What did the people say? Rewrite the reported speech as direct speech.

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Answer 1


2)"I want to go to bed."

3)"We are arriving at six o'clock."

4)"I don't like cheese."

5)"I have been to Italy in 2009."

6)"I am reading a good book".

7)"We have received a lot of good advice."

8)"I am not going to do the washing-up."


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Which sentence from this excerpt reflects a compare and contrast text structure



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Which sentence from this excerpt reflects a compare-and-

contrast text structure?

children in

tes. Pietro

n 1903 to

8 and their

ed them in

la siblings

1--the rest


ated with

in Sicily.

Pietro and Rosa Sicurella lived with their nine children

in Adrano, Sicily prior to coming to the United States.

When Giuseppe died in 1916, the Sicurella siblings

living in New York decided not to return to Sicily-the

rest of the family joined them after World War I.

The Sicurella family typified the kinds of professions

many Italian immigrants undertook once they came to

America in the early 1900s.

Giuseppe D'Amico, Concetta Sicurella's husband,

immigrated with his wife's family, leaving his own family

behind in Sicily

sions many


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Sa paanong paraan ang dalumay ay isang akdang pampanitikan



"Sa paanong paraan ang dalumay ay isang akdang pampanitikan" is translated to "In a way the heart is a literary work"

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