The student council has a budget of $100 to spend on the balloons for the holiday dance. They order from a company that charges $2 per ballon, plus a $12 delivery fee per order. The student council uses the inequality below, where b represents the number of balloons ordered, to determine if they have enough money to place an order for a specific number of books. 2b+12<100


Answer 1


44 Balloons        

Step-by-step explanation:

We are expected to solve for the total number of balloons they can get with $100

given that the expression for the total cost of balloons is given as


We can proceed to solve for the total number of balloons they can buy, by solving for b we have




divide both sides by 2 we have


b= 44

Therefore they would get a total of 44 balloons  

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SCory earns $20 per day plus $6 for every sale he makes. On Saturday, he wants to earn at least $50. Which best describes the number of sales he needs to make to reach his goal? (Hint: Write an inequality to find solution.)



5 sales is the answer now give brainliest


He would have to make 5 sales.

Step-by-step explanation:

To write this as an inequality, you would write it as 20 + 6(x).

Employees at a medical supply company are mixing saline solution for use in IVs. They start with 50 liters of 12% solution. To this, they plan to add 10% solution. How many liters of the 10% solution should they add in order to obtain a finished product that is 11% saline?



50 liters of the 10% solution should be added

Step-by-step explanation:

Here, we want to calculate the number of liters of the 10% solution that should be added

Let the number of 10% solution to be added be x liters

So total liters is now x + 50


50 liters of 12% + x liters of 10% = (x + 50) liters of 11 %


12/100 * 50 + 10/100 * x = 11/100 * (x + 50)

0.12(50) + 0.1(x) = 0.11(x + 50)

6 + 0.1x = 0.11x + 5.5

6 - 5.5 = 0.11x - 0.1x

0.5 = 0.01x

x = 0.5/0.01

x = 50

Help me out please I'll give brain list




Step-by-step explanation:

hope this helps

B because they are all attached to the bell which will allow it to make noise hope this helped

Type the correct answer in each box. Spell all words correctly, and use numerals instead of words for numbers. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s). ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the criterion. (Use the three-letter abbreviation without spaces.) The value of x is , and the value of y is .


*See attachment for the given diagram.


∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the SSS criterion.

The value of x is 11 and the value of y is 8

Step-by-step explanation:

Based on the Side-Side-Side (SSS) Congruence Theorem, ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent to each other. The 3 sides of ∆ABC are congruent to the 3 given sides of ∆FDE.





Find x:

Since BC ≅ DE, therefore measure of BC = measure of DE.

BC = x + 3

DE = 14


x + 3 = 14

Subtract 3 from each side

x = 14 - 3

x = 11

Find y:

Since AB ≅ DF, therefore the measure of both sides are equal.

AB = 3

DF = x - y


x - y = 3

Substitute x = 11 into the equation

11 - y = 3

Subtract 11 from both sides

-y = 3 - 11

-y = -8

Divide both sides by -1

y = -8/-1

y = 8



Step-by-step explanation:

got it right

−8x+9y=-21 -3x+9y=−36



x=-3  y=-5

Step-by-step explanation:

big brain

Can someone tell me them least to greatest please!!!!!



11/3 , 17 , 20 hope this helps

A quadrilateral has coordinates of (-4,3), (-3,8). (2,5), and (1, -7).
Enter the perimeter of this quadrilateral rounded to the nearest whole unit.



The perimeter of a quadrilateral will be equal to the addition of the length of each side of the quadrilateral.

Here we only have the vertices of the quadrilateral, and to calculate the length of the sides, first we need to plot the points in a graph and see which pairs make the quadrilateral.

You can see the image below, where i did a rough sketch of the problem.

in the image, you can see that the sides of this rectangle are the ones formed by the pairs:

(-4,3) and (-2, 8)

(-2, 8) and (2, 5)

(2,5 ) and (1, -7)

(1, - 7) and (-4, 3)

Now let's calculate the length of each side.

Remember that when we have two points (a, b) and (c, d) the distance is:

D = √( (a - c)^2 + (b - d)^2)

Now we need to calculate four distances:

(-4,3) and (-2, 8)

D1 = √( (-4  + 2)^2 + (3 - 8)^2) = 5.39

(-2, 8) and (2, 5)

D2 = √( (-2  - 2)^2 + (8 - 5)^2) = 5

(2,5 ) and (1, -7)

D3 = √( (2  - 1)^2 + (5 + 7)^2) = 12.04

(1, - 7) and (-4, 3)

D4 = √( (1  +4)^2 + (-7 -3)^2) = 11.18

Now we add those four distances to get the perimeter:

P =  5.39 + 5 + 12.04 +  11.18 = 33.61

And we want to round it to the next whole number, because the first digit after the decimal point is larger than 5, we round up, and get:

p = 37

what is 12 to the 16 power/ 12 to the 4 power ill give brainliest



12^16= 184884258895036400

12^4= 20736

What is the length of the graphed line segment



acc. to me it should be

[tex] \sqrt{50} [/tex]

A line extends from point T to point R. Point S is between points T and R. The space between T and S is labeled 3 x minus 4. The space between T and R is labeled 4 x + 1.
Which expression represents the measure of segment RS?

7x – 3
7x + 5
x + 5
x – 3




Step-by-step explanation:


which expression represents the measure of segment RS? x + 5

Step-by-step explanation:

on engenuity

It’s number 6. I’ll give brainliest


answer: $12


we know that 2 CDs and 6 DVDs cost $156 and 1 CD and 9 DVDs cost $210.
this gives us the equations:

2x + 6y = 156
1x + 9y = 210
where x is CDs and y is DVDs

multiply the top equation by 9 and the bottom by -6 to solve for x:

18x + 54y = 1404
-6x - 54y = -1260

add from top to bottom:

12x = 144

divide both sides by 12 to get:

x= $12

Write the sentence as an inequality. A number x is less than 7 and greater than 3


X LS 7 GT 3
Um or
X LS 7+3

The inequality as per the given statement will be equal to 3 < x < 7.

What is inequality?

Inequalities are mathematical expressions where neither side is equal. In inequality, as opposed to equations, we compare the two values. Less than (or less than and equal to), larger than (or greater or equal to), or not similar to signs are used in place of the equal sign in between.

As per the information in the question,

Let the number is x.

x is less than 7.

x < 7 and,

x is greater than 3,

So, x > 3

So, it can be written in combined form as:

3 < x < 7

To know more about Inequality:




the first rectangle im pretty sure is 32

the second one is 12.8

Step-by-step explanation:

half of 8 is 4 and half of 25.6 is 12.8

8. A sequence can be generated by using 2n - 11. What are the first four terms in
the sequence?



              [tex]\bold{a_1=-9\,,\quad a_2=-7\,,\quad a_2=-5\,,\quad a_4=-3}[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:


Nicole babysits on the weekends. She charges a flat fee of $10 and then $5 per hour. If she made $40 on Friday night, how many hours did she babysit?

Choose the equation to represent this situation.

Group of answer choices


Since she charges a flat fee of 10 what she made from babysitting would be 30 dollars and if you divide 30 dollars by 5 it would calculate to 6 hours of babysitting.

Write a biconditional statement for: A prime number has only 1 and itself as factors. What is the truth value?



The statement is;

A number is a prime number if and only if it has 1 and itself as factors

The truth value of this statement is true T

Step-by-step explanation:

The biconditional statement will use the statements if and only if.

Thus, we have;

A number is a prime number if and only if it has only 1 and itself as factors

The truth value of the biconditional statement is T ( true)

is this a function or not




Step-by-step explanation:

x=5 produces y=3 and y=5 so the relation is not a function.

Yes that is function by looking that this


A runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd). How many feet (ft) is this? First fill in the blank on the left side of the equation using one of the ratios. Then write your answer on the right side of the equation. ft mi yd 1760 yd 1 mi 3 ft 1 ft 12 in 1 yd Ratios: 1 mi 1760 yd 1 yd 3 ft 12 in 1 ft . in Х 117 yd 1 ft 0 x IK IT LOOKS CONFUSING SO LOOK AT THE PICTURE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!:)​



117 yd/1 x 3 ft/1 yd = 351 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\frac{117}{1} * \frac{3}{1} = 351 ft[/tex]

A runner sprinted for 351 feet.

Given that, a runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd).

How to convert yards to feet?

To convert a yard measurement to a foot measurement, multiply the length by the conversion ratio. The length in feet is equal to the yards multiplied by 3.

Here, multiply the ratio 117/1 by 3/1.

That is, 117 × 3 =351 ft

Therefore, a runner sprinted for 351 feet.

To learn more about the metric conversion visit:


Paid the rent for the month,$650



whats the question here

Step-by-step explanation:650 rent

What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-5,7) and (10, 1)?
m = 5/2
m = -5/2
m = -2/5
m = 2/5


y= -2/5x + 5 is the equation, so the correct answer would be c

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1). The slope of the points is -2/5.

How to calculate a slope ?

Any two different points on a line can be used to calculate the slope of any line. The slope of a line formula is used to determine the ratio of "vertical change" to "horizontal change" between two different points on a line.

Given that,

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1).

We have to find the slope of the points.

The relationship between how a line's y coordinate changes and how its x coordinate changes determines a line's slope. y and x are the net changes in the y and x coordinates, respectively. As a result, the change in y coordinate with regard to the change in x coordinate can be written as,

Slope of the points=[tex]\frac{y_{2} -y_{1} }{x_{2} -x_{1} }[/tex]






Slope of the points [tex]= \frac{1 - 7}{10 + 5}[/tex]

Slope of the points =(-6)/(15)

Slope of the points = -2/5

Therefore, the slope of the points is -2/5.

To learn more about slope visit:


My sister gave me $12 for my birthday. I now have 3 times as much as I did before. How much money did I have originally?



36 is the answer

WHat is 9 to the the power of infinity timees the number of cubic inches



...infinity cubic inches?

Step-by-step explanation:

what 5-2 to the power of 5




Step-by-step explanation:

(5-2) = 3

3 to the power of 5 is 3x3x3x3x3

3x3x3x3x3 = 243


(5-2)^5= (3)^5 = 3*3*3*3*3 = 9*9*3 = 243

Step-by-step explanation:

James is studying different kinds of weather.

Rain has water drops that are larger than 0.02 inch in diameter.
Small hailstones are less than 14 inch in diameter.
Complete the statement that best represents the different kinds of weather James studied. Select one correct answer from each box to complete the sentence.











i got b and h{i hope this helps}

Step-by-step explanation:

Antonio's dad bought gas for their family's ATV two weeks in a row. Last week, he bought 12 gallons for $35.40. This week, he bought 9 gallons for $25.83. How much more did Antonio's dad pay per gallon last week?


Answer: 0.08

Dont belive the dummy that said 0.30

Antonio's dad paid $ 0.08 per gallon more for the last week as compared to this week.

Given information:

Antonio's dad bought gas for their family's ATV two weeks in a row.

Last week, he bought 12 gallons for $35.40.

This week, he bought 9 gallons for $25.83.

So, the cost of one gallon for last week is,


The cost of one gallon for this week is,


So, the extra charge paid by his dad for the last week for one gallon will be,

[tex]2.95-2.87=0.08\$\;\rm per\;gallon[/tex]

Therefore, Antonio's dad paid $ 0.08 per gallon more for the last week as compared to this week.

For more details, refer to the link:

Courtney walks 3 laps around a 3-mile track. [1 mile is 5280 feet]. How far does she walk?​



9 miles, or 47520 feet :)

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:



Which property is shown: 3t + 2r = 2r + 3t?​



Commutative Property

Step-by-step explanation:

The commutative property shows two values or equations that are similar, but in a different order.


3 + 4 = 4 + 3

5x + 2h = 2h + 5x

giving brain list ..


C is the midpoint of BD

reflexive property
definition of midpoint
vertical angles



1. A is congruent to C

2. Given

3. I think line ac is congruent to line ce, don't know the options

4. angle ABC is congruent to angle DCE

5. Possibly vertical angles

can you tell me the answer​


x would be equal to 1/4

The shoes cost 35.00 and the tax is 6.5%. How many tax will you pay on the shoes?



The tax is 2.28

Step-by-step explanation:

Take the cost of the shoes and multiply by the tax rate

35 * 6.5%

Change to decimal form

35 * .065


Round to the nearest cent


The tax is 2.28

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simba travel agency arranged trips for climbing mount kilimanjaro. for each trip, they charge an initial fee of 100$ in addition to a constant fee for each veriticle meter climbed. for instance, the total fee for climbing to the shira volcanic cone, which is 3000 meters above the base of the mountain is 400$. let y represent the total fee in dollars of a trip where they climbed x vertical meters. what are the characteristics that caused scientists to reclassify Pluto as a dwarf Planet? Earth's revolution takes 365.25 days. What is a revolution? does anybody know how to solve this equation 5+3104x=20 Isyak, readusers and grobabilityThe Pasquare below is for a dihybrid cross between pea plants that are heterozygous forsed shape and seed color (y). Complete the Punnett square by recording the expectedpeopes of the spring. What is your opinion on GMOs and how they are regulated in Canada? which two statements about retaliation are true ? What is a point.? endless flat surface,line that cross, an exact location a, straight path solve the question please Suppose you scored an 80 on a measure where the mean is 65 and the standard deviation is 5. How many standard deviations from the mean is your score How does having three branches of government make our lawmaking process fairer? Make sure to use the phrase checks and balances in your answer. Why are improved old age pensions such an important part of Indias policy? how do I change the connotation in a paragraph Why do you think Edwards is considered a voice of authority Read this excerpt from "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson.Mrs. Hutchinson craned her neck to see through the crowd and found her husband and children standing near the front. She tapped Mrs. Delacroix on the arm as a farewell and began to make her way through the crowd, "Here comes your Missus, Hutchinson," and "Bill, she made it after all."Mrs. Hutchinson reached her husband, and Mr. Summers, who had been waiting, said cheerfully, "Thought we were going to have to get on without you, Tessie."Mrs. Hutchinson said, grinning, "Wouldnt have me leave mdishes in the sink, now, would you Joe?" and soft laughter ran through the crowd as the people stirred back into position after Mrs. Hutchinsons arrival.In Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," how does the contrast between the readers' and the characters views of the lottery impact the story?The forced cheerfulness of Mr. Summers makes the story's final outcome seem inevitable to readers.The villagers' anxiety about the lottery makes the story's final outcome seem suspenseful to readers.The laughing and joking amongst the villagers before the lottery selection begins makes the story's final outcome that much more horrifying for readers. The lighthearted tone Mrs. Hutchinson takes about being late makes the story's final outcome that much more humorous for readers. Describe or show how to find the following product using both an algorithm and a diagram:3 x 3/4 If the loudness drops to 90 % of its original value in 5.0 s , what is the time constant of the damped oscillation Which aspect of ounce is narration from As I Lay Dying most clearly makes him an unreliable narrator a his ideas about how man is upright to stay put be his insistence that their house is on a road see his believes that his son will never complete the coffin D his Notions about how water is poisonous to drink Feeling compelled to continue doing or using something is called an addiction.True or False? -13 = r/9 + 8 r = r equals what