twice a number is three more than nine​


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

Let that number be x.

[tex]2x = 9 + 3[/tex]

[tex]2x = 12[/tex]

[tex]x = 6[/tex]

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what questions need to be done? We need to know the problems before we answer them. :/

What similarity rule can be used to prove the triangles are similar . plz help




Step-by-step explanation:

Colin invests £1200 into his bank account.
He receives 5% per year simple interest.
How much will Colin have after 3 years?
Give your answer to the nearest penny where appropriate.


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Where is the vertex of f(x) = -2x - 3| +6.4?


(-2x-19.2) I think that is the answer :(

Eliza walked 1 1/2 miles in 2/3 of a hour. what is her walking rate in miles per hour?


1 1/3 every single mile

Graph the line that passes through the points (-5,2) and (6,2) and determine the equation of the line.​



y = 2

Step-by-step explanation:


If a, b and c are positive integers for which (a,b,c) is the only
ordered triple such that 6a +9b + 20c = 61, then what is


If a, b, and c are all positive integers and 6a + 9b + 20c = 61, then right away you know c < 3, because if c = 3, then 20c = 60, and there are no solutions for a and b.

So consider two cases:

• If c = 2, then we're left with 6a + 9b = 21.

• If c = 1, then 6a + 9b = 41.

We have gcd(6, 9) = 3, but 41 is prime and 3 does not divide 41. So we throw out the second case.

This leaves us with 6a + 9b = 21. Notice that if a = b = 1, then 6a + 9b = 15. Add 6 to both sides to get 21. So a = 2, b = 1, and c = 2, and hence a + b + c = 5.

Wendy and Mini earn $38 per week for delivering magazines. Wendy worked for x weeks and earned an additional total bonus of $15 Mini worked for y weeks. Which expression shows the total money, in dollars, that Wendy and Mini earned for delivering magazines

A: 53x + 38y
B: 38 + 15 + 38y
C: 38 - 15 + 38y
D: 38x + 53y


A. Let me know if this helps❤️

g A circle is a special case of an ellipse. Explain how a circle is different from other ellipses.



Main difference between circle & ellipse

Step-by-step explanation:

Circle is a line forming a close loop, all points on the loop line are at equal distance from the centre, that distance is called Radius. Eg : Wheel

Ellipse is also a close loop line, such that distance of locus of all points on the plane to two fixed points (foci) always sum up to same constant. Eg : Orbits of planets

Cricle is the round shape entity in which it contains only radius and double of radius is diameter Thus below explanation is the answer to the Question


Cricle is the most rounded shape. Its different from ellipse because it has the radius, chord  and diameter.cricle can be drawn easily with compass and ellipse is oval shape.cricle contains two types perimeter cricle and normal cricle. Ellipse has also two types partial ellipse and normal ellipse.Cricle does not  have major and minor axis length both are different.

Thus we conclude that cricle is totally different from ellipse

To know more about cricle and ellipse

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What’s the question?

(6-x3)5=45 Please help


the answer is x equals -1

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Answer: I think the answer is B.) 570

the answer is C.) 760

Research shows that many banks are unwittingly training their online customers to take risks with their passwords and other sensitive account information, leaving them more vulnerable to fraud (Yahoo, July 23, 2008). Even web-savvy surfers could find themselves the victims of identity theft because they have been conditioned to ignore potential signs about whether the banking site they are visiting is real or a bogus site served up by hackers. Researchers at the University of Michigan found design flaws in 78% of the 214 U.S. financial institution websites they studied.

Is the sample evidence sufficient to conclude that more than three out of four financial institutions that offer online banking facilities are prone to fraud? Use a 5% significance level for the test.



Decision rule

Fail to reject the null  hypothesis


The sample evidence is not sufficient to conclude that more than three out of four financial institutions that offer online banking facilities are prone to fraud.

Step-by-step explanation:

From the question we are told that

  The sample size is  n =  214

   The sample proportion is p = 0.78

   The level of significance is [tex]\alpha = 0.05[/tex]

Generally the population proportion is mathematically represented as

      [tex]p = \frac{3}{4} =0.75[/tex] (gotten from the statement  ''three out of four'' in the question)

The null hypothesis is [tex]H_o : p = 0.75[/tex]

The alternative hypothesis [tex]H_a : p > 0.75[/tex]

Generally the test statistics is mathematically represented as

     [tex]z = \frac{\^{p} - p}{ \sqrt{\frac{p(1-p)}{n} } }[/tex]

=>    [tex]z = \frac{0.78- 0.75}{ \sqrt{\frac{ 0.75(1-0.75)}{214} } }[/tex]

=>  [tex]z = 1.01[/tex]

Generally the p-value is mathematically represented as

    [tex]p-value  = P(Z > z )[/tex]

=> [tex]p-value  = P(Z > 1.01 )[/tex]

From the z-table  

    [tex]P(Z > 1.01 ) = 0.15625[/tex]


    [tex]p-value  = 0.15625 [/tex]

From the obtained values we see that [tex]p-value > \alpha[/tex] hence we fail to reject the null hypothesis

 Therefore we can conclude that the sample evidence is  not  sufficient to conclude that more than three out of four financial institutions that offer online banking facilities are prone to fraud.

you want new jeans and there is a sale this week where they are marked down 30%. what is your final cost if the original price is $50?


Answer: 15 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

0.3 * 50

4y + 19 = x
3y - x= -13



Do you need a step by step explaination on hiw to get the answer x= -13?

Is this statement always true, sometimes true, or never true: Whole numbers are integers.
1. Always True
2. Sometimes True
3. Never True


Answer: Always true

Step-by-step explanation:

Whole numbers including 0 are always integers

Find the difference in lowest term 7/18 - 3/18




Step-by-step explanation:

4/18 and that can be reduced by dividing both (denominator and numerator) by 2 which leaves you with 2/9

Hope that helps and have a great day!

find the trig value (with work)


Answer: B (4/5)

Step-by-step explanation:


T = opposite/hypotenuse

Opposite = 32

Hypotenuse = 40

Simplify 32/40 = 4/5

Jeffrey thinks that the largest place value that 8.21 and 19.5 have in common is the tens place Austin thinks that the largest place value they have in common is the ones place



Austin is correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

19.5 has a tens, ones, and tenths place. 8.21 has a ones, tenths, and hundredths place.


Neither are correct.

Step-by-step explanation:


Tens Place - 0

Ones Place - 8

Tenths Place - 2

Hundredths Place - 1


Tens Place - 1

Ones Place - 9

Tenths Place - 5

Hundredths Place - 0

None of the places are in common, so neither Jeffery nor Austin is correct.

A bakery offers a sale of 3.50 for 6 muffins what’s is the price per dozen


six muffins is half of a dozen. And if it costs $3.50 for half a dozen you multiply 3.50 by two
3.50 x 2 = 7

Dave owns Dave's Donut Shop and must make decisions about how much to charge for donuts. As a businessowner he wants to attract a lot of customers as well as make a lot of money (revenue). The amount of revenue Dave makes can be modeled by the equation R = (p-1)(200 - 40p), where p represents the price of one donut and R represents the total revenue. Use as many strategies as you can to figure out the questions below. 0 At what price will Dave break even (make no revenue)? How much should Dave charge to maximize his revenue? What is the most money Dave can make? Dave made $100 from donut sales. How much must he have charged per donut?​




Step-by-step explanation:

The revenue is the amount of money generated by an organization from sales or services made in a specific time. The conclusion from the computation made are:

The break even price is at $1 and $5To maximize his revenue, he as to charge $3The most money he can make is $160He charged $4.225 or $1.775 to make $100.

Given that:

[tex]R = (p - 1)(200 - 40p)[/tex]

To calculate the break even, we set R to 0.

So, we have:

[tex](p - 1)(200 - 40p) =0[/tex]


[tex]p - 1 = 0[/tex] or [tex]200 - 40p = 0[/tex]

Solve for p

[tex]p = 1[/tex] or [tex]40p = 200[/tex]

Divide by 40 in the second equation

[tex]p=1[/tex] or [tex]p =5[/tex]

The break even price is at $1 and $5

To maximize his revenue, we have:

[tex]R = (p - 1)(200 - 40p)[/tex]

Open bracket

[tex]R = 200p - 200 - 40p^2 + 40p[/tex]

Rewrite as:

[tex]R = - 40p^2+ 200p + 40p- 200[/tex]

[tex]R = - 40p^2+ 240p- 200[/tex]


[tex]R' = -80p + 240[/tex]

Equate to 0 and solve for p

[tex]-80p + 240=0[/tex]

[tex]-80p =- 240[/tex]

Divide by -80

[tex]p = 3[/tex]

To maximize his revenue, he as to charge $3

The most money he can make is calculated as:

[tex]R = (p - 1)(200 - 40p)[/tex]

Substitute [tex]p = 3[/tex]

[tex]R = (3 - 1)(200 - 40 \times 3)[/tex]

[tex]R = (3 - 1)(200 - 120)[/tex]

[tex]R = 160[/tex]

The most money he can make is $160

The charges he sold when he made $100 is:

[tex]R = - 40p^2+ 240p- 200[/tex]

Substitute 100 for R

[tex]- 40p^2+ 240p- 200=100[/tex]

Collect like terms

[tex]- 40p^2+ 240p- 200-100=0[/tex]

[tex]- 40p^2+ 240p- 300=0[/tex]

Divide through by -20

[tex]2p^2- 12p+ 15=0[/tex]

Using quadratic formula, the solution of p is:

[tex]p = \frac{-b \± \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac} }{2a}[/tex]

So, we have:

[tex]p = \frac{-(-12) \± \sqrt{(-12)^2 - 4\times 2 \times 15} }{2 \times 2}[/tex]

[tex]p = \frac{12 \± \sqrt{24} }{4}[/tex]

[tex]p = \frac{12 \± 4.90 }{4}[/tex]


[tex]p = \frac{12 + 4.90 }{4}\ or p = \frac{12 - 4.90 }{4}[/tex]

[tex]p = \frac{16.90 }{4}\ or\ p = \frac{7.1 }{4}[/tex]

[tex]p = 4.225\ or\ p = 1.775[/tex]

He charged $4.225 or $1.775 to make $100.

Read more about revenue and price at:

Statements about regression
Which of the following are true about regression with one predictor variable (often called "simple regression")?
A. The total squared error divided by its degrees of freedom is the square of the standard error of estimate
B. The standardized regression coefficient, beta, has the same value as r, the estimated correlation
C. After conducting a hypothesis test to test that the slope of the regression equation is nonzero, you can conclude that your predictor variable, X, causes Y



Follows are the solution to this question:

Step-by-step explanation:

It is true because the square of the standard error of its estimate was its total square error divided only by the degree of freedom.  It is true because Its coefficient with Standardized Regression, beta, will have the same value as r, the approximate similarity.  It is false because Its slope b, of its equation of regression, will have the same value as r, the projected correlation.

I need to find the missing angles of this triangle



it is 90 degrees

Step-by-step explanation:

All you have to do is add the sides that you know and triangles total is 180 so add 32+58 and u get 90 degrees then u will have to subtract 180 from 90 and it equals 90 which is your missing angle

Can someone please help me on this ​


The answer is 9 songs

Multiply. Write your answer as a fraction in simplest form.

Please help and by the way the question is 6 x 3 over 22 (fraction)


the answer is 18 !!!!!!!!!



Step-by-step explanation:

(6 × 3)/22

18/22 = 9/11

A store has 2 times as hooded sweatshirt as crewneck sweatshirts. The total number of sweatshirts is 36. How many hooded sweatshirts does the store have?​



Answer below

Step-by-step explanation:

It would be 36×2=72

since we're doubl8ng it so there would be 72 hooded sweatshirts


24 Hooded Sweatshirts

Step-by-step explanation:


2x12=24 or hooded sweatshirts

1x12=12 or crewneck sweatshirts

12+24=36 total sweatshirts :)

Factorise fully
14x – 8​




Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

Factor out the gratest common divisor of the coefficients of 14x - 8

The company is interested in which confidence intervals associated with 1 (very satisfied) contain the proportion 0.25, or 25%. Determine which confidence levels satisfy this. (Select all that apply.)


Hi, you've asked an incomplete question. However, I provided a brief explanation about confidence interval and confidence level.


The term confidence interval and confidence level are not the same but they are related. Confidence interval refers to a range of values that makes up part of the statistic's mean data which contains an unknown population parameter.

However, the Confidence level is the level of certainty that the confidence interval would contain the true population parameter if a random sample is drawn.

need help again!!! please and thank you!



C) 4

Step-by-step explanation:

Just follow the same steps as the last one.

32x+2 = 33x-2




It’s c :) gbehenehddbdbhe

1. Michael deposited $500 in his bank account that pays 4% semi-annual compounded interest. If he does not touch the money for 5 years, how much money will be in the account?​




Step-by-step explanation:

A = P(1 + r/n)^nt

   = 500(1 + [tex]\frac{.04}{2}[/tex])^2(5)

   = 500(1.02)¹⁰

    = 500(1.218994)

    = 609.497

Round answer up to $609.50

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how does a plant cell differ from an animal cell? Presented below is information from Headland Computers Incorporated. July 1 Sold $22,600 of computers to Robertson Company with terms 3/15, n/60. Headland uses the gross method to record cash discounts. Headland estimates allowances of $1,334 will be honored on these sales. 10 Headland received payment from Robertson for the full amount owed from the July transactions. 17 Sold $256,100 in computers and peripherals to The Clark Store with terms of 2/10, n/30. 30 The Clark Store paid Headland for its purchase of July 17. 1. Which is true of how our eyes detectelectromagnetic waves?A. Our eyes are sensitive only to the shortest wavesin the electromagnetic spectrum.B. Our eyes are sensitive to a narrow band of waveswithin the electromagnetic spectrum.C. Our eyes are sensitive to all electromagnetic waveswith a wavelength longer than infrared.D. Our eyes are sensitive to the entire range of theelectromagnetic spectrum. Whats an omnivore from the movie finding Nemo Which describes the elements in a given group of the periodic table?They decrease in atomic mass as you go down the column.They increase sequentially in atomic number from top to bottom.They are in the same family, with similar characteristics.Their properties change according to a pattern as you go down the column. Can Yall Please Help Me With This Read the following description and answer the question below. After the U.S. Constitution was written, there was intense debate over whether it should be approved. During this time two groups formed around this debate. In 1788, a poster was hung up in New York City, which read "Ratification is a Vote for the Future." Which group most likely hung this poster?A. Anti-FederalistsB. DemocratsC. FederalistsD. Republicans Please help!Which label provides the best evidence for each of the statements about the passage?Bili turned and looked, then quietlystopped the dogs.When they halted, it halted, throwing upits head and regarding them steadilyI tell you right now, Henry, that critter'sthe cause of all our trouble.After a searching scrutiny, the animaltrotted forward a few steps. This itrepeated several times ....EvidenceStatementBill displays masteryin his work.Wolves are sensitiveto the atmospherearound them.from The She-Wolf In White Fangby Jack Londonhis excerpt, two men traveling by dogsled get a good look atolf-dog that has been following them for daysfew minutes later, Henry, who was now travelling behindsled, emitted a low, warning whistle. Bill turned and looked,n quietly stopped the dogs. To the rear, from around the lastd and plainly into view, on the very trail they had justered, trotted a furry, slinking form. Its nose was to the trail,it trotted with a peculiar, sliding, effortless galt. When theyed, it halted, throwing up its head and regarding themedily with nostrils that twitched as it caught and studied thent of them.It's the she-wolf, Bill answered.The dogs had lain down in the snow, and he walked pastim to join his partner in the sled. Together they watched theange animal that had pursued them for days and that hadeady accompanied the destruction of half their dog-team.after a searching scrutiny, the animal trotted forward a fewps. This it repeated several times, till it was a short hundredds away. It paused, head up, close by a clump of sprucees, and with sigh and scent studied the outfit of the watchingn. It looked at them in a strangely wistful way, after thenner of a dog; but in its wistfulness there was none of thegaffection. It was a wistfulness bred of hunger, as cruel as itsin fangs, as merciless as the frost itself.It was large for a wolf, its gaunt frame advertising the lines ofWolves are somewhatfearless.Bill knows that thewolf presents a threatto the sled dogs.ResetNext under the article of confederation, the congress's major achievements included its system of settling western territories and its Please help due tomorrow..URGENT!! will mark brainliest (4x3y5z) (-6x5y4z) = Cinco menos tres cuartos x ? Read the sentences. Early Chinese farmers built small villages along the Yellow River. The rich, yellow-colored soil was good for growing a grain called millet. What type of context clue helps describe the meaning of the underlined term? inference restatement antonym or synonym definition or explanation just had a brain spat. help? Mushroom dance. Mushroom dance. Whatever could it mean?i'll give brainliest to the first person to get this. Which of the following was written during the Classical period?DumasThe Three Musketeers (1844)HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter (1850)AustenEmma (1815)DefoeRobinson Crusoe (1719) What is the solution to the following system of equations?{x+y=5){x+y=1(2, 7)(2, 3)(3, 2)(7, 2) A bee travels at 24 km/h. At that rate, how many miles can it travel in a day? Does anyone know this? respond on this please?The Wampanoag Tribes way of life was to live modestly, heal yourself, dont be too ambitious and stay claim. A small reflection as to what Senecas writes about living. They were skilled hunters, gatherers, farmers and fishers during the spring and summer; the Wampanoag system which reflects women being the backbone of the tribe. women-controlled property, and hereditary status was passed though the maternal line; there culture was based on the mother as the head of the household. Women elders could approve selection of chiefs or sachems. Women where Responsible for up to seventy-five percent of all food production in the Wampanoag Tribe. As for men they acted in most of the political roles for relations with other bans and tribes, as well as warfare. And yet when encountering the pilgrims, they showed calmness and no ambitious rather helped them survive with guidances. Teaching them how to grow corn, fishing and allowing them to hunt on their land. There was a peace treaty that lasted for 50 years; the agreement, in which both parties promised to not hurt one another. Which in the fall of 1621 the pilgrims shared a feast what is now known as Thanksgiving? However, during the transition of the colonists on Wampanoag land there was tension between the two. Pilgrims brought disease like smallpox the Wampanoags were helpless to this disease, what survivors where left they were sold as slaves and converted to the new religion leaving behind their spiritual traditions. This is where the shift happened, the English often referred to the sachem as King; yet both men and women could hold this position. However, the English settlers interpretation toward the way of the Wampanoag was about who held the highest power and how they could benefit from this power by changing there way of life.