block of mass m sits at rest on a rough inclined ramp that makes an angle with the horizontal. What must be true about normal force F on the block due to the ramp


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For a body on a ramp with mass m, the forces acting on the body along the vertical component are the weight and the normal reaction.

The weight of the body acts in the negative y direction while the normal reaction acts in the positive y direction

Taking the sum of forces along the y component

Sum Fy = -W+R = ma

Since acceleration is zero

-W+R = m(0)

-W+R = 0

-W = -R

W = R

Hence the Normal reaction force acting on the on the body is equal to normal force

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(a) 102 cm/s

(b) 0.490 cm²


(a) Use Bernoulli equation.

P₁ + ½ ρ v₁² + ρgh₁ = P₂ + ½ ρ v₂² + ρgh₂

0 + ½ ρ v₁² + ρgh₁ = 0 + ½ ρ v₂² + 0

½ ρ v₁² + ρgh₁ = ½ ρ v₂²

½ v₁² + gh₁ = ½ v₂²

½ (25.0 cm/s)² + (980 cm/s²) (5.00 cm) = ½ v²

v = 102 cm/s

(b) The flow rate is constant.

v₁ A₁ = v₂ A₂

(25.0 cm/s) (2.00 cm²) = (102 cm/s) A

A = 0.490 cm²

How much work is done lifting a 5 kg ball from a height of 2 m to a height of 6 m? (Use 10 m/s2 for the acceleration of gravity.)
A) 100 J B) 200 J C) 300 J D) 400 J



B) 200 [J]


In order to solve this problem we must remember the definition of work which tells us that it is equal to the product of force by a distance, in this case, the force is the weight of the ball. The distance traveled is 4 [m] since 6-2 = 4[m]

F = m*g


m = mass = 5 [kg]

g = gravity acceleration = 10 [m/s^2]

F = 5*10 = 50 [N]

w = F*d


F = force = 50 [N]

d = 4 [m]

w = 50*4 = 200 [J]

what is the meaning of the word physics​



the scientific study of natural forces such as light, sound, heat, electricity, pressure, etc.


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One airplane is approaching an airport from the north at 181 kn/hr. A second airplane approaches from the east at 278 km/hr. Find the rate at which the distance between the planes changes when the southbound plane is 30 km away from the airport and the westbound plane is 15 km from airport.



The value  is  [tex]  \frac{dR}{dt} =  -286.2 \  km/hr [/tex]


From the question we are told that  

   The speed of the airplane from the north is [tex]\frac{dN}{dt}  =  -181 \  km /hr[/tex]

The negative sign is because the direction is towards the south

  The speed of the airplane from the east is  [tex]\frac{dE}{dt}  =  -278 \  km/hr[/tex]

The negative sign is because the direction is towards the west

   The distance of the southbound plane from the airport is  [tex]N  =  30 \  km[/tex]

   The distance of the westbound plane is  [tex]E =  15 \  km[/tex]

Generally the distance between the plane is mathematically represented using Pythagoras theorem  as

    [tex]R^2  = N^2 + E^2[/tex]

Next differentiate implicitly this equation to obtain the rate at which the distance between the planes changes


     [tex]2R\frac{dR}{dt} =  2N \frac{dN}{dt} +   2E\frac{dE}{dt}[/tex]


     [tex]R = \sqrt{N^2 + E^2}[/tex]

=>    [tex]R = \sqrt{30^2 + 15^2}[/tex]

=>    [tex]R = \sqrt{30^2 + 15^2}[/tex]

=>    [tex]R =33.54 \ m [/tex]

    [tex]2(33.54) * \frac{dR}{dt} =  2( 30)*(-181)  +   2*15*(-278)[/tex]

=>   [tex] 67.08 * \frac{dR}{dt} =  -19200[/tex]

=>   [tex]  \frac{dR}{dt} =  -286.2 \  km/hr [/tex]

The rate of change of the distance between the planes is 286.23 km/hr.

The given parameters;

speed of the airplane from North, dn/dt = 181 Km/hspeed of the airplane from the East, de/dt = 278 km/hnorth distance, n = 30 kmeast distance, e= 15 km

The distance between the two planes is calculated by applying Pythagoras theorem as shown below;

[tex]d^2 = n^2 + e^2\\\\d = \sqrt{n^2 + e^2} \\\\d = \sqrt{30^2 + 15^2} \\\\d = 33.54 \ km[/tex]

The rate of change of the distance between the planes is calculated as follows;

[tex]d^2 = e^2 + n^2\\\\2\frac{dd}{dt} = 2e\frac{de}{dt} + 2n\frac{dn}{dt} \\\\d\frac{dd}{dt} = e\frac{de}{dt} + n\frac{dn}{dt}\\\\(33.54) \frac{dd}{dt} = (15)(278) \ + (30)(181)\\\\(33.54) \frac{dd}{dt} = 9600\\\\\frac{dd}{dt} = \frac{9600}{33.54} \\\\\frac{dd}{dt} = 286.23 \ km/hr[/tex]

Thus, the rate of change of the distance between the planes is 286.23 km/hr.

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when hydrogen shares electrons with oxygen the outermost shell of the hydrogen atoms are full with how many electrons? and oxygens valence shell is full with how many electrons? because the valence shells of these atoms are full,the atoms are stable.​



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A soccer ball accelerates from rest and rolls 6.5m down a hill in 3.1 s. It then bumps into a tree. What is the speed of the ball just before it hits the tree.





The speed of this soccer ball can be calculated using the formula;

Speed = distance/time

According to this question, the distance of the ball before it hits the tree is 6.5m, the time it takes is 3.1s, hence;

Speed = 6.5/3.1

Speed of the ball = 2.096m/s

Therefore, the speed of the ball before hitting the tree is 2.096m/s

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