Simplify this expression: ½k² + g - 3 + ½k² - 3 + 2g


Answer 1

Answer: k 2 + 3 g − 6

hope this helps

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Cassie has a rectangular window that is 40 Inches long and 25 inches wide. She wants to put a metal frame around the edges of her window. How many inches of metal frame will she need? Please help me​



she will need 130 inches lf metal

Step-by-step explanation:

One side lf the window is 40 and the other side lf the window is 25 ,so just multiply those by 2.That will give you 50 and 80 just add those together and you get 130

Write an expression for the sentence: Kelly has $120 to spend at the fair and spent $15 on food and wants to play games that cost 4$ each

Smart people can answer


120 - 15 - (4x) that should get you the correct answer if you can solve that

Evaluate 2a^2-b^3 for a = 4 and b=-3​




Step-by-step explanation:

2a^2 - b^3

a = 4, b = -3

substitute in the given values and solve

2*4^2 - -3^3

remember the order of operations, exponents first

2 * 4^2 - - 3^3

= 2 * 16 - - 27


2 * 16 - -27

=32 - - 27

= 32 + 27

= 59

Write the equation of the line that passes through the points (-7,9) and (-7,1). Put your answer in fully reduced point-slope form, unless it is a vertical or horizontal line.​



It is a vertical line

Step-by-step explanation:

Find the slope using rise over run (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1)

Plug in the points:

(y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1)

(1 - 9) / (-7 + 7)


= undefined

Dividing by 0 gives you an undefined number. This means that the slope is undefined, and the line is a vertical line.

The equation of the line that passes through the points (-7,9) and (-7,1) is x = -7.

The point slope formula is represented below:

y - y₁ = m(x - x₁)


m = slope

Let's find slope

(-7, 9)(-7, 1)

m = 1 -9 / -7 - (-7)

m = -8 / 0 = Undefined slope.  

The slope is an undefined slope. Therefore, the line is a vertical line and cannot be written in a slope intercept or point slope form.

The equation of the line can be written as x = c.


c = constant


x = -7

The equation is  x = -7

read more:

Jayden is driving on a long road trip. He currently has 11 gallons of gas in his car. Each hour that he drives, his car uses up 0.75 gallons of gas. How much gas would be in the tank after driving for 4 hours? How much gas would be left after tt hours?



8 gallons left

Step-by-step explanation:

0.75 times 4=3


hope this helps :)

Choose two statements that are true fo of this expression. 5x^3- 6x^2 - 25/y + 18



5x^3- 6x^2 - 25/y + 18 / y

Step-by-step explanation:

It would be that expression over y.

Sorry if its wrong I'm still learning too:)


The answers are

*There are four terms.

*The term -25/y is a ratio.

Step-by-step explanation:

NEED HELP PLZ! Will give brainliest, show all your work


6 bracelets and 3 necklaces = 108 in

he wouldn’t be able to use the full amount of cord so those are the most he could make

An ornament shaped like a sphere has a radius of 2.3 inches which measurement is closest to the volume of the ornament in cubic inches




Step-by-step explanation:

Volume of a sphere

The expression for the volume of a sphere is given as


Given that the radius is 2.3in

Substitute r= 2.3 in the expression to find the volume of the sphere






Therefore the volume of the ornament is 50.97in^3

4. Solve for :
a) ķx = 4


factors of 4= 4,1 and 2,2 seeing as k and x are different numbers it must be 4 and 1 or -4 and -1

-1/4 multiplied by 1 1/2




For more help, take a look at this chart.

Solve for s. 7 - 45 = -3s ​




Step-by-step explanation:

First, write the equation and combine like terms.



Next, divide both sides by 3.


/-3  /-3

12.7=s (I rounded the answer.)

Hope this helps! Have a great day C:

Susan rides her bicycle 5 miles in 1/4 of an hour. At this rate, how many miles could she ride in 2 hours?


Answer:40 miles

Step-by-step explanation:




40 miles

Step by Step Explanation:

Each 1/4 of an hour is 15 minutes. 2 hours is 120 minutes, so you divide 120 by 15, which gives you 8. You multiply 8 times the 5 miles , and you get 40 miles. :)

If the number of gallons of gas is known, can you find the number of miles driven?
Explain how this value could be calculated.




It cant

Step-by-step explanation:

car use gas at differnt rates

It can’t
Cars use gas at different rates

The perimeter of triangle ABC is 138 cm and BC || DE. Is triangle ABC = triangle ADE? Which conjecture supports your conclusion?

please help me it’s due in 30 minutes!!



yes triangle ABC is equal to triangle ADE

Step-by-step explanation:

x=46 cm, I got this after simplifying the equation of triangle ABC, x+4+x-4+x=138 cm, so this equation simplifies to 3x as +4-4 cancels out and there're 3 x's, so divide 138 by 3 and you get 46 cm, so AB is 50 cm, BC is 42 cm, and AC is 46 cm, this means EA is equal to EC, now here come a property of equality, EC attaches 2 parallel lines, as does DB, this means these 2 lines are transversals, so a number of angles are equal as well, corresponding angles are congruent, a.k.a equal to each other along with alternate interior angles, so since line DB AND line EC are transversals, we can deduce angle ADE is congruent to angle ABC, and angle DEA is equal to ACB, this mean we have 2 congruent angles, and 1 congruent set of sides, this mean that the 2 triangles are congruent due to Angle Angle Side, if your teacher doesn't use these terms, look it up, but the answer in short is yes, they are congruent or equal

We proved that ABC = triangle ADE by the concept of vertically opposite angles and given perimeter.

What is congruency?

We know two similar planer figures are congruent when we have sides or angles or both that are the same as the corresponding sides or angles or both.

We know when a transversal intersects two parallel lines vertically opposite angles are equal hence DE CB.

Given, (x + 4) + x + (x - 4) = 138.

3x = 138.

x = 46.

Now, BC = ED = (46 - 4) = 42 cm.

Assuming DA to be y.

∴ 46 + 42 + y = 138.

y = 50

And AB = x + 4 = 50 hence proving triangle ABC = triangle ADE.

learn more about congruency here :


12. Which of the following numbers is largest?
(a) 1.099
(b) 1.11
©). 1.106
(d) 0.99
(e) 1.009
Please show the work


I think the answer is B

Solve for h(x)=x(x+3)(x-2)



Your answer is:

If you are solving to find x then your answer would have been: x = 0 , -3 , 2

If you are solving to find the x and y intercepts your answer is: ↓

x-intercept(s):  (0,0) (-3,0) (2,0)

y-intercept(s): (0,0)

If you are solving to find roots your answer is: x = 0 , -3 , 2

If you want the graph look below ↓

Step-by-step explanation:

Hope this helped : )

John needs to take a cab uptown and only has y dollars. The cab company charges a flat fee of $2.25 plus $0.55 per mile. If John has $12.52 and he finds a cab with the same flat fee that only charges $0.45 per miles, what is the maximum number of miles he will be able to travel, t the nearest tenth of a mile?



Maximum distance covered by John = 22.8 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

The cab company charges a flat fee of $2.25 plus $0.55 per mile.

Amount of money John has = $y

Let the number of miles traveled in $y = x miles

If John finds a cab charging same fee and $0.45 per mile,

y ≤ 2.25 + 0.45x

y - 2.25 ≤ 0.45x

[tex]x\leq \frac{(y-2.25)}{0.45}[/tex]

Therefore, inequality representing the maximum distance covered by John,

[tex]x\leq \frac{(y-2.25)}{0.45}[/tex]

If, y = $12.52

[tex]x\leq \frac{(12.52-2.25)}{0.45}[/tex]

x ≤ 22.8 miles

Therefore, John will be able to travel the maximum distance = 22.8 miles.


x ≤ 22.8 miles

John will be able to travel the maximum distance of 22.8 miles.

Step-by-step explanation:

I hope this helps

My son, Garrett, is 11 years old and has a piggy bank that he wants to fill. He started with 5 one dollar bills. Every Saturday he earns 3 more dollar bills for chores he’s completed. How many one dollar bills will he have by the end of 10 weeks?

1. Write a function model, M(x), that represents the total number of one dollar bills garret will have in one dollar bills, x

2. Identify the independent and dependent quantity.

3. The domain and range are represented as discrete or continuous?

4.What is a reasonable domain and range for this scenario?

Thanks for the help!



1) M(x) = 5 + 3x

2) Dependent variable; 3 dollar bills

Independent variable: chores

3) Range is continuous

Domain is discrete

4) Range: 0 ≤ x ≤ 10

Domain: 5 ≤ M ≤ 35

Step-by-step explanation:

We are told he started with 5 number of $1 dollar bills and that every Saturday, he earns 3 more $1 dollar bill.

Thus, total number of $1 bills earned after x number of Saturdays(weekly) is;

M(x) = 5 + 3x

After 10 weeks, total number is;

M(10) = 5 + 3(10)

M(10) = 35

The dependent variable is the 3 more dollar bills earned each Saturday because it depends on chores he completed. While the independent variable is the chores because it doesn't depend on anything.

After 10 weeks, the range and domain will be;

Range: 0 ≤ x ≤ 10

For the; Domain:

For x = 1, M(0) = 5 + 3(0) = 5

M(10) = 35


Domain: 5 ≤ M ≤ 35

The range could be all numbers in the interval from 0 to 10. Thus, it is continuous.

Whereas, the domain doesn't contain all the numbers in the interval from 5 to 35. Thus it is Discrete.

plz help ill give brainliest In the kite , AK=15 , JK=39 , and AM=77 .

What is JM ?



125 i think....

Step-by-step explanation:

−15 ÷ 5 =

A number line going from negative 30 to positive 30. An arrow goes from 5 to 10, from 10 to 15, from 15 to 20.

Emily used the number line to find the quotient for -15 ÷ 5. What errors did she make? Select three correct answers.
The arrows should point in the negative direction.
The small arrows should end in the same place as the large one.
The arrows should end on negative 15.
The arrows should start at zero.
There should be 5 small arrows.



-3 is the answer because if we divide 15 by 5 we get 3 . So it is same only the question is -15 divide by 5 so the answer is -3


The answer is A,C,D

Step-by-step explanation:

Just had the question :D

6>>>>>>>(3 3 )
4>>>>>>>( 1 2 )
3>>>>>>>( 1 4 )
5>>>>≥>>( 2 9 )
1>>>>>>>( ? )
7>>>>>>>( 5 4 )
Who will solve the above puzzle ?​


If I calculated correcty hdnnzsunssbvsbanaj?;?$;:hdmnduzvehev that is your answer

A clothing business finds there is a linear relationship between the number of shirts n it can sell and the price P it can charge per shirt. In particular historical data shows that 2 thousand shirts can be sold at a price of 80 dollars each, and that 5 thousand shirts can be sold at a price of 65 each



We have two data points:

2000 shirts can be sold for $80 each.

5,000 shirts can be sold for $65 each.

Then we can define the relation:


Where P is the price, and n is the number of shirts.

Now, we know that we can model this as a linear relationship that passes through the points (2000, $80) and (5000, $65)

A linear relationship can be written as:

y = a*x + b

where a is the slope and b is the y-axis intercept.

For a line that passes through the points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2), the slope can be written as:

a = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1).

In this case, the slope is:

a = ($65 - $80)/(5000 - 2000) = -$0.005.

Then our equation is:

P(n) = -$0.005*n + b

Now let's find the value of b, we know that:

P(2000) = $80 = -$0.005*2000 + b

                 $80 = -$10 + b

                  $80 + $10 = b = $90

Our equation is:

P(n) = -$0.005*n + $90.

U read 105 pages of a novel over 7 days.What is the mean number of pages you read each day.PLs answer this to get brainiest:)



The mean is 15 pages a day.

Step-by-step explanation:


(-9) - (-37) =

A -29

B -40

C 28


Answer:c: 28

Step-by-step explanation:

C is 28 for the answer

3(x-4) = -3
How do i slove this



[tex]3(x - 4) = - 3 \\ 3x + 12 = - 3 \\ 3x = - 15 \\ x = - 5[/tex]

Firstly, multiply the number and variable in the perenthesis. Then move the variable on it's own side of the equation. The simplify.


You need to do the Distributive Property. This means multiplying the number outside the parenthesis to each number inside.

Step-by-step explanation:




then evaluate using inverse operations to get x=3

You borrow $2000 for three years at an annual interest rate of 12% what is the total cost of the loan at the end of the three years



2,391 paid altogether. The interest Rate was another 391 dollars.

Step-by-step explanation:

Find the area of a rectangle with length of 3 inches and width of 8 inches.
Area = _____ square inches.



24 in

Step-by-step explanation:

L × W = A3 × 8 = 24 in

I hope this helps!



Step-by-step explanation:

lXw= area

The system of linear equations -2x+y=8 and -3x-y=7


Answer: x=-3, y=2

Step-by-step explanation: -2x+y=8 + -3x-y=7 and you get x=-3 then you put that in to x and pick one of the beginning equations i chose to put -3 in to -2(-3)+y=8 and got 6+y=8 then you subtract the 6 on both sides and should get y=2



Step-by-step explanation:

You can solve it by various methods. These two equations can be solved simultaneously or by matrix method, or even by graphing

Simultaneous is easier so lets get started.

1st equation  : [tex]-2x+y=8[/tex]

2nd equation: [tex]-3x-y=7[/tex]

We solve it by using the substitution method which means there are two variables x and y and we substitute one variable in form of another variable.

Like, take the 1st equation


the equation is arranged in a different manner but its the same thing.

This new equation becomes our new third equation and now we simply put our third equation in our 2nd equation. Like this, take the 2nd equation and substitute it with our 3rd third equation


we get x=-3 and then we put the value of x and in our third equation to get the value of y or we can simply put it in any equation 1st , 2nd , 3rd it will give the same answer. I chose third.


The solution set of our system of linear equations is




Answer:3/12 is greater

Step-by-step explanation:

Since 3/12 and 2/9 have different denominators, you need to find the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of the denominators and then multiply the top and bottom of each fraction by the number of times the denominator goes into the LCM.

According to my calculations, the LCM of the two denominators is 36. Therefore, since 12 goes into 36 a total of 3 times, you would multiply the top and bottom of the first fraction by 3. And since 9 goes into 36 a total of 4 times, you would multiply the top and bottom of the second fraction by 4.

Step #2: Now that the denominators are the same, you can simply compare the numerators to determine which fraction is greater. Since 9 is greater than 8, 9/36 is greater than 8/36. Therefore the 1st entry (3/12) is greater than the 2nd entry (2/9).

168 stickers for 24 students unit rate




Step-by-step explanation:

Answer: The unit rate is 7 stickers per student!

Step-by-step explanation: This can be found by dividing the amount of stickers by the amount of students.

Hope this helps, if not, comment down below please!!!

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