х+5y = 3
3х - 2y = -8


Answer 1
X equals -2 and y equals 1
Answer 2
Solve for X: x+5y=3

Subtract 5y from both sides: x=3−5y

x=3−5y into 3x−2y=−8

Start with the original equation: 3x−2y=−8

Let x=3−5y: 3(3−5y)−2y=−8

Simplify: 9−17y=−8

Solve for y in 9−17y=−8: y=1

Substitute y=1 into , x=3−5y : x=-2


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What is the square root of 51.84​


The square root of 51.84 is 7.2

ax+bx=c solve for x



x= c/a+b

Step-by-step explanation:

Can anyone help me out with this Algebra 2 question?



i was taught it would be answer D

Step-by-step explanation:


The right answer is C

and this how it looks like on the graph

i need help in finding numerical value please



Step-by-step explanation:




[tex]B=\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{12}=\sqrt{3}+2\sqrt{3}\\\\ = (1+2)\sqrt{3}\\\\ = 3\sqrt{3}[/tex]


= 3* 1.732 - 4 *1.4142

= 5.196 - 5.6568

= -0.4608

Exact Answer:   [tex]4\sqrt{2} - 3\sqrt{3}[/tex]

Approximate Answer:  0.46070182678574

Round the approximate value however you need to.


Work Shown:

[tex]C = \sqrt{ B^2 + A^2 - 2BA}\\\\C = \sqrt{ B^2 - 2BA + A^2}\\\\C = \sqrt{ (B-A)^2 }\\\\C = -(B-A) \ \ \text{ see note below}\\\\C = -B+A\\\\C = A-B\\\\C = (A) - (B)\\\\[/tex]

[tex]C = (\sqrt{2}+\sqrt{18}) - (\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{12})\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+\sqrt{18} - \sqrt{3}-\sqrt{12}\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+\sqrt{9*2} - \sqrt{3}-\sqrt{4*3}\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+\sqrt{9}*\sqrt{2} - \sqrt{3}-\sqrt{4}*\sqrt{3}\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+3\sqrt{2} - \sqrt{3}-2\sqrt{3}\\\\C = 4\sqrt{2} - 3\sqrt{3} \ \ \text{ ..... exact value}\\\\C \approx 0.46070182678574 \ \ \text{ ..... approximate value}[/tex]


Note: The rule used here is

If x is positive then [tex]\sqrt{x^2} = x[/tex]

Or if x is negative, then [tex]\sqrt{x^2} = -x[/tex]

Since B-A = -0.4607 approximately, we will use the second version of the rule above.

value of 3b^2 - 5c^3 if b = 2 and c = -1​




Step-by-step explanation:

3(2)^2 - 5(-1)^3

3(4) - 5(-1)

12 + 5


7. Robert poys for his family to go bowling. He pays an initial fee
to rent shoes for everyone and then pays a certain amount
per game that his family plays as shown in the graph
How much did Robert pay to rent shoes for
Total Cost
What was the cost per game at the
bowling alley?
c. Write an equation to represent the situation
Number of Gomes



a)Robert pay $12 to rent shoes for  everyone

b)Cost of each game is 4.5

c)y = 4.5x+12

Step-by-step explanation:

Refer the attached graph

a)How much did Robert pay to rent shoes for  everyone ?

y - intercept will give the rent shoes for everyone

y intercept is point where the graph of a function or relation intersects the y -axis of the coordinate system.

So, from the graph we can see that at x = 0 , y = 12

So, from the graph we can see that the no. of games is 0 . So, Total cost is 12

Thus Robert pay $12 to rent shoes for  everyone

b)What was the cost per game at the  bowling alley?

So, we are supposed to find the slope

Two pints from graph :

[tex](x_1,y_1)=(0,12)(x_2,y_2)=(2,21)m = \frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}=\frac{21-12}{2-0}=4.5[/tex]

So, Cost of each game is 4.5

c)Write an equation to represent the situation  Number of Gomes

General equation : y = mx+c

So, y = 4.5x+12

There are 28 roses and 35 carnations. Anna is making flower arrangements using both flowers, what is the maximum number of arrangements she could make?



The maximum amount of flower arrangements she can make are 28.

Step-by-step explanation:

There are enough roses and carnations to make 28 flower arrangements. There will still be leftover carnations but that's fine.

You do this by finding the smaller number of flowers and grouping them with the other flower so it makes a group of two. If the other flower had 2x the amount of the smaller flower, them group them in a group of 3;  1 : 2

But this is only used to make the maximum amount. this is not the efficient way to go but this is the way to go if you are finding the max amount.

Use PEMDAS to solve the following Order of Operations problem. 4 x 7-6^2÷ 3 = _______​




Step-by-step explanation:

4 x 7 - 6 x 6/3

4 x 7 - 36 / 3

28 - 36 / 3

28 - 12


SCory earns $20 per day plus $6 for every sale he makes. On Saturday, he wants to earn at least $50. Which best describes the number of sales he needs to make to reach his goal? (Hint: Write an inequality to find solution.)



5 sales is the answer now give brainliest


He would have to make 5 sales.

Step-by-step explanation:

To write this as an inequality, you would write it as 20 + 6(x).

Help me out please I'll give brain list




Step-by-step explanation:

hope this helps

B because they are all attached to the bell which will allow it to make noise hope this helped

Type the correct answer in each box. Spell all words correctly, and use numerals instead of words for numbers. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s). ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the criterion. (Use the three-letter abbreviation without spaces.) The value of x is , and the value of y is .


*See attachment for the given diagram.


∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the SSS criterion.

The value of x is 11 and the value of y is 8

Step-by-step explanation:

Based on the Side-Side-Side (SSS) Congruence Theorem, ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent to each other. The 3 sides of ∆ABC are congruent to the 3 given sides of ∆FDE.





Find x:

Since BC ≅ DE, therefore measure of BC = measure of DE.

BC = x + 3

DE = 14


x + 3 = 14

Subtract 3 from each side

x = 14 - 3

x = 11

Find y:

Since AB ≅ DF, therefore the measure of both sides are equal.

AB = 3

DF = x - y


x - y = 3

Substitute x = 11 into the equation

11 - y = 3

Subtract 11 from both sides

-y = 3 - 11

-y = -8

Divide both sides by -1

y = -8/-1

y = 8



Step-by-step explanation:

got it right

A runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd). How many feet (ft) is this? First fill in the blank on the left side of the equation using one of the ratios. Then write your answer on the right side of the equation. ft mi yd 1760 yd 1 mi 3 ft 1 ft 12 in 1 yd Ratios: 1 mi 1760 yd 1 yd 3 ft 12 in 1 ft . in Х 117 yd 1 ft 0 x IK IT LOOKS CONFUSING SO LOOK AT THE PICTURE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!:)​



117 yd/1 x 3 ft/1 yd = 351 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\frac{117}{1} * \frac{3}{1} = 351 ft[/tex]

A runner sprinted for 351 feet.

Given that, a runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd).

How to convert yards to feet?

To convert a yard measurement to a foot measurement, multiply the length by the conversion ratio. The length in feet is equal to the yards multiplied by 3.

Here, multiply the ratio 117/1 by 3/1.

That is, 117 × 3 =351 ft

Therefore, a runner sprinted for 351 feet.

To learn more about the metric conversion visit:



What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-5,7) and (10, 1)?
m = 5/2
m = -5/2
m = -2/5
m = 2/5


y= -2/5x + 5 is the equation, so the correct answer would be c

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1). The slope of the points is -2/5.

How to calculate a slope ?

Any two different points on a line can be used to calculate the slope of any line. The slope of a line formula is used to determine the ratio of "vertical change" to "horizontal change" between two different points on a line.

Given that,

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1).

We have to find the slope of the points.

The relationship between how a line's y coordinate changes and how its x coordinate changes determines a line's slope. y and x are the net changes in the y and x coordinates, respectively. As a result, the change in y coordinate with regard to the change in x coordinate can be written as,

Slope of the points=[tex]\frac{y_{2} -y_{1} }{x_{2} -x_{1} }[/tex]






Slope of the points [tex]= \frac{1 - 7}{10 + 5}[/tex]

Slope of the points =(-6)/(15)

Slope of the points = -2/5

Therefore, the slope of the points is -2/5.

To learn more about slope visit: https://brainly.com/question/3605446


My sister gave me $12 for my birthday. I now have 3 times as much as I did before. How much money did I have originally?



36 is the answer

WHat is 9 to the the power of infinity timees the number of cubic inches



...infinity cubic inches?

Step-by-step explanation:

what 5-2 to the power of 5




Step-by-step explanation:

(5-2) = 3

3 to the power of 5 is 3x3x3x3x3

3x3x3x3x3 = 243


(5-2)^5= (3)^5 = 3*3*3*3*3 = 9*9*3 = 243

Step-by-step explanation:

James is studying different kinds of weather.

Rain has water drops that are larger than 0.02 inch in diameter.
Small hailstones are less than 14 inch in diameter.
Complete the statement that best represents the different kinds of weather James studied. Select one correct answer from each box to complete the sentence.











i got b and h{i hope this helps}

Step-by-step explanation:

Antonio's dad bought gas for their family's ATV two weeks in a row. Last week, he bought 12 gallons for $35.40. This week, he bought 9 gallons for $25.83. How much more did Antonio's dad pay per gallon last week?


Answer: 0.08

Dont belive the dummy that said 0.30

Antonio's dad paid $ 0.08 per gallon more for the last week as compared to this week.

Given information:

Antonio's dad bought gas for their family's ATV two weeks in a row.

Last week, he bought 12 gallons for $35.40.

This week, he bought 9 gallons for $25.83.

So, the cost of one gallon for last week is,


The cost of one gallon for this week is,


So, the extra charge paid by his dad for the last week for one gallon will be,

[tex]2.95-2.87=0.08\$\;\rm per\;gallon[/tex]

Therefore, Antonio's dad paid $ 0.08 per gallon more for the last week as compared to this week.

For more details, refer to the link:


can you tell me the answer​


x would be equal to 1/4

Jill is building a wooden raised bed garden for her vegetable she wants the frame to have dimension X feet by X +3 feet if she wants the garden to have a maximum area of 50 ft.² what are the possible values of X


Answer: 0ft < X ≤ 5.73ft

Step-by-step explanation:

In this case, we have a rectangle.

For a rectangle of length L and width W, the area is:

A = L*W.

And we have:

L = X

W = X  + 3ft.

Then the area will be:

A = X*(X + 3ft) = X^2 + 3ft*X.

And we want to have a maximum area of 50ft^2.

Then we can write:

A = X^2 + 3ft*X ≤ 50ft^2

Now let's solve this for X.

Now, the first thing we can see is that both coefficients in our quadratic equation are positive, so as the absolute value of X increases, also does the whole equation.

Then makes sense start for the upper limit of X, this is when:

X^2 + 3ft*X = 50ft^2.

Now we can solve the quadratic equation:

X^2 + 3ft*X - 50ft^2 = 0

Applying the Bhaskara formula, the solutions are:

[tex]X = \frac{-3ft +- \sqrt{(3ft)^2 - 4*1*(-50ft^2)} }{2} = \frac{-3ft +-14.46ft }{2}[/tex]

Then we have two solutions:

X = (-3ft - 14.46ft)/2 = -8.73 ft.

X = (-3ft + 14.46ft)/2 = 5.73 ft

Because X represents a distance, it can only be positive, then we must select the option X = 5.73ft.

This is the maximum value of X, and we will have:

0ft < X ≤ 5.73ft

Where the lower limit is there because we can not have X = 0ft, as this does not have physical meaning.

Tony is selling boxes of cookies. He charges $7 for the box plus $2 per cookie.One filled box sells for $35 how many cookies will fit in the box




Step-by-step explanation

you start at 7$ then you add 2$ per cookie to get the total in this case you can fit 14 cookies for 35$




a) 300m

b) 15 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

a) 1 : 30 000

=  1x 30 000

=  30 000cm

=  30 000cm/ 100                           Representing in metres

=  300m

b) 1 : 6

=  1x 2.5 : 6x 2.5

=  2.5 : 15

=  15 miles

Linda has outgrown the bike she rode when she was small. So, for her twelfth birthday, her parents surprise her with a five-speed Blaze Rider 2000! Linda has never had a bike with multiple speeds before, and she is eager to learn how it works. She starts by testing the middle speed. There is a proportional relationship between the number of times Linda pedals, x, and the number of times the wheels rotate, y. The equation that models this relationship is y=3x. How many times do the wheels rotate when Linda pedals 2 times? Write your answer as a whole number or decimal



6 times

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the proportuonal relationship between exists between the number times Linda pedals (x) and the number of times wheels rotate (y) as ;

y = 3x

How many times do the wheels rotate when Linda pedals 2 times

Here, x = 2

From ; y = 3x

y = 3(2) = 6

Hence, wheel rotates 6 times.


Step-by-step explanation:

1. (3x + 7) + (8x + 2)



Step by step:
Remove the parenthesis
Collect like terms
Add 7+2

HELP PLEASE HELP I’m doing geometry please help



(4x - 10) + x = 90 degrees

x = 20

Ariana buys an ant farm from a store near her home. The ant farm’s price is $12, and the sales tax is 7%. What is the total price of the ant farm?




Step-by-step explanation:

Start by dividing 12 by 100 to get 0.12 to get 1% of the price of the ant farm.

Then multiply 0.12 by 107 to get the price + tax.

You'll end up with 12.84.

Then just add your units to get $12.84.

Answer would be 12.84:)

yall play copter royale ?


Naww I don’t play that game


i do i am right noww lol

Step-by-step explanation:





Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]8(-9) - 6(-3)\\[/tex]

Multiply 8 by -9 and 6 by -3

[tex]-72 - (-18)[/tex]

Subtract[tex]Value = -54[/tex]

Hope this helps

plz mark brainliest

Find y into the nearest hundredth place




Step-by-step explanation:

 From the given diagram, we simply apply the sin rule

According to the sine rule


   y is the side y

    y° = (90 - 43) = 47

    z = 17

    z° = 90

Input the parameters and solve;

            [tex]\frac{y}{sin 47} = \frac{17}{sin 90}[/tex]

       ysin 90 = 17 sin 47

         y = 12.43ft

Please do all for brainliest! It’s due in 1 hour!






x= 8

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