The force of gravity on an object varies directly with its mass. The constant of variation due to gravity is 32.2 feet per second squared. Which equation represents F, the force on an object due to gravity according to m, the object’s mass?

A) F = 16.1m
B) F = F equals StartFraction 16.1 Over m squared EndFraction.
C) F = 32.2m
D) F = F equals StartFraction 32.2 Over m squared EndFraction.


Answer 1


fart poop ball tingle tingle pop tart and maybe not cause fart part and thg e answer is C

Answer 2


Option C is Correct :  F = 32.2m

Explanation: I got it right on the quiz.

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Roger and Rita each drive at a constant speed between Phoenix and San Diego. Each driver's distance for the

same section of the trip is displayed below.

Who had a head start, and how many miles was the head start?

Rita's Drive


(4, 288)


Roger's Drive


Time (hr)

Distance (mi)






• (2, 158)



Distance (mi)











Time (hr)

Who Had the head start?



hello your question is poorly written and the required options to the question is missing

options :  

Rita had a 28-mile head start.

Roger had a 26-mile head start.

Roger had a 25-mile head start.

Rita had a 22-mile head start.

Answer : Rita had a 28-mile head start

Step-by-step explanation:

From the information given about the distance each driver has for the same section of the trip it can be conclude that Rita has a head start and this head start is by 28 miles



Step-by-step explanation:

edge 2021

the school library had a used book sale. paperbacks were $2 each and hardcover books were $3 each. there were 54 paperbacks and 163 hardcover books sold.

Please help me, I have no idea how to do this we need to use BEDMAS to solve this. Can anyone help?



Total money made is $597, $489 from hardbacks and $108 from paperbacks.

Step-by-step explanation:

$3 x 163= $489

$2 x 54= $108

total $= 3(163)+2(54)

total $= 489 + 108

total $ = 597

A certain brand of MP3 player will display how long it will take to play through its entire music library.If the maximum number of songs the MP3 players can hold is 1,000 (and the average song length is 4 minutes), would you want the time displayed in terms of seconds, days, or years worth of music?



I think that days is the most reasonable, sorry if I'm wrong

Step-by-step explanation:

So if you had 1,000 songs and each was 4 minutes, the amount of minutes would be 4*1000 minutes, or 4000 minutes.

4000 minutes = 240000 seconds

4000 minutes = 2.77777... days

4000 minutes = 0.007610350684932... years

Factorise fully
6x - 8​



2(3x+ 4)

I hope it helps

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What is the equation of the line that is parallel to the line 2x − y = 3 and passes through the point (2, −1)?

A. y = −½ x − 5

B. y = −½ x − 1

C. y = 2x − 5

D. y = 2x − 1



C. y = 2x − 5

Step-by-step explanation:

Given equation of line

2x − y = 3

rewriting the equation in slope intercept form as answer are given slope intercept form

y = 2x - 3

slope intercept form of equation is

y = mx + c

where m is the slope

c is y intercept


slope for y = 2x - 3 when comparing with y = mx + c is 2

now we know slope of two parallel line is same


the slope of  line that is parallel to the line 2x − y = 3

is 2

Let the equation of required line be y = mx + c

where m = 2


y = 2x + c is the new required equation

it passes through the point (2, −1)

using y = -1 and x = 2 in y = 2x + c

-1 = 2*2 + c

c = -1 - 4

c = -5


equation of required line is option c

y = 2x - 5 ----answer

I need help and I don’t know what to do! What is 6x+y=17?



6×+y-17=0 it is the correct answer and hope this help for you

Find the x-intercept in the function: 3x-2y =6




Step-by-step explanation:





What is (7x1)+(4x1/10)+(6x1/1000) written as a decimal in standard form?




Step-by-step explanation:

It is 7.406 because 7x1 is 7, 4/10 is 0.4, and 6/1000 is 0.006. If you add those together, you will get 7.406.

7.406 is the decimal form

What is decimal in numeral system ?

The decimal numeral system is the standard system for denoting integer and non-integer numbers. It is the extension to non-integer numbers of the Hindu–Arabic numeral system. The way of denoting numbers in the decimal system is often referred to as decimal notation. A formal way to read decimals is to read the whole part as a whole number, then the decimal dot as “and” and then reading the fractional part altogether but using the place value of the last digit with it.

= (7x1)+(4x1/10)+(6x1/1000)

= 7 + 0.4 + 0.006

= 7.406

therefore , the decimal form of the expression is 7.406

Read more about decimal here:


Harold balance in his savings account was $10,000. The savings account earns annual simple interest. At the end of 3 yeah, the balance of the account was $11,875. If Harold did not make additional deposits or withdrawals, what was the approximate annual interest rate on the savings account?​



In the simplest of words, $1,000 at 1% interest per year would yield $1,010 at the end of the year. But that is simple interest, paid only on the principal. Money in savings accounts will earn compound interest, where the interest is calculated based on the principal and all accumulated interest.

Step-by-step explanation:

Which of the following in NOT an equation of a line parallel to the line with equation y=1/2x-6 *

y = 2/4x + 6
y = 0.5x - 3
y = 1/2x + 1
y = 2x - 4


9514 1404 393


  y = 2x - 4

Step-by-step explanation:

You want an equation with an x-coefficient that is not 1/2.

  2/4 = 0.5 = 1/2

so, the first three answer choices don't meet problem requirements.

The line with equation ...

  y = 2x -4

is not parallel to y = 1/2x -6.

I am actually dumb just help me please


Answer:probably about 50 years

Step-by-step explanation:did for my family’s live oak

2. Choose all numbers that are RATIONAL. *
1. 0
2. 5/7
3. 3.6820350285........
4. -10​



0, 5/7, and -10 are RATIONAL numbers ⇒ 1, 2, 4

Step-by-step explanation:

Rational number are the numbers can be written in the form of the fraction [tex]\frac{a}{b}[/tex] , b ≠ 0


5, -3, 5.2 , -10.567, [tex]2\frac{1}{3}[/tex] , [tex]\sqrt{64}[/tex] , [tex]-\sqrt{\frac{25}{4}}[/tex] , [tex]\frac{\sqrt[3]{8}}{5}[/tex] , .......5 can be written as [tex]\frac{5}{1}[/tex]-3 can be written as [tex]-\frac{3}{1}[/tex]5.2 can be written as [tex]\frac{52}{10}[/tex]-10.567 can be written as [tex]-\frac{10567}{1000}[/tex][tex]2\frac{1}{3}[/tex]  can be written as [tex]\frac{7}{3}[/tex][tex]\sqrt{64}[/tex] can be written as [tex]\frac{8}{1}[/tex][tex]-\sqrt{\frac{25}{4}}[/tex] can be written as [tex]-\frac{5}{2}[/tex] [tex]\frac{\sqrt[3]{8}}{5}[/tex] can be written as [tex]\frac{2}{5}[/tex]

All the numbers above are rational numbers

Let us find the rational numbers in our question

∵ 0 can be written as [tex]\frac{0}{1}[/tex]

0 is a rational number

∵ [tex]\frac{5}{7}[/tex] is a fraction

[tex]\frac{5}{7}[/tex] is a rational number

∵ 3.6820350285........ can not be written in the form of the fraction

   because we do not know its end (it is an approximated number)

∴ 3.6820350285........ is not a rational number

∵ -10 can be written as [tex]-\frac{10}{1}[/tex]

-10 is a rational number

0, 5/7, and -10 are RATIONAL numbers

What is 4 1/4 ÷ 4 1/2



Your answer is going to be 17/18.

Step-by-step explanation:

You are going to put the fractions in improper form, giving you 17/4 and 9/2. Then you are going to use the saying KCF Keep Change Flip.




an inspector tested the first 125 radios that came off the production line today and found only 60% acceptable. After the inspector tested 25 more radios, the overall percentage of acceptable radios rose to 62%. The number of these 25 radios that were rejected is???


Answer: 7 radios

Step-by-step explanation:

The following can be deduced from the question:

Number of radios tested = 125 radios

Percentage acceptable = 60%

Numbers acceptable:

= 60% × 125

= 0.6 × 125

= 75 radios

Numbers rejected = 125 - 75 = 50 radio

We are further told that the inspector tested 25 more radios, this will be:

Number of radios tested

= 125 + 25 = 150 radios

Percentage acceptable = 62%

Numbers acceptable

= 62% × 150

= 0.62 × 150

= 93 radios

Numbers rejected= 150 - 93 = 57 radios

The number of these 25 radios that were rejected will be:

= 57 - 50

= 7 radios



1. 59049

2. a^12

3. 8a^6

4. 16a^ 10 b^6

5. 9a^4

6. s^6 t^12

7.  s^5 / t^5

8. 6561

9.  s^2 t^8 / r^2

10.  81a^2 b^6

Please help thank you




Step-by-step explanation:

You multiply the top and bottom by itself because its to the second and you get rid of the negative because negative multiplied by a negative is positive

Jkjjujzjzjdjfjfjjfd find f f f v. G f ddbdjfksid difícil de djkdkdid dijfndndidi diske


;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;


What is the standard form of 3.457



3.457 is already in standard form.

Step-by-step explanation:

it’s 3.457 or you can write it as 3.457x10^0

The point (2,0) lies on the graph of the function y = 2x^2 - 8x + 6.
A. True
B. False


To figure this out plug in 2 for x

y= 2(2)^2 -8(2)+6 = 2(4)-16+6 = 16 - 16 + 6 = 6

since y=6 and not 0, the answer is B (false)

what are the slopes of the two lines?
green has two yellow dots.



-7(1/7) = -1

Step-by-step explanation:

find the 13 term
7 la For the sequence 11,13,15,17​


well i don’t understand your question but the pattern is infinitely (+2) the next 3 terms are 19,21,23

Lisa bucket weighs 21kg after pouring out half it weigh 12kg what’s the wight of the bucket?



Step-by-step explanation:


Victor runs 3 laps around the track every 5 minutes. How long would it take to run 6 laps?


I believe 10 Bc it says 3 laps every 5 min

If P(E)=0,40,P(E or F)=0.55, and P/E and F)=0.20, find P(F).
P(F)-(Simplify your answer.)



screeeeeeeeeeredc vbggrewdsc

Step-by-step explanation:cdscx de2wqsax


Answer:    P(F) = 0.35


Work Shown:

P(E or F) = P(E) + P(F) - P(E and F)

0.55 = 0.40 + P(F) - 0.20

0.55 = P(F) + 0.20

P(F) + 0.20 = 0.55

P(F) = 0.55 - 0.20

P(F) = 0.35


note: Sometimes you may see the formula as

P(E and F) = P(E) + P(F) - P(E or F)

but it's an equivalent form to the first equation above.

a chemical change creates a new



A new substance with new and different physical and chemical properties.

Step-by-step explanation:

Chemical reactions involve combining different substances. The chemical reaction produces a new substance with new and different physical and chemical properties. Matter is never destroyed or created in chemical reactions. The particles of one substance are rearranged to form a new substance.

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1. The largest river in the world is the Nile River. It is 4,132 miles long. The
longest river in the United States is the Missouri River. It is 2,540 miles long.
Which is the best estimate of the difference in the lengths of the Nile and
the Missouri rivers?
a. 1,000 miles
b. 1,600 miles
c. 2,000 miles
d. 6,600 miles
2. Each year, the NYC Humane Society works to raise as much money as
possible for the animal shelters. Last month, they raised $14,392 from donations
and $456,892 from pet adoptions. About how much money did they raise


the answer to 1 is d and the answer to 2 is 471,284. Please review this topic when you get time.hope this helps

Which polynomial can be factored using the binomial theorem?

64x3 + 48x2 + 36x + 27
64x3 + 96x2 + 72x + 27
256x4 – 192x3 + 144x2 – 108x + 81
256x4 – 768x3 + 864x2 – 432x + 81



x2 + 40x + 400

256x4 – 256x3 + 96x2 – 16x + 1

256x4 – 192x3 + 144x2 – 108x + 81

Step-by-step explanation:

Hope this helps.

Have a good night ma´am/sir.

Be safe!



Step-by-step explanation:


(11 points!) PLEASEEEEEEEEE Find the value of x for numbers 6,7,8,and 9 and please attach work or a good explanation thank you sm in advance!❤️


(6) 2xº = 86º  ==>  x = 43

(7) 108º = 3xº  ==>  x = 36

(8) 72º = 4xº  ==>  x = 18

(9) 111º = (x + 21)º  ==>  x = 90














The equation of a linear relation is y = -4x + 9

The missing number in the order pair is ( -15)





Step-by-step explanation:

We need the value of x when y = -15:

-15 = -4x + 9

-4x = -15 - 9 = -24

x = 6.

-15 = -6x + 9

-6x = -24

x = 4.

In the sequence, 2, 5, 8, 11, …, which expression describes the number
after x? Explain your choice.
Group of answer choices







the first one x+3 is the right answer

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