if $396 is invested at an interest rate of 13% per year and is compounded continuously, how much will the investment be worth in 3 years ?


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

What is 13% of 396?

Y is 13% of 396

Equation: Y = P% * X

Solving our equation for Y

Y = P% * X

Y = 13% * 396

Converting percent to decimal:

p = 13%/100 = 0.13

Y = 0.13 * 396  

Y = 51.48

Now multiply by 3 (amount of continuous years)

51.48 * 3


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Identify the equation of the graph.


Answer: y=-2x-4 (C)

Step-by-step explanation: Its correct i swear

f(x) = x^3- 9x
What is the average rate of change of f over the interval [1, 6]



Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\frac{f(b)-f(a)}{b-a}[/tex] This is the formula for the average rate of change

over the interval (a, b)

a and b are x values

f(a) ad f(b) think of them as y values

Start calculating f(a) and f(b) a=1 b=6

replace all x's in formula with a, (1)

f(1)=1³-9(1) = 1-9= -8    f(1) = -8

Now do : b (6)

f(6) = 6³ - 9 (6) = 216-54=162 f(6) = 162

now plug everything into your equation

[tex]\frac{f(6)-f(1)}{6-1} =\frac{162- (-8)}{5} =\frac{170}{5} =34[/tex] average rate of change.

notice the 162 - (-8) In math there is no subtraction, and you would change it to + and when you do that you much change the sign of the next value making -8 a +8.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Given the formula A = pi r squared, how does the A vary in relation to the square of the radius?
varies inversely
varies jointly
varies directly
no relationship


I think it’s the third one. As the radius increases, so does the area.

2x2 + x + 5 = 0 i don’t know how to do this please help


9514 1404 393


  x = -0.25+√2.4375i or -0.25-√2.4375i

Step-by-step explanation:

The quadratic formula works for this. The quadratic equation ...

  ax² +bx +c = 0

has solutions given by the quadratic formula:


Your equation ...

  2x² +x +5 = 0

has coefficients a=2, b=1, c=5, so the quadratic formula tells you the solutions are ...

  [tex]x=\dfrac{-1\pm\sqrt{1^2-4\cdot2\cdot5}}{2\cdot2}=\dfrac{-1\pm\sqrt{-39}}{4}\\\\x=\left\{-\dfrac{1}{4}+\dfrac{\sqrt{39}}{4}i, -\dfrac{1}{4}-\dfrac{\sqrt{39}}{4}i\right\}[/tex]

The decimal equivalents are ...

  x = -0.25+√2.4375i   or   -0.25-√2.4375i . . . . . . the 'i' is outside the radical

Can someone please help me with this question (there are more questions like this that I will post later, if your answer is correct I will give you brainliest)



1. alterative exterior angles.

Step-by-step explanation:

I don't know what the rest of the other options are. So I can't answer the rest.

2,76,212+2628 = ______ +2,76,212​




Step-by-step explanation:

If a histogram of a sample of​ men's ages is​ skewed, what do you expect to see in the normal quantile​ plot?


Answer: Points are not following a straight-line pattern

Step-by-step explanation:

Histograms are used to show the distribution of a dataset.

If the histogram is skewed, then it means that the points do not follow a straight-line pattern, on the normal quantile plot.

From the question, we understand that:

The histogram is skewed

This means that:

The data points of the histogram are either concentrated on the right or on the left-hand side of the histogram.

The above highlight mean that:

The points on the histogram are unequal.

Hence, you would see that the points do not follow a straight line pattern on the normal quantile plot.

Read more about normal quantile plot at:


Is the square root of 14 +6.2 less than 3 pi - 8.2?



No. √14 + 6.2 is more than 3π - 8.2

Step-by-step explanation:

√14 + 6.2


≈ 4.494

π ≈ 3.14159

3(3.14159) - 8.2

9.42577 - 8.2


Therefore, the answer is no.

A light bulb consumes 1800 watts-hours per day. How many watt- hours does it consume in 5 days and 6 hours



9900 watts-hours is how much it consumes in a period of 5 days and 12 hours.............to check this: multiply 1800 by 5 and it equals 9000 then you divide 1800 by 2 because 12hours is a half day and it is 900 after all that you add 9000+900 and it equals 9900

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Answer: well just do the math 1800 times 24 is 43200 times 5 is 216000

and 1800 times 6 is 10800 plus 21600 is.......226800

Step-by-step explanation:

do the math!!!!!

The midpoint of xy is located at the origin



Is there supposed to be an image?

Step-by-step explanation:

A spherical balloon is inflated with gas at a rate of 500 cubic centimeters per minute. Find the rates of change of the radius when r = 70 centimeters and r = 95 centimeters.



for r= 70 cm

the rate is 0.008cm/s

for r=95cm

the rate= 0.0044cm/s

Step-by-step explanation:

kindly find attached a rough sketch of the circle and a detailed solution of the problem.

Given data

rate dv/dt=500cm^3





84 I'm sure it's that I did it before

x equals 84°, option D (:

The sign of the leading coefficient for the polynomial equation of the graph is negative positive zero



The sign of the leading coefficient for the polynomial equation of the graph is NEGATIVE

Hope this helps!

Answer: 1 turning point

Step-by-step explanation:

Rachel is recording the temperature at her school every morning this week. On Monday, the temperature was 5°C. Part A: On Wednesday, Rachel calculated that the temperature was 13 degrees colder than Monday. What temperature did Rachel record on Wednesday? Part B: On Friday, Rachel calculated that the temperature was 4 degrees warmer than Wednesday. What temperature did Rachel record on Friday?​



Part A: -8

Part B: -4

Step-by-step explanation:



Solve for j if aj+k=v




Step-by-step explanation:

It's like order of operations backwards. So first, you would get rid of the k, by subtracting it from both sides. Then, to isolate j you would divide both sides by a.

The elevation of a sea animal is -20 what is elevations tat are greater than the elevation of the sea animal?




Step-by-step explanation:


-10, 0, 10, 20, 30, etc.

Step-by-step explanation:

There are multiple elevations greater than -20

If you add +10 you will get closer to the positives. Any positive is greater than -20, EVEN 0!

So Can anyone help me with this


It’s 6 because it move up 6 units and 1 unit to the right. Slope is rise over run so it’ll be 6/1 which equal 6

count the number of units from the bottom point to the top (6) and the number of units to the right to get to the point (1)

slope is rise/run so it would be 6/1 which simplifies to 6

Caleb and Sergio stacked boxes on a shelf. Caleb lifted 14 boxes and Sergio lifted 12 boxes. The boxes that Sergio lifted each weighed 10 lb more than the boxes Caleb lifted.

Let c represent the weight of each box Caleb lifted.

Which expression represents the total number of pounds Sergio lifted?




c + 10




Step-by-step explanation:


12 c+10

Step-by-step explanation:


The quanities x and y are proportional Find the constant of proportionality (r) in the equation y= rx





Step-by-step explanation:




Which of these is the triangle proportionality theorem? First person to answer CORRECTLY gets brainliest


Answer: A.

Step-by-step explanation: Brainliest plz

if loga81=4, find value of a?​




Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\log_xy=z\iff x^z=y\\\\\text{for}\ x\neq1\ \wedge\ x>0\ \wedge\ y>0\\==================\\\\\log_a81=4\iff a^4=81\\\\a^4=\underbrace{3\cdot3\cdot3\cdot3}_{=81}\\\\a^4=3^4\Rightarrow a=3[/tex]

Nellie purchased 6.5 pounds of strawberries for $12.87. Calculate the cost of a single pound. (Round to the nearest tenth or cent when necessary)



The answer is $1.98.

Step-by-step explanation:

The butterfly method shows how to do this. It is 12.87 over 6.5 equals x over 1. Cross-multiply to get 6.5x = 12.87. Divide both sides by 6.5 to get x = 1.98.

If 24 divided by 4 is 6 what is the remainder?


there are no remainders left it’s 0

The remainder from the given division is 0.

Given that, 24 divided by 4 is 6.

The division is one of the basic arithmetic operations in math in which a larger number is broken down into smaller groups having the same number of items.






So, the remainder is 0.

Therefore, the remainder from the given division is 0.

To learn more about the division visit:



What is the answer tho




Step-by-step explanation:

uh what’s ur question?

If your gross annual income is $80,400 and your employer will match 50% of your retirement
contributions to your 401k up to your maximum contributions of 6% of your salary, what is
the maximum dollar amount that together you and your employer will contribute annually?



Well, due to the 6% add on, you could go up to 85,400 within the first year, however I am not quite sure for the 401k. Have a good day!

Step-by-step explanation:

Write a positive or negative integer that represents the situation.

An elevator goes down 8 floors.


Negative because it is going down

find the value of x
The answer is 150.
I need to show my work.




x = 150

Step-by-step explanation:

We know a circle is 360°, so the angles must add up to 60°.

Step 1: Set up equation

x - 120 + x - 120 = 60

Step 2: Solve for x

Combine like terms: 2x - 240 = 60Add 240 on both sides: 2x = 300Divide both sides by 2: x = 150

Step 3: Check

Plug in x to verify it is correct.

150 - 120 = 30°

150 - 120 = 30°

30° + 30° = 60°

60° + 300° = 360°

In the figure shown below, if line mis parallel to line n, then find the value of x. (This is a 2 part question.)
(65 - x)
Part A
Write the equation to find the value of x. (DO NOT find x, just write the equation.)
(2x - 10) (65 - x)
Part B
What is the value of x?



2x-10 = 65-x

Step-by-step explanation:

just add up both alternate internal angles as they are both equal

so, the equation is: 2x-10 = 65-x


The right equation will be 2x - 10 = 65 - x (you were wrong lol)

Step-by-step explanation:

We have: 2x - 10 = 65 - x

=> 2x - 10 + x = 65

=> 3x = 65 + 10 = 75

=> x = 75/3 = 25

P/S: After some little chats with the others, this might be wrong :(

HELP! Will be giving branliest!!!!!!


A is the right anwer to your Question because of the Hours and weeks

I’m like pretty sure it’s B. h = w/e because it seems like you’re to find Toms hours worked which can be calculated by the hourly wages over what he earns.

v (t) = 32,000 (0.84)
Find the initial value of the car and the value after 11 years.
Round your answers to the nearest dollar as necessary




Step-by-step explanation:

c because

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The painting shows Daniel Boone leading pioneers through the Cumberland Gap.The painting shows how many Americans of the early 1800s began to seek new opportunities byheading westward.returning to Europe.settling a river valley.conquering Mexico. fhgrsretehdgdtgttttttrttgedtg The following inventory valuation errors have been discovered for Knox Corporation:The 2015 year-end inventory was overstated by $23,000The 2016 year-end inventory was understated by $61,000The 2017 year-end inventory was understated by $17,000The reported income before taxes for Knox was:Year: Income before Taxes:2015 $138,0002016 $254,0002017 $168,000Required:Compute what income before taxes for 2015, 2016, and 2017 should have been after correcting for the errors. The revenues budget identifies: a. expected cash flows for each product b. actual sales from last year for each product c. the expected level of sales for the company d. the variance of sales from actual for each product 3^100 dan 10^50 lebih besar mana? 2.(3x 4y = -10(6x + 3y = 42SOLUTION: WHO CREATED ELECTRICITY? Need help ASAP please best estimate for 72% of 238? y=3x-5 identify y intercept within equation A-55B-65C-75D-90 Please help meee its a test what polocies refelect the quaker belifs Which equation represents the graphed function?O y=-2x + 3O y = 2x + 3O y=*+3O y=-*x+3 3. Olivia ordered 24 cupcakes and a layer cake. The layer cake cost $16 more than onecupcake, and the total cost of the order was $53.50. What was the price of each cupcake?a) Define a variable for the cost of one cupcake.b) Write an expression to represent the cost of a layer cake.c) Write and solve an equation.d) Interpret your solution within the context of the problem. A yearbook page for Cesar Chavez states "Rememberwhen you fought for better working conditions forfarm workers?" What image would best illustrate this?an image of Cesar Chavez farming with his familyan image of Cesar Chavez leading a peacefulmarchO an image of Cesar Chavez working on a farm as aboyan image of Cesar Chavez eating with farmworkers help to solve this equation pls 6c-d=-2 10c-3=-10 How was the idea of Rationalism different from the usual thought about religion at the time? Are great artistic achievements less admirable if they are paid in dishonest ways, such as through the sale of these special pardons? Which model of the atom has electrons traveling in specific paths around the nucleus? Bohr's model Rutherford's model Thomson's model Dalton's model Jason and Henry go to the movie theater and purchase refreshments for their friends. Jason spends a total of $66.75 on 12 drinks and 1 bag of popcorn. Henry spends a total of $82.50 on 3 drinks and 10 bags of popcorn. Write a system of equations that can be used to find the price of one drink and the price of one bag of popcorn. Using these equations, determine and state the price of popcorn, to the nearest cent.