According to the article, what was the goal of the 1990 Encounter in Ecuador? Use evidence from the article to support your answer.


Answer 1


According to the article, what was the goal of the 1990 Encuentro in Ecuador? Use evidence from the article to support your answer.


GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador — President Lenín Moreno of Ecuador moved the seat of ... in response and an Indigenous coalition approached the presidential palace, ... a signal to Ecuadoreans that his government has the army's support. ... A version of this article appears in print on Oct. 9, 2019, Section A, Page

Answer 2
Sue them Alr or become hitlor

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Help I'm writing a question based report on misdemeanor crimes,
question: If you are a black child who is caught shoplifting how dose it affect other black children your age?

please elaborate.


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If a black child is caught shoplifting then it can affect other black children greatly. Black people have always been seen as criminals and gang members so if they are caught stealing then white people would think that every black person they see could be stealing and would suspect or even stop and search them just in cases. It would change people’s view of black children.
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