost per cone is 1.45. so each cone is 1.45 per each and the cost per cone of 3 is 2.416666666 for the calulater. I hoped I helped if I didn't I'm sorry

HELP ASAPPPP Aleisha works for a company with over 1,000 employees, of whom 81% have pierced ears. Every year, each employee draws another employee's name and gives them a gift. Let T be the number of names Aleisha draws until she draws an employee's name who does not have pierced ears.

What type of variable is T?
b.Geometric random variable (Do until successful)
c.Binomial random variable (FIXED # of trials before experiment)


Answer: Geometric

Step-by-step explanation:

Because you do trails until it is successful

-2x + 7 = x-2
What is this ? In the most simplest steps possible



Let's solve your equation step-by-step.


Step 1: Subtract x from both sides.



Step 2: Subtract 7 from both sides.



Step 3: Divide both sides by -3.

−3x /−3      −9 /−3



                                            Hope this helps


x2 + 6 x+8 = 0
What is the factors



Step-by-step explanation:

I need help with this asap




Step-by-step explanation:

look this up and it will give you the answer

pls mark brainliest


The sqrt of 3 is an irrational number.

The sqrt of 9 is a rational number.

Step-by-step explanation:

4. A triangle has sides of length 7, 10, and s. Write an equation representing the perimeter P of the triangle.​


Answer:dam I got the same thing

Step-by-step explanation:

By the way this Brandon

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