A coordinate plane is shown. Triangle PQR has vertices P at negative 6 comma 6, Q at negative 6 comma 3, and R at negative 3 comma 3. Triangle P prime Q prime R prime has vertices at P prime negative 2 comma 2, Q prime at negative 2 comma 1, and R prime at negative 1 comma 1. What is the scale factor of dilation?


Answer 1


The scale factor of dilation from ΔPQR to ΔP'Q'R' is 1/3

Step-by-step explanation:

The given information are;

The vertices of ΔPQR are;

P(-6, 6), Q(-6, 3), and R(-3, 3) and the coordinates of ΔP'Q'R' are P'(-2, 2), Q'(-2, 1), and R'(-1, 1)

Given that the length, l, of each side of the triangles is given by the formula for calculating length given the vertices we have;

[tex]l = \sqrt{\left (y_{2}-y_{1} \right )^{2}+\left (x_{2}-x_{1} \right )^{2}}[/tex]

For side PQ, we have;

(x₁, y₁) = (-6, 6), (x₂, y₂) = (-6, 3)

Given that the points have equal y-values, the length is the difference of their x-values as follows;

[tex]l_{PQ}[/tex] = 6 - 3 = 3

Similarly, length QR is the difference in the y-values, since the x-values are equal. therefore, we have;

[tex]l_{QR}[/tex] = -3 - (-6) = 3

Length PR is given as follows;

(x₁, y₁) = (-6, 6), (x₂, y₂) = (-3, 3)

[tex]l_{PR} = \sqrt{\left (3-6 \right )^{2}+\left (-3-(-6) \right )^{2}} = \sqrt{18} = 3\cdot \sqrt{2}[/tex]

[tex]l_{PR}[/tex] = 3·√2

For P'Q', we have

P'(-2, 2), Q'(-2, 1)

[tex]l_{P'Q'}[/tex] = 2 - 1 = 1

[tex]l_{P'Q'}[/tex] = 1

For Q'R', we have

Q'(-2, 1), R'(-1, 1)

[tex]l_{Q'R'}[/tex] = -1 - (-2) = -1 + 2 = 1

[tex]l_{Q'R'}[/tex] = 1

For P'R', we have;

P'(-2, 2), R'(-1, 1)

[tex]l_{P'R'} = \sqrt{\left (1-2 \right )^{2}+\left (-1-(-2) \right )^{2}} = \sqrt{2} = \sqrt{2}[/tex]

[tex]l_{P'R'}[/tex] = √2

Therefore, given that we have

PQ/(P'Q') = PR/(P'R') = 3/1 = 3 and QR/(Q'R') = 3·√2/(√2) = 3

The scale factor of dilation from ΔPQR to ΔP'Q'R' = 1/3.

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3-4 what is the answer I am dumb plz helq



Its -1. Do not call yourself dumb, though, negatives are the easiest subject

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Determine if the function shows a linear relationship or an absolute value relationship. Then evaluate the
function for the indicated value of x.
A. f(x) = |x-31-2; x = -5
B. g(x) = 1.5x; x = 0.2
C. p(x) = 17 - 2x]; x = -3


I think it’s B because it’s negative




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2. 0.83333333

3. 1.2

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ok u need to list the numbers in the journal

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that doesn't give the answer



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0.2 or 2/9 in fraction form I believe.

XY−→− bisects ∠WXZ and m∠WXY=29∘. Find m∠ZXY and m∠ZXW.



29° and 58°

Step-by-step explanation:

Since XY bisects ∠ WXZ then ∠ WXY and ∠ ZXY are congruent, thus

∠ ZXY = ∠ WXY = 29°

∠ ZXW = ∠ WXY + ∠ ZXY = 29° + 29° = 58°

Which inequality matches the graph shown?



I am pretty sure it is x>8 which is B.

Step-by-step explanation:

I’m one hundred percent positive it’s B because if it’s open the aren’t less then or equivalent to or greater than or equivalent to

On a flight from New York to London, an airplane travels at a constant speed. An equation relating the distance traveled in miles, d, to the number of hours flying, t, is LaTeX: t=\frac{1}{500}dt=1500d. How long will it take the airplane to travel 800 miles?




Step-by-step explanation:

We know that Speed= distance/ time

But from the question, An equation relating the distance traveled in miles d to the number of hours flying t is t= 1/500d.

And the distance is given as 800 miles

Then, what we need is to substitute the given Distance into the equation of time.

t= 1/500d. Where d= 800 miles

t= (1/500) × 800 miles

t= 800 miles/500

t= 1.6hours

Hence, it will take the airplane to travel 800 miles , 1.6hours

a cubic block of ice has a volume of 1,331 inches how tall is the block



The answer is 11. 11^3 is 1,331.

Step-by-step explanation:


The length of a rectangle is 11 less than 9 times the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 18 inches


Length = 7   Width = 2

Step-by-step explanation:

L = Length

W = Width



2(9W-11) + 2W = 18

18W - 22 +2W = 18

20W -22 = 18

20W = 40

W = 2

L = 9(2)-11



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doing this fa points , sorry not sorry .

Apply the Triangle Sum Theorem, and solve for x.
5x° (Angle G)
4xº(Angle H)
3xº(Angle J)




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m= 4/5 - 2/5
————- = ?
-1 - -2



2/5 = 4/5 - 2/5 = m

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9 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

It would be 9 dollars because that is the only common factor that could go into 27, 28, or 45.

Help with these math questions grade 12



1. 15.1%

2. 8.3%

3. 12%

4. 25%

Step-by-step explanation:


percent change = (new number - old number)/(old number) * 100%

percent change = (21300 - 18500)/(18500) * 100%

percent change = 15.1%

A positive percent change is a percent increase.

Answer: The percent increase is 15.1%.


percent change = (new number - old number)/(old number) * 100%

percent change = (298000 - 325000)/(325000) * 100%

percent change = -8.3%

A negative percent change is a percent decrease.

Answer: The percent decrease is 8.3%.


percent change = (new number - old number)/(old number) * 100%

percent change = (110 - 125)/(125) * 100%

percent change = -12%

A negative percent change is a percent decrease.

Answer: The percent decrease is 12%.


percent change = (new number - old number)/(old number) * 100%

percent change = (1500 - 2000)/(2000) * 100%

percent change = -25%

A negative percent change is a percent decrease.

Answer: The percent decrease is 25%.

what is the answer for −3x−6+(−1)


Hi it would be -9x-1 hope that helps



Step-by-step explanation:

Combine like terms

-6+-1 = -6-1 = -7

Hence, it's -3x-7

Joe and Carmen are partners in a business. Joe makes $2.00 profit for every $5.00 profit that Carmen makes. If Carmen makes $20 on the first item they sell, how much profit will Joe make?


Joe will make a $8.00 profit

people wont solve my question i need it ASAP



A pig has 10,000 kg mass more than a mass

Step-by-step explanation:


When Arjun makes hot cocoa, he adds 20\text{ mL}20 mL20, start text, space, m, L, end text of chocolate syrup for every 333 ounces of hot water. Arjun's brother, Eli, adds 45\text{ mL}45 mL45, start text, space, m, L, end text of chocolate syrup for every 666 ounces of hot water. Which hot cocoa is more chocolatey? Choose 1 answer: Choose 1 answer:



45mL hot cocoa is more chocolatey

Step-by-step explanation:

When Arjun makes hot cocoa, if he add 20mL of chocolate syrup to 3ounces of water, let us know the equivalent chocolate in one ounces of water.

20mL = 3 ounces

x = 1 ounce

cross multiply

3x = 20

x = 20/3

x = 6.67 mL

This means he must have add 6.67mL of chocolate to 1 ounce of water.

Similarly, if 45mL is added to every 6 ounces

45mL = 6ounces

x = 1 ounce

cross multiply

6x = 45

x = 45/6

x =  7.5mL

This means he must have add 7.5mL of chocolate to 1 ounce of water.

The hot cocoa that is more chocolatey is the one with the highest amount of chocolate in 1 ounce. That is 45mL hot cocoa


eli's cocoa is more chocolately. i would show proof (on khan academy), but I just skipped the q. :|

Step-by-step explanation:

Write 2.08 x 10^2 in standard form.​




Step-by-step explanation:

If you multiply 2.08 by ten to the second power (100) Then you get 208

Scientific notations are the way through which a very small or a very large number can be written in shorthand.  The given expression can be written in the standard form as 208.

What are Scientific notations?

Scientific notations are the way through which a very small or a very large number can be written in shorthand.  In scientific notations when a number between 1 and 10s is multiplied by a power of 10.

For example, 6,500,000,000,000 can be written as 6.5e+12.

The given expression can be written in the form of an expression as shown below.

2.08 x 10²

= 2.08 × 100

= 208

Hence, the given expression can be written in the standard form as 208.

Learn more about Scientific notation here:



What single decimal multiplier would you use to decrease by 6% followed by a 19% increase?


Answer: 13% increase?

Step-by-step explanation: 19-6=13 which means it would be 1.13 the original amount?



Step-by-step explanation:

A 6% decrease would be 0.94 and a 19% increase after that would be 1.13

Convert y = x2 - 4x + 1 to vertex form by completing the square.

O y= (- 1)2 + 4
O y= (1 - 2)2 +5
O y= (x - 2)2 – 3
O y = (x - 4) + 1



vertex: (-2, -3)

Step-by-step explanation:

y = x2 + 4x                 + 1  

y = x2 + 4x + 22          + 1 - 22  

y = (x + 2)2 + 1 - 4  

y = (x + 2)2 - 3            in y = (x - h)2 + k, (h, k) is the vertex.  



y = (x - 2)² - 3

Step-by-step explanation:


y = x² - 4x + 1

To complete the square

add/subtract ( half the coefficient of the x- term )² to x² - 4x

y = x² + 2(- 2)x + 4 - 4 + 1

   = (x - 2)² - 3

if the cost of carpeting a floor is $2.50 per foot how much will it cost to carpet a rectangular floor that is 10 feet by 12 feet



300 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

Multiply 10 feet by 12 feet to get the total number of feet needed

10x12=120 feet

120 times $2.5= $300

The cost to carpet a rectangular floor is $300.

Given that,

The cost of carpeting a floor is $2.50 per foot A rectangular floor that is 10 feet by 12 feet

Based on the above information, the calculation is as follows:

[tex]= 10 \times 12 \times \$2.50[/tex]

= $300

Learn more: brainly.com/question/17429689





Step by step

determine the defined range

remove parentheses

move the terms

collect like terms and calculate

divide both sides

I need help what is -0.5 _ -0.2​


-0.5 < -0.2,
because I need more characters
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