Super Mario and Bowser Jr. are racing around a track when Baby Bowser launches a green shell at Mario, bringing him to rest. Bowser Jr. then passes Mario at his top speed of 30 blocks/h, moving down the track in a straight line. Mario quickly accelerates and reaches his top speed of 40 blocks/h in order to catch back up and pass Bowser Jr., but by this point he has opened up a 75 block head start down the track. Mario world measure distance using the units of blocks, with 1 block = 0.47 m.

a) What are Mario and Bowser Jr.'s speeds in m/s?

Assuming both Mario and Bowser Jr. race to the finish in a straight line at their top speeds,

b) How long does it take for Mario to catch Bowser Jr.?

c) How far down the track is Mario from the point at which he reaches his top speed?


Answer 1


(a). Mario's speed in m/s = 5.2 × 10^-3 m/s.

Bowser Jr.'s speeds in m/s = 3.92 × 10^-3 m/s.

(b). 27001.2 seconds(s)..

(c). 141 metre(m).


So, the following data or parameters or information was given in the question above. These informations are going to help us in solving this question or problem;

=>" Bowser Jr. then passes Mario at his top speed = 30 blocks/h.

=> " Mario quickly accelerates and reaches his top speed of 40 blocks/h in order to catch back up and pass Bowser Jr., but by this point he has opened up a 75 block head start down the track."

=> "Mario world measure distance using the units of blocks, with 1 block = 0.47 m"

Therefore, the solution is given below;

(1). For the first part, we are to determine or calculate Mario and Bowser Jr.'s speeds in m/s.

Therefore, Mario's speed in m/s = 40 × 0.47) ÷ 3600 = 5.2 × 10^-3 m/s.

Also, Bowser Jr.'s speeds in m/s = ( 30 × 0.47) ÷ 3600 = 3.92 × 10^3 m/s.

(2). So, the next thing to do to determine or calculate how long it took for Mario to catch Bowser Jr.

Thus, the time it took for Mario to catch Bowser Jr. Can be related as below;

[ ( 5.2 × 10^-3 m/s) - (3.92 × 10^-3 m/s) × (time,t taken for Mario to catch Bowser Jr.) = 75 × 0.47.

Therefore, the time it took for Mario to catch Bowser Jr. = 27001.2 seconds.

(3). Now, we calculate How far down the track Mario from the point at which he reaches his top speed.

The distance = 5.2 × 10^-3 m/s × 27001.2m = 141m

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a constant variable?


A constant variable is any aspect of an experiment that a researcher intentionally keeps unchanged throughout an experiment.

Experiments are always testing for measurable change, which is the dependent variable. You can also think of a dependent variable as the result obtained from an experiment. It is dependent on the change that occurs

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-. What is the acceleration of 4 kg trolling bag pulled by a girl with a
force of 3 N?



Acceleration(a) = 0.75 m/s²



Force(F) = 3 N

Mass of thing(m) = 4 kg




Force(F) = ma

3 = (4)(a)

Acceleration(a) = 3/4

Acceleration(a) = 0.75 m/s²

Your TV has a resistance of 10 ohms and a wall voltage of 120 V. How much current and power does it use



Current used is 12 ampere.

Power is 1440 watts.


To find the current used by the TV.

Current (I) = voltage/resistance

Current= 120/10

Current is 12Ampere.

To get power used by the TV,

Power = voltage × current.

= 120× 12

Power = 1440 watts.

An object is dropped from a high building. It reaches the ground in two seconds.
a) Find the distance travelled by the object.
b) Find the speed of the object, when it hits the ground.



a: 19.6 meters b: 9.8meters per second


speed and object falls is 9.8 meters per second. 9.8 meter times 2 is 19.8 meters.

If we have a sample of silicon (Si) atoms that has 14 protons, 14 electrons, and 18 neutrons
What is the name of this specific silicon isotope?



It is si-32





just took the quiz and got it right

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I need a picture to see what exactly this question is asking

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i think it’s b because they both stumbled up a hole

A 75 Kg skateboarder is riding downhill, exerting 25 N. What is their acceleration?






In this case, since the force is defined in terms of the mass and acceleration as follows:


Given the force and the mass, we can compute the acceleration as shown below:

[tex]a=\frac{F}{m}=\frac{25N}{75kg}=\frac{25kg\frac{m}{s^2} }{75kg}\\ \\a=0.33\frac{m}{s^2}[/tex]

Best regards.

(A) Electricity and Magnetism
A). Three point charges are aligned along the x axis as shown in
Fig. Find the electric field at (a) the position (2, 0) and (b) the
position (0, 2).




the position (2,o

A student uses a microwave oven to heat a meal. The wavelength of the radiation is 8.97 cm. What is the energy of one photon of this microwave radiation? Multiply the answer you get by 1025 to be able to input a number more easily into canvas. Enter to 2 decimal places.



The energy of one photon is 2.21x10⁻²⁴ J. Multiplied by 10²⁵ is 22.10 J.



The energy (E) of a photon is:

[tex] E = h\frac{c}{\lambda} [/tex]


h: is the Planck's constant = 6.62x10⁻³⁴ J.s

λ: is the wavelength of the radiation = 8.97 cm

c: is the speed of light = 3.00x10⁸ m/s

[tex] E = h\frac{c}{\lambda} = 6.62 \cdot 10^{-34} J.s\frac{3.00\cdot 10^{8} m/s}{8.97 \cdot 10^{-2} m} = 2.21 \cdot 10^{-24} J [/tex]

Hence, the energy of one photon is 2.21x10⁻²⁴ J.

Now, if we multiply the answer by 10²⁵ we have:

[tex] E = 2.21 \cdot 10^{-24} J \cdot 10^{25} = 22.10 J [/tex]

I hope it helps you!

The energy of one photon is 2.21x10⁻²⁴ J. Multiplied by 10²⁵ is 22.10 J.

Calculation of energy:

We know that

[tex]E = h\frac{c}{\lambda}[/tex]


h be the Planck's constant = 6.62x10⁻³⁴ J.s

λ be the wavelength of the radiation = 8.97 cm

c be the speed of light = 3.00x10⁸ m/s


Here we need to multiply the answer 10^25 so that the correct answer could come.

[tex]E = 6.62.10^{-34} \frac{3.00.10^{8}}{8.97.10^{-2}}[/tex]

=  2.21x10⁻²⁴ J.

= 22.10 J.

Hence, the energy of one photon is 2.21x10⁻²⁴ J. Multiplied by 10²⁵ is 22.10 J.

learn more about energy here;

Question 4
Which of the following is unique for any given element?
O the mass of a neutron
o the number of neutrons
o the charge on the electons
O the number of protons


the number of protons

it's unique for any element because it's determined by the atomic number and no two elements have the same atomic number

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they were in two places in flint and Birmingham and in Birmingham it is hot but flint of cold the Simi is they both have Sunday school for Joetta


use in your own words teachers know when your not trust me.

Help plz!:( it’s for physics but it has like math !!

1) A 30-kg object is accelerated at a rate of 3m/s2. how much force does the object have?

2)A ball is thrown w/ a force of 50N and travels 4m. how much work is done to the ball?

3) Joey pushes on a door that is stuck with 400 N of force but is unable to move it. How much work has he done?

4) A toy car does 300j of work in 15 sec. how much power did the car use?

5)A 60w light bulb burns for 2 min. how much work was done?

6) how much power is used if it takes Frank (a 450 N boy) 3 sec to run 2 meters?



1. 90N

2. 200N

3. 400N





30 * 3 = 90


50 * 4=200

4. P=W/t


5.W= Pt. 2minutes = 120sec

60*120 = 7200

The Earth's magnetic field is modeled as that of a bar magnet with the geographic poles being Magnetic poles of the bar magnet, Based on our definitions of Magnetic Poles, if you were to go to the Earth's Geographic North Pole, you would be at a Magnetic _______________ of the bar magnet.



South pole


In a bar magnet, field lines go from the North Pole to the South Pole (outside the magnet).

As the earth magnetic field lines go from South Pole (geographic) to the North one, this means that the North pole (geographic) really behaves as a South Pole (magnetic).

A car which is traveling at a velocity of 15 m/s undergoes an acceleration of 6.5 m/s2 over a distance of 340 m. How fast is it going after that acceleration?










v₁²=v₁²+2a (x)

Set up:

=[tex]\sqrt{15m/s} ^{2} +2(6.5m/s^2)(340m)[/tex]


What amount of work is done on a cart that is pushed 4.0 meters across a floor by a horizontal 40-N net force?



The answer is 160 J


The work done by an object can be found by using the formula

workdone = force × distance

From the question we have

workdone = 40 × 4

We have the final answer as

160 J

Hope this helps you

Can someone please explain how to find the acceleration of the hanging mass?



Acceleration = m/s²


T= Newtons compared to the weight W = Newtons for the hanging mass. If the weight of the hanging mass is less than the frictional resistance force acting on the mass on the table, then the acceleration will be zero.

Consider a particle of mass m which can move freely along the x axis from -a/2 to a/2, but which is strictly prohibited from being found outside this region. The wave function of the particle within the allowed region is



  φ = B sin (2π n/a   x)


In quantum mechanics when a particle moves freely it implies that the potential is zero (V = 0), so its wave function is

     φ = A cos kx + B sin kx

we must place the boundary conditions to determine the value of the constants A and B.

In our case we are told that the particle cannot be outside the boundary given by x = ± a / 2

therefore we must make the cosine part zero, for this the constant A = 0, the wave function remains

    φ = B sin kx

the wave vector is

      k = 2π /λ

now let's adjust the period, in the border fi = 0 therefore the sine function must be zero

         φ (a /2) = 0

          0 = A sin (2π/λ  a/2)

therefore the sine argument is

          2π /λ   a/2 = n π

          λ= a / n

we substitute

          φ = B sin (2π n/a   x)

How long would it take you to walk 3,962 km from New York to Los



913 hours ur welcome :)

A car which is traveling at a velocity of 15 m/s undergoes an acceleration of 6.5 m/s2 over a distance of 340 m. How fast is it going after that acceleration? (68.15 m/s)


v² - u² = 2 ax

where u = initial velocity, v = final velocity, a = acceleration, and ∆x = distance traveled.


v² - (15 m/s)² = 2 (6.5 m/s²) (340 m)

v² = 4645 m²/s²

v ≈ 68.15 m/s

After a warehouse fire, a straight 30 kg pipe fell from the ceiling and rests against a rough concrete floor at point A and a smooth metal wall at point C. There is one remaining cable attached to the center of the pipe and anchored to the corner of a 7 m high ceiling. Determine the reactions at A and C, and the tension in the cable BD.



hello your question is incomplete attached below is the complete question

answer : Ax = 126.13 N

              Ay = 42.04 N

               Az = 84.09 N

               Cz = 0

               T ( tension ) =  294.3


The Reactions at A and C

Ax = [tex]\frac{3*294.3}{7}[/tex] = 126.13 N

Ay = [tex]294.3 - \frac{6*294.3}{7}[/tex]   = 42.04 N

Az = [tex]\frac{2}{7} * 294.3[/tex]  =  84.09 N

Cz = T - 294.3

     = 294.3 - 294.3 = 0

The Tension in the cable BD

294.3 - T = 0

therefore T = 294.3  

attached below is the detailed solution  

A boat initially moving at 10 m/s accelerates at 2 m/s for 10 s. What is the velocity of the boat after 10 seconds?



30 m/s


v = u + at

given that,

u = 10 m/s (initial speed)a = 2 m/s^2 t = 10sv =?(final speed)

v = 10 + ( 2 × 10)

v = 10 + 20

v = 30 m/s

What is the correct answer?



2156 N


Data obtained from the question include:

Mass of satellite (m) = 220 Kg

Force (F) of gravity =?

The force of gravity exerted on the satellite on the surface of the earth can be obtained by using the following formula:

Force (F) of gravity = mass (m) × acceleration due to gravity (g)

F = mg

Mass of satellite (m) = 220 Kg

Acceleration due to gravity (g) = 9.8 m/s²

Force (F) of gravity =?

F = mg

F = 220 × 9.8

F = 2156 N

Thus, the force of gravity exerted on the satellite on the surface of the earth is 2156 N

describe the energy conversion that occurs in a diesel engine


A diesel engine is a type of heat engine that uses the internal combustion process to convert the energy stored in the chemical bonds of the fuel into useful mechanical energy. ... First, the fuel reacts chemically (burns) and releases energy in the form of heat.

Write a function to accept a vector of masses (m) from the user and gives the corresponding energy to them. Energy vector is the output of the program. Constant c is the speed of light which is 2.9979 x 108 m/s inside the function.



Written in Python

def energyvector(mass):

    c = 2.9979 * 10**8

    energy = mass * c ** 2



This line defines the function

def energyvector(mass):

This line initializes the speed of light

    c = 2.9979 * 10**8

This line calculates the corresponding energy

    energy = mass * c ** 2

This line prints the calculated energy


1. What quantity of heat is required to raise?

the temperature of 450 grams of water
from 35°C to 85°C?

capacity of water is 4.18 J/g °C.


Answer: Calculate the energy required in joules to raise the temperature of 450 grams of water from 15°C to 85°C? (The specific heat capacity of water is 4.18 J/g/°C)


The quantity of heat is required to raise the temperature of of water is 94050 joule.

What is law of conservation of energy?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, according to the law of conservation of energy. However, it is capable of change from one form to another. An isolated system's total energy is constant regardless of the types of energy present.

The law of energy conservation is adhered to by all energy forms. The law of conservation of energy essentially says that the total energy of the system is conserved in a closed system, also known as an isolated system.

Mass of water: m = 450 grams

Initial temperature of water = 35° C

Final temperature of water = 85° C

Capacity of water is 4.18 J/g °C.

Hence, the  quantity of heat is required to raise = mass × Capacity  × raise in temperature

= 450 × 4.18 × (85 - 35) joule

= 94050 joule.

Learn more about energy here:


Help me out on this?


I can’t see the problem
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