Todd is in his twenty-five years old. Todd wears the latest designer clothes, has a top of the range sports car and owns his own detached house in a highly sought after residential area. Todd does not work to support his expensive life-style having inherited a small fortune from a distant uncle. Todd is estranged from his immediate family, his mother, father and two elder sisters, who criticized his extravagances because, he felt, they wanted a share of his good fortune which he was not prepared to give them. He has had a constant succession of relationships with pretty girls which have all been of very short duration mainly because he feels they are after his money. He is constantly having problems with the opposite sex. Todd does not have many friends but enjoys going out and being social. Although, he does not really associate with his family, he shares a lot of similarities with them. Todds mother is a social butterfly and regularly attends parties. Todds father was ignored by his parents as a child; and enjoys the attention of others. One of Todds sisters does not enjoy going out and does not socialize much. The other sister is a combination of the parents; but does not get along with the mother.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hidden behind the self-absorption of this young man there is a sense of emptiness and desperation. Todd states that although he doesnt speak to his family, it does not affect him in any way. Todd believes that he is better off without them and enjoys the little time that he spends partying. Todds philosophy is that he doesnt live by anyones rules. However, Todd sometimes drives by his parents home or his sisters; just to see what they are up to.According to Freuds psycho-sexual stages of development, at which stage is Todd fixated?