Five mL of ethanol has a mass of 3.9 g, and 5.0 mL of benzene has a mass of 44 g. Which liquid is denser?


Answer 1




A denser substance will have a higher or larger mass in the same volume. Therfore benzene will be a denser liquid as the mass is bigger in the same volume compared to ethonal.

You can also work this out by using the density formula which is mass of the substance over the unit of volume.  

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Problem #2: An apple is thrown upward with an initial velocity of +24.0 m/s. a. Sketch the apple's trip and label what you know. b. How high will the apple go? (Ans: +29.4 m) c. What is the total time needed for the apple to return to its original position? (Ans: 4.90 s)



The answer is below


a) The initial velocity (u) = 24 m/s

We can solve this problem using the formula:

v² = u² - 2gh

where v = final velocity, g= acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/s², h = height.

At maximum height, the final velocity = 0 m/s

v² = u² - 2gh

0² = 24² - 2(9.8)h

2(9.8)h = 24²

2(9.8)h = 576

19.6h = 576

h = 29.4 m

b) The time taken to reach the maximum height is given as:

v = u - gt

0 = 24 - 9.8t

9.8t = 24

t = 2.45 s

The total time needed for the apple to return to its original position = 2t = 2 * 2.45 = 4.9 s

why can't you run from momentum ?


Two kids walk through the woods discussing momentum. I mean, who wouldn’t?
Okay, fine. It’s a basic introduction to the concept of momentum.

Which of the following is NOT an undefined term?
A. Line
B. Point
C. Line Segment
D. Plane


C - line segment im not sure but im guessing that's the answer if that's helps.

What is the weight of a body at a centre of Earth​


The weight of a body placed at centre of Earth is 0. Because the mass at the exact cenrte of the earth is zero.
the weight of the earth is 0

What charge does Chlorine have after bonding with magnesium



A magnesium atom will lose 2 electrons to form a stable 2+ ion. Chlorine is in group 7 of the periodic table. A chlorine atom will gain 1 electron to form a stable 1- ion.


Why does an object slow down when going uphill
Please explain properly



The change in speed on slopes is due to gravity. When going downhill, objects will accelerate (go faster), and when going uphill they will decelerate (slow down). On a flat surface, assuming that there is little friction, they will then maintain a constant speed.

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a pulling force carried by a rope is called what



The pulling force that acts along a stretched flexible connector, such as a rope or cable, is called tension, T. When a rope supports the weight of an object that is at rest, the tension in the rope is equal to the weight of the object: T = mg.


explain the relationship between physics and biology​



Biology is the study of living organisms. Physics is the study of matter and the laws of nature to understand the behavior of matter and the universe.

The answer above is correct my dude

A student throws a ball upward with a force of 50.0 Newtons. The ball reaches a maximum height of 15.0 meters in 2 seconds and then returns back to
his hands. What is the direction of the acceleration at the top?
There is no acceleration at the top
O The acceleration is directed upwards away from the Earth
O The acceleration is directed downwards towards the Earth
O None of the above





Given that a student throws a ball upward with a force of 50.0 Newtons. The ball reaches a maximum height of 15.0 meters in 2 seconds and then returns back to

his hands. 

At maximum height which is the top, the velocity is equal to zero.

According to definition of acceleration, which says; the rate of change of velocity.

Since velocity equal zero, acceleration also will be equal to zero.

Therefore, there is no acceleration at the top.

On the Moon, astronauts can “bounce” from location to location, but on Earth they cannot move in this way. What physical property changes based on the gravitational force of a planet or moon?


The physical property that changes is the astronauts “weight” because of the different gravitational force of the moon.

difference between simple machine and complex machine?​



a simple machine has way less parts than a complex machine like just one pulley or lever. A complex machine has multiple different parts that lead up to one thing being done in the long run.


find weight of 45 kg at height 800 km from earth's surface?​



The weight is 348.4 N


Effect of the Altitude on the Acceleration of Gravity

The effect of gravity decreases with altitude because greater altitudes mean greater distances from the Earth's center.

The practical formula to calculate the gravity as a function of the altitude h is:

[tex]{\displaystyle g_{h}=g_{0}\left({\frac {R_{\mathrm {e} }}{R_{\mathrm {e} }+h}}\right)^{2}}[/tex]

Where go is the conventional gravitational acceleration = [tex]9.80665\ m/s^2[/tex]

R is the Earth's mean radius at the equator = 6,378 Km

h is the altitude.

At a height of h=800 Km, the acceleration of gravity is:

[tex]{\displaystyle g_{h}=9.80665 m/s^2\left(\frac {6,378 Km }{6,378 Km+800Km}}\right)^{2}}[/tex]


[tex]g_h=7.74\ m/s^2[/tex]

The weight is the product of the acceleration of gravity by the mass of the object, thus:

[tex]W=45\ Kg\cdot 7.74\ m/s^2=348.4\ N[/tex]

The weight is 348.4 N

A car is traveling 30m/s and slams on the breaks, coming to a complete stop in 5 seconds.
Calculate its acceleration (assuming it was constant). Draw a graph of x-t, v-t and a-t.







so that we you subtract vf to vi it will be -30/5=-6

draw a diagram of a seismometer showing how the movement of earth is lated into a siesmogram​


I’ll explain this to you draw a diagram of seismometer show how the earth moves it’s round and it moves on it axis and spins fully which takes it a year 365 days

idk but it seems hard.

A jet airliner moving initially at 538 mph (with respect to the ground) to the east moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 937 mph in a direction 23 degrees north of east. What is the new speed of the aircraft with respect to the ground. Answer in units of mph



The speed is "1447.576 mph".


The given values are:

Direction (north to east)

= 23°

Wind's speed

= 937 mph

Jet moving at a speed

= 538 mph


The velocity of jet airliner with respect to the ground will be:

⇒ [tex]v=v_{1}+v_{2}[/tex]

⇒ [tex]v=\sqrt{(538)^2+(987)^2+2(538)(937)\times Cos23^{\circ}}[/tex]

⇒    [tex]=1447.576 \ mph[/tex]

Which of the above beak depth vs time graphs represent the change in finch beak depth that would occur due to successive years of above average rainfall?





I just did it :)


It is A


I did it and got a 100

how does shape of object affect friction



There are three types of friction.

1. Slanting friction

2. Sliding friction

3. Rolling friction

In the first two types of friction, the body of the object will come in contact with the irregularities on the surface more than in the case of rolling friction, thus a heavy box in square shape will have more friction than a heavy-duty vehicle.

This is also the reason why all vehicles are having wheels as they reduce friction and makes transportation easier and many people suggest to use a small log of wood to be placed on the bottom of a heavy box with flat bottom so it can moved easily due to reduction of friction

If the object is in Circle shape then you the friction a flat bottom then it will have increased friction

Estimate the total mass of ocean on earth


1/4400 total mass on earth , weighting about 1,450,000,000,000,000,000 short tons of water

A driver of a car traveling at -15m/s applies the brakes, causing a uniform acceleration of +2.0m/s2. If the brakes are applied for 2.5s, what is the velocity of the car at the end of the braking period? How far has the car moved during the braking period?


Given :

Initial velocity, u = -15 m/s.

Acceleration , a = 2 m/s².

Time taken to applied brake, t = 2.5 s.

To Find :

The velocity of the car at the end of the braking period.

How far has the car moved during the braking period.

Solution :

By equation :

[tex]v = u+at\\\\v=-15 + 2\times 2.5\\\\v=-10 \ m/s[/tex]

Now, distance covered by car is :

[tex]s=ut+\dfrac{at^2}{2}\\\\s=(-15)(2.5)+\dfrac{2(2.5)^2}{2}\\\\s=-31.25\ m[/tex]

Hence, this is the required solution.

You throw a ball straight up into the air at a velocity of 15 m/s. You want to know how high above your hand the ball will be at exactly 2.5 sec after you released it. You must SHOW ALL WORK to receive credit!!! Of the 5 motion variables - Vi, Vf, a, ΔX, and T, identify which one you are solving for and the magnitudes and directions of all of the others that are known: Which of the motion equations is best to use to determine the height of the ball? How high is the ball above your hand at 2.5 sec after you throw it?






Velocity = 15m/s

Time = 2.5secs


Distance above your hand the ball will be at exactly 2.5secs

using the equation of motion:

ΔX = ViT + 1/2aT²

ΔX is the distance

Vi is the velocity of the ball in air

a is the acceleration due to gravity

T is the time taken

Since the ball is thrown straight up, a = -g

ΔX = ViT - 1/2gT²


ΔX = 15(2.5) - 1/2(9.8)(2.5)²

ΔX = 37.5-30.625

ΔX = 6.875m

Hence the ball will be 6.875m above your hand at 2.5secs after you throw it.

How Can the human ear detect the sound



Sound waves enter the outer ear and travel through a narrow passageway called the ear canal, which leads to the eardrum. The eardrum vibrates from the incoming sound waves and sends these vibrations to three tiny bones in the middle ear.


The eardrum vibrates from the incoming sound waves and sends these vibrations to three tiny bones in the middle ear. These bones are called the malleus, incus, and stapes.

When an object is said to be in free fall, the object is actually moving..


... moving initially with the acceleration of gravity (9.8 m/s^2)

What is the difference between phi and theta?


ANSWER: The coordinates used in spherical coordinates are rho, theta, and phi. Rho is the distance from the origin to the point. Theta is the same as the angle used in polar coordinates. Phi is the angle between the z-axis and the line connecting the origin and the point.

A chestnut-colored horse mates with a white-colored horse to produce a roan-colored offspring. What type of inheritance pattern does this genetic expression represent? A. Artificial selection B. Codominance C. Incomplete dominance D. Multiple alleles E. Polygenic inheritance



The correct option is B.



The type of inheritance pattern is codorminance because in codorminance the two alleles in the gene are expressed, no allele was able to masked the express on the other allele. The chestnut colored horse allele is expressed likewise the white

colored allele too is expressed none of the two alleles mask the Expression of the other, the two are expressed to give offsprings roan colored which is an indication of the two expression.




Consider a 400g baseball thrown from a height of 1.8m at 35m/s:

a. What is the gravitational potential energy of the baseball?

b. What is the elastic potential energy of the baseball?

c. What is the kinetic energy of the baseball?

d. What is the total mechanical energy of the baseball?




A wagon with a mass of 35 kg is pulled so that it accelerates from 0 m/s to 30 m/s in 15
Remember to show all work!
a. What is the acceleration of the wagon?

b. What is the force required to get this acceleration?

Plz help me



a = v-u/t

a is the acceleration of the body

v is the final velocity

u is the initial velocity

t is the time


v = 30m/s

u = 0m/s

t = 15secs


a = 30-0/15

a = 30/15

a = 2m/s²

Hence the acceleration of the wagon is 2m/s²

b) Force = mass * acceleration


Mas of the wagon = 35kg

acceleration a = 2m/s²

F = 35*2

F = 70N

Hence the force required to get this acceleration is 70N

HeLp AsAp!!!!!! How long would it take you to hop 30 meters based on your speed for the 5-meter trial? Show your work!

Hopping =

Distance-5 m







Given parameters:

Distance = 30m


Time  = ?


The time it will take to hop a distance of 30m using the speed for the 5m trial is the duration of the trip.

 The speed for the 5m trial  = 1.46m/s


    Speed  = [tex]\frac{distance}{time}[/tex]

      Distance = speed x time

      time  = [tex]\frac{distance }{speed}[/tex]

Input the parameters and solve;

     time  = [tex]\frac{30}{1.46}[/tex]   = 20.5s

if you go three times around a complete circular lawn of raidius r and reach the starting point, then the displacement is zero. true or false





the starting point is zero so if you go back to the starting point it'll be zero since displacement is where you left off.

Why is there no weather on the Moon?



the moon has no atmosphere, and it cannot trap heat or insulate the surface.


the moon is too small. ... With weak gravity, gases that are emitted from the surface quickly are lost to outer space.

what is measurement ?​



Measurement is the assignment of a number to a characteristic of an object or event



Measurement is the assignment of a number to a characteristic of an object or event, which can be compared with other objects or event

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