The Arts and Crafts movement was a type of rebellion to the over elaborate designs of the past, as it adopted more of a simplistic strategy. What do you think is the most important contribution the Arts and Crafts movement made to architecture and design, and why? (you better give a good answer im offering 35 points)


Answer 1


i dont knooooooooooooooooow. but i love me some arts and crafts n stuff


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Do I have to know how to sew the clothes I design or can I hire someone to sew my designs?


U can hire someone......
Yes you can hire someone

The invention of camcorders changed video production because of their ______________.
portability and versatility
sharp imagery, versatility, and tradability
affordable cost and portability
editing options, popularity among teens, and affordable cost





The invention of camcorders changed video production because of their affordable cost and portability. Hence, option C is correct.

What does it mean by portability?

being easily transportable and light enough to carry: The advantage of the smaller variant is that it is more transportable. Food pouches are popular among campers since they are portable and have a long shelf life.

Some perks may be kept with an employee when they change employers. It is referred to as portability. Mobility is permitted by some pension plans and health insurance. The majority of 401 plans and health savings accounts offer benefit portability.

Money needs to be easily transportable. Bulky things that are challenging to transfer between locations include boulders and big gold bars. Divisibility: Money must be capable of being divided into smaller sums.

Thus, option C is correct.

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