value of 3b^2 - 5c^3 if b = 2 and c = -1​


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

3(2)^2 - 5(-1)^3

3(4) - 5(-1)

12 + 5


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Which inequality matches the graph shown?



I am pretty sure it is x>8 which is B.

Step-by-step explanation:

I’m one hundred percent positive it’s B because if it’s open the aren’t less then or equivalent to or greater than or equivalent to

The length of a rectangle is 11 less than 9 times the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 18 inches


Length = 7   Width = 2

Step-by-step explanation:

L = Length

W = Width



2(9W-11) + 2W = 18

18W - 22 +2W = 18

20W -22 = 18

20W = 40

W = 2

L = 9(2)-11



you are listening to a playlist that has three hip hop songs 2 rock songs if they are a 15 more songs on this playlist and the ratio of hip hop song or rock song stayed the same how many of each type would be on this playlist ​


doing this fa points , sorry not sorry .

Steven sells bags of different kinds of cookies. He made $27 selling bags of Oreos, $18 selling chocolate chips cookies, and $45 selling chunky sugar cookies. Each bag of cookies costs the same amount. What is the most that Steven could charge for each bag of cookies?



9 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

It would be 9 dollars because that is the only common factor that could go into 27, 28, or 45.

Joe and Carmen are partners in a business. Joe makes $2.00 profit for every $5.00 profit that Carmen makes. If Carmen makes $20 on the first item they sell, how much profit will Joe make?


Joe will make a $8.00 profit

people wont solve my question i need it ASAP



A pig has 10,000 kg mass more than a mass

Step-by-step explanation:


When Arjun makes hot cocoa, he adds 20\text{ mL}20 mL20, start text, space, m, L, end text of chocolate syrup for every 333 ounces of hot water. Arjun's brother, Eli, adds 45\text{ mL}45 mL45, start text, space, m, L, end text of chocolate syrup for every 666 ounces of hot water. Which hot cocoa is more chocolatey? Choose 1 answer: Choose 1 answer:



45mL hot cocoa is more chocolatey

Step-by-step explanation:

When Arjun makes hot cocoa, if he add 20mL of chocolate syrup to 3ounces of water, let us know the equivalent chocolate in one ounces of water.

20mL = 3 ounces

x = 1 ounce

cross multiply

3x = 20

x = 20/3

x = 6.67 mL

This means he must have add 6.67mL of chocolate to 1 ounce of water.

Similarly, if 45mL is added to every 6 ounces

45mL = 6ounces

x = 1 ounce

cross multiply

6x = 45

x = 45/6

x =  7.5mL

This means he must have add 7.5mL of chocolate to 1 ounce of water.

The hot cocoa that is more chocolatey is the one with the highest amount of chocolate in 1 ounce. That is 45mL hot cocoa


eli's cocoa is more chocolately. i would show proof (on khan academy), but I just skipped the q. :|

Step-by-step explanation:

Write 2.08 x 10^2 in standard form.​




Step-by-step explanation:

If you multiply 2.08 by ten to the second power (100) Then you get 208

Scientific notations are the way through which a very small or a very large number can be written in shorthand.  The given expression can be written in the standard form as 208.

What are Scientific notations?

Scientific notations are the way through which a very small or a very large number can be written in shorthand.  In scientific notations when a number between 1 and 10s is multiplied by a power of 10.

For example, 6,500,000,000,000 can be written as 6.5e+12.

The given expression can be written in the form of an expression as shown below.

2.08 x 10²

= 2.08 × 100

= 208

Hence, the given expression can be written in the standard form as 208.

Learn more about Scientific notation here:


Convert y = x2 - 4x + 1 to vertex form by completing the square.

O y= (- 1)2 + 4
O y= (1 - 2)2 +5
O y= (x - 2)2 – 3
O y = (x - 4) + 1



vertex: (-2, -3)

Step-by-step explanation:

y = x2 + 4x                 + 1  

y = x2 + 4x + 22          + 1 - 22  

y = (x + 2)2 + 1 - 4  

y = (x + 2)2 - 3            in y = (x - h)2 + k, (h, k) is the vertex.  



y = (x - 2)² - 3

Step-by-step explanation:


y = x² - 4x + 1

To complete the square

add/subtract ( half the coefficient of the x- term )² to x² - 4x

y = x² + 2(- 2)x + 4 - 4 + 1

   = (x - 2)² - 3





Step by step

determine the defined range

remove parentheses

move the terms

collect like terms and calculate

divide both sides

A survey asks students to name their favorite outdoor activity. 12 students say bike riding, 8 students say climbing trees, and 5 students say swimming. Mia says that 40% olf the students say their favorite activity is climbing trees. Is she correct? Explain



Mia is incorrect. 32% of the students say climbing trees is their favorite.

Step-by-step explanation:

Percentage of the students that chose climbing trees = number of students that chose climbing trees ÷ total number of students surveyed × 100

Number of students that chose climbing trees = 8

Total number of students = those that chose riding bike + those that chose climbing trees + those that say swimming = 12 + 8 + 5 = 25


% of the students that say climbing trees = [tex] {8}{25}*100 = \frac{800}{25} = 32 [/tex].

Mia is wrong.

32% say climbing trees is their favorite. NOT 40%.


Using the exponential notion and simplify pls


Evaluate or simplify?
It would be 8000 I think. I’m sorry if it’s wrong!

If someone could help me I would really appreciate it!

Factor by slide and divide!




Step-by-step explanation:

6x^2 + 7x + 24

= 6x^2 + (15-8)x + 24

= 6x^2 + 15x - 8x + 24

= 3x( 2x+5 ) - 4( 2x+5 )

= (3x-4)(2x+5)

Write an equation or inequality to represent the relationship "three
times a number decreased by 12 is equal to -18". Then solve.
a. Equation :
b. Answer:



a. 3x-12= -18 b. x=-2

Step-by-step explanation:

simplify the expression (5x^7)^2




Step-by-step explanation:

Measure the angle and classify it as right, acute, or obtuse.




Step-by-step explanation:

Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Combine like terms to simplify the expression. 5 x + 4 + 2 x + 5



[tex] \huge{ \boxed{ \bold{ \text{7x + 9}}}}[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex] \text{5x + 4 + 2x + 5}[/tex]

[tex] \text{Combine \: like \: terms} : [/tex]

[tex] \text{Like \: terms \: are \: those \: which \: have \: the \: same \: base.}[/tex]

[tex] ➝ \: \text{5x + 2x + 4 + 5}[/tex]

➝ [tex] \text{ 7x + 4 + 5}[/tex]

[tex] \text{Add \: the \: numbers : 4 \: and \: 5}[/tex]

[tex] ➝ \: \text{7x + 9}[/tex]

[tex] \text{Hope \: I \: helped}[/tex]!

[tex] \text{Best \: regards}[/tex]!

~[tex] \mathfrak{TheAnimeGirl}[/tex]


7x + 9

Step-by-step explanation:

Combine like terms, means put the ones that have something in common together; in this case they are the terms with an 'x' value, and a regular numeric value.

5x+2x = 7x

5+4 = 9



Type the correct answer in each box. Spell all words correctly, and use numerals instead of words for numbers. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s). ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the criterion. (Use the three-letter abbreviation without spaces.) The value of x is , and the value of y is .


*See attachment for the given diagram.


∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the SSS criterion.

The value of x is 11 and the value of y is 8

Step-by-step explanation:

Based on the Side-Side-Side (SSS) Congruence Theorem, ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent to each other. The 3 sides of ∆ABC are congruent to the 3 given sides of ∆FDE.





Find x:

Since BC ≅ DE, therefore measure of BC = measure of DE.

BC = x + 3

DE = 14


x + 3 = 14

Subtract 3 from each side

x = 14 - 3

x = 11

Find y:

Since AB ≅ DF, therefore the measure of both sides are equal.

AB = 3

DF = x - y


x - y = 3

Substitute x = 11 into the equation

11 - y = 3

Subtract 11 from both sides

-y = 3 - 11

-y = -8

Divide both sides by -1

y = -8/-1

y = 8



Step-by-step explanation:

got it right

A runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd). How many feet (ft) is this? First fill in the blank on the left side of the equation using one of the ratios. Then write your answer on the right side of the equation. ft mi yd 1760 yd 1 mi 3 ft 1 ft 12 in 1 yd Ratios: 1 mi 1760 yd 1 yd 3 ft 12 in 1 ft . in Х 117 yd 1 ft 0 x IK IT LOOKS CONFUSING SO LOOK AT THE PICTURE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!:)​



117 yd/1 x 3 ft/1 yd = 351 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\frac{117}{1} * \frac{3}{1} = 351 ft[/tex]

A runner sprinted for 351 feet.

Given that, a runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd).

How to convert yards to feet?

To convert a yard measurement to a foot measurement, multiply the length by the conversion ratio. The length in feet is equal to the yards multiplied by 3.

Here, multiply the ratio 117/1 by 3/1.

That is, 117 × 3 =351 ft

Therefore, a runner sprinted for 351 feet.

To learn more about the metric conversion visit:


What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-5,7) and (10, 1)?
m = 5/2
m = -5/2
m = -2/5
m = 2/5


y= -2/5x + 5 is the equation, so the correct answer would be c

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1). The slope of the points is -2/5.

How to calculate a slope ?

Any two different points on a line can be used to calculate the slope of any line. The slope of a line formula is used to determine the ratio of "vertical change" to "horizontal change" between two different points on a line.

Given that,

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1).

We have to find the slope of the points.

The relationship between how a line's y coordinate changes and how its x coordinate changes determines a line's slope. y and x are the net changes in the y and x coordinates, respectively. As a result, the change in y coordinate with regard to the change in x coordinate can be written as,

Slope of the points=[tex]\frac{y_{2} -y_{1} }{x_{2} -x_{1} }[/tex]






Slope of the points [tex]= \frac{1 - 7}{10 + 5}[/tex]

Slope of the points =(-6)/(15)

Slope of the points = -2/5

Therefore, the slope of the points is -2/5.

To learn more about slope visit:





a) 300m

b) 15 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

a) 1 : 30 000

=  1x 30 000

=  30 000cm

=  30 000cm/ 100                           Representing in metres

=  300m

b) 1 : 6

=  1x 2.5 : 6x 2.5

=  2.5 : 15

=  15 miles

1. (3x + 7) + (8x + 2)



Step by step:
Remove the parenthesis
Collect like terms
Add 7+2

Calculate the unit rate for each option of Takis, explain which option is better,
and why?


Answer: .42 for left bag .22 for right bag

(1st explanation is the left bag and the 2nd in the right bag)
Explanation: If the bag is $1.68 for 4oz of takis and you want to find the unit rate you do 1.68 divided by 4 which equals $0.42 per oz of takis.
2nd Explanation: If its $4.42 for 20 oz of takis do 4.42 divided by 20 which equals $0.22.

Explanation for the teacher (I saw the worst words ever, "why?": The right bag of takis are the best value since the left bag is a little bit less than twice the right bag.


they are better because they are cheeper than the other

A teacher uses the function G(x) = -3x + 100 to calculate a student's grade, G(x), on a test if the student misses x questions on the test. Which statement best descebes the slope of the function? Show complete working format please​



then it would 50 no? i first divided 100 from x and game me 100x and then since i knew that 2 plus 3 is 5 and if i add a 0 then it would make 50

Step-by-step explanation:

Carlos has saved $19.80. Shaq saved 5/6 of the amount that Carlos saved. Deontae saved 4 times as much as shaq. What is the total saved amount of all threw


102.30this is your answer to your question

Point AAA is at {(1, 5)}(1,5)left parenthesis, 1, comma, 5, right parenthesis and point CCC is at {(-5,-7)}(−5,−7)left parenthesis, minus, 5, comma, minus, 7, right parenthesis. Find the coordinates of point BBB on \overline{AC} AC start overline, A, C, end overline such that ACACA, C is 666 times as long as ABABA, B.



(0, 3)

Step-by-step explanation:

If a point O(x, y) divides a line XY in the ratio n:m with [tex]X\ at\ (x_1,y_1)\ Y\ at\ (x_2,y_2)[/tex], the coordinates of O is:

[tex]x=\frac{n}{n+m} (x_2-x_1)+x_1\\\\y=\frac{n}{n+m} (y_2-y_1)+y_1[/tex]

AC is 6 times AB, this means that point B, divides line AC in the ratio 1:5. Given A at (1,5) and C at (-5, -7)

Let us assume B to be at (x, y), hence:

[tex]x=\frac{1}{1+5}(-5-1)+ 1=\frac{1}{6}(-6)+1 =0\\\\y=\frac{1}{1+5}(-7-5)+5=\frac{1}{6} (-12)+5=3[/tex]

Therefore the location of B is (0, 3)


(0, 3)

Step-by-step explanation:

Is this a function? Explain




Step-by-step explanation:

The only reason a graph will not be a function is if it doesn't pass the vertical line test. In other words, if you draw a vertical line at any point, it will never pass through more than 1 point.

In that case, that is true, so it must be a function.

the mean number of goals scored is 2.5.
the mean number of away goals scored is 1.8.

How many home and away games have been played in total?



2 games.

Step-by-step explanation:

2.5 + 1.8 = 4

4 divided by 2 = 2

Total 32 games home and away games have been played.

What is the mean?

The average of a group of variables is referred to as the mean in mathematics and statistics. There are several methods for calculating the mean, including simple arithmetic means (adding the numbers together and dividing the result by the number of observations), geometric means, and harmonic means.

From the bar chart :

We can obtain the total number of goals scored :

Home goals (quarter 1 to quarter 4) :

= (9 + 6 + 8 + 7)

= 30

Away goals (quarter 1 to quarter 4) :

= (2 + 7 + 4 + 5)

= 18

Using the relation :

Mean goals scored = total goals scored / number of games played

Home games :

Mean goals = 2.5

Number of home games played = total goals scored / mean goals

= 30 / 2.5

= 22

Away games :

Mean goals = 1.8

Number of away games played = 18 / 1.8

= 10

Therefore, number of home and away games played in total = 22 + 10 = 32 games

To learn more about the mean;


Jane baked the kinds of fruit bars shown in the table below.

Kind of Fruit Bar Number



Part A

Jane wants to make baskets of the fruit bars, and she wants to divide each kind of fruit bar equally among the baskets. What is the maximum number of baskets can she make?



I THINK the answer is 57

Step-by-step explanation:

Add 51 + 36 + 84

Divide 171 by 57

57 is the most that can go into 171 evenly.

What is the range of the function
graphed below?


" y ≥ 3 " might be the answer?
Other Questions
STATER: Ranking the importance. Rank the following causes of war from most to leastimportant.Nationalism Assassination Militarism Imperialism Alliances helppppp please help! i would appreciate it! What impact of not being a more farming based region made New England unique?A.More of their population lived in towns and small citiesB. They often lacked enough food to feed themselvesC. They were not able to trade with other countries like the other regions wereD. They did not have as much money and prosperity Etxuck327 Inc. sells a particular textbook for $39. Variable expenses are $28 per book. At the current volume of 49,000 books sold per year the company is just breaking even. Given these data, the annual fixed expenses associated with the textbook total: An experiment consists of determining the speed of automobiles on a highway using a radar equipment. The random variable in this experiment is a: 29 2/3 divide 7 1/2whats the answer which of the following describes a custom A. doing your homeworkC. not litteringB. shaking hands when you greet someoneD. studying geography A dull metal object has a density of 8.8 G/ML and a volume of 20 ML calculate the mass What is the relationship between the latitude and hours of daylight Which noun is feminine?1. el gato2. el perro3. la chica4. el hombre Write the word equations for the following balanced chemical equations.a. Zn + 2HCl ZnCl2 + H2b. 2503 2502 + O2 if triangle ocd triangle JAL, then which of the following statements are true? The cost of a speeding ticket is a function of each mile per hour that exceeds the speed limit multiplied by a fixed rate of $2 plus a $40 processing fee.Write the function that represents this relationship.Then determine the cost of a speedingticket for a car that has gone 50 mph in a 35 mph zone A famous celebrity has an extreme security system for their estate. The security system includes sensors in the ground as well as on the sides of the buildings. A loud truck drives down the road entering the estate. There is a sensor in the ground and another on the side of the security guards shed. If both sensors are 100m from the truck, which sensor will pick up the noise of the truck first and why? A. Guard Shed - The sensor on the security guards shed will detect the sound first because the sound is traveling through the air and sound will travel fastest through a gas. B. Ground - The sensor in the ground will detect the sound first because the sound is traveling through the dirt and sound will travel fastest through a solid. C. Same time - Because the sound is traveling through both the ground and the air at the same time, it will reach both the shed and the ground sensor at the same time. D. Neither sensor - 100m is too far for the sound to travel. Neither sensor will pick up the sound of the truck until it is closer to them. PLS HELP WITH THIS QUESTION Leslie gained 5.54 pounds between her third and fourth birthdays. If she weighed 42.48 pounds when on her fourth birthday, how much did she weigh in pounds on her third birthday? Does this mean to add or subtract? Pick the correct operation and solve ONLY that one. What is the equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through the points (12, 4) and (4, 8)?A. y = 43 20A. , y = 43 20B. y = 43 12B. , y = 43 12C. y = 0.75 13C. , y = 0.75 13D. y = 0.75x +5D. , y = 0.75x +5 Who comes next in line of succession after the speaker of the house? An airplane is flying overhead at a constant elevation of 4090 ft. A person is viewing the plane from a position 3010 ft from the base of a radio tower. The airplane is flying horizontally away from the person. If the plane is flying at the rate of 700 ft/s, at what rate is the distance between the person and the plane increasing when the plane passes over the radio tower does breast cancer occur in men? what are the signs and symptoms?actually anatomy & physiology