Answer 1
3.988906 cause look at it
Answer 2



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a rectangular sheet of paper is 5 2/3cm long and 3 1/5cm wide. find its perimeter



85/15+48/15=133/15 ×2=266/15 cm

=17 11/15 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

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Ashley is preparing for a horse riding competition. She has trained her horse for 6 hours and has completed 240 rounds. At what rate has Ashley ridden her horse in rounds per hour?




Step-by-step explanation:

y= 2x² + 36x + 170
(Find the vertex, show steps)


This is the answer. Hope it helps!
Find the vertex of x²+18x+85

This is written of the form ax²+bx+c

a=1, b=18, c=85

The axis of symmetry is -b/2a
The axis of symmetry is the x term of your vertex (h,k)

So we have



k=f(-9) given that f(x) is x²+18x+85





So your k value is 4

So because you’re vertex is (h,k) and since we found that h=-9 and k=4, your vertex is (-9,4)

Question Progress
Homework Progr
Work out
5-2x 38
Give your answer as a decimal.


5 - 2 times 38 is -71.
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The function g(x) represents f(x) = 9 cosine (x minus StartFraction pi Over 2 EndFraction) + 3 after translating StartFraction pi Over 6 EndFraction units left and 4 units up.

Which equation represents g(x)?




Step-by-step explanation:

Im almost sure it B but if not then its for sure D.

The equation that represents the function g(x) is [tex]g(x)=9cos(x-\frac{\pi }{3} )+7[/tex].

What is function?

Function, in mathematics, an expression, rule, or law that defines a relationship between one variable (the independent variable) and another variable (the dependent variable).

What is translation?

Translation means the displacement of a figure or a shape from one place to another. In translation, a figure can move upward, downward, right, left or anywhere in the coordinate system. In translation, only the position of the object changes, its size remains the same.

The function is given as

[tex]f(x)=9cos(x-\frac{\pi }{2} )+3[/tex]

The function f(x) is first translated [tex]\frac{\pi }{6}[/tex] units left.

The rule of translation is:

[tex](x,y)=(x+\frac{\pi }{6},y)[/tex]

So, we have:

[tex]f'(x)=9cos(x+\frac{\pi }{6} -\frac{\pi }{2} )+3[/tex]

Take LCM

[tex]f'(x)=9cos(x+\frac{\pi-3\pi }{6} )+3[/tex]

[tex]f'(x)=9cos(x-\frac{2\pi }{6} )+3[/tex]

[tex]f'(x)=9cos(x-\frac{\pi }{3} )+3[/tex]

Next, translate f'(x) 4 units up.

The rule of this translation is:


So, we have:

[tex]g(x)=9cos(x-\frac{\pi }{3} )+3+4[/tex]

[tex]g(x)=9cos(x-\frac{\pi }{3} )+7[/tex]

Hence, the equation that represents the function g(x) is [tex]g(x)=9cos(x-\frac{\pi }{3} )+7[/tex].

Find out more information about function and translation here


Monica is rollerblading along a trail in Tropical Park. She stopped for water after rollerblading for 2.45 miles. She continued on the trail for another 3.04 miles, then stopped for lunch. She made her final stop after rollerblading for another 2.8 miles. How many miles did Monica rollerblade?




Step-by-step explanation:

If you add them all together your answer should be 8.29



Step-by-step explanation:

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The domain is the input value of x, which can be any real number.

There is no inequality.

Set notation x | E R. ( all real nUmbers)

Interval. Oration (-infinity, infinity)

Range: set x to 0 and solve:

3(0)^2 + 2 = 2

The lowest value is 2 and goes to infinity.

Inequality is >=

Set notation Y | >= 2

Interval notation : [2, infinity)

End behavior they both go to infinity .

Which is a incorrect rounding of 53.864?
A) 54
B) 53.9
C) 53.87
D) 50


The answer to this, is A

The solution is Option C.

The incorrect rounding of the number 53.864 is 53.87

What is rounding up numbers?

There are basically two rules while rounding up numbers

If the number you are rounding is followed by 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, round the number down and if the number you are rounding is followed by 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, round the number up.

Non-zero digits are always significant

Zeros between non-zero digits are always significant

Leading zeros are never significant

Trailing zeros are only significant if the number contains a decimal point

Given data ,

Let the number be represented as A

Now , the value of A is

A = 53.864

Now , on rounding the number A to the nearest , we get

Step 1 :

If we round the number to the nearest integer, the number is 54

Step 2 :

If we round the number to the nearest tenth, the number is 53.9

Step 3 :

If we round the number to the nearest hundredth, the number is 53.86

So , the number 53.87 is not true

Step 4 :

If we round to the nearest tens, the number is 50

Hence , the only incorrect rounding is 53.87

To learn more about rounding up of numbers click :


Find the value of x.




Step-by-step explanation:


For the first one, 132 and 4 + x make a straight line, and a straight line is 180 degrees, so:

132 + 4 + x = 180

Add 132 and 4.

136 + x = 180

Subtract 136.

x = 44

You are right!

For the second one, 68 + x + 9 form a right angle, and a right angle is 90 degrees, so:

68 + x + 9 = 90

Combine 68 and 9.

77 + x = 90

Subtract 77.

x = 13

Hope this helps

Denise buys a $100,000 condo using a $20,000
down payment on a 30-year fixed-rate loan.
After 5 years of payments, she's made
approximately $24,000 in payments and still
owes approximately $75,000. How much
equity does Denise have in her house? *


$25,000 because she still owes $75,000.

Plz help with this question




Step-by-step explanation:


6 ([tex]\frac{x}{2}[/tex] + 4) ≥ 9 ( distribute the parenthesis by 6 )

3x + 24 ≥ 9 ( subtract 24 from both sides )

3x ≥ - 15 ( divide both sides by 3 )

x ≥ - 5 → A



Step-by-step explanation:

First, divide both sides by 6:

6(x/2 + 4) ≥ 9

x/2 + 4 ≥ 9/6

x/2 + 4 ≥ 3/2

Now, subtract 4 from both sides:

x/2 ≥ 3/2 - 4

x/2 ≥ -5/2

Finally multiply both sides by 2:

x ≥ (-5/2) * 2

x ≥ -5

The answer is thus A.

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Which table represents a function?



The table that starts with (-3, -1)

Step-by-step explanation:

For a table to represent a function the x value has to be different number. Such as, the other tables one has two -5, two -2, two -4 and etc. Do you get it

Answer: the first box

-3       -1

0         0

-2         -1

8          1

Step-by-step explanation:  the x value can not repet it self but the y value can

write a real world problem that can be solved using the distributive property



10 + 2. 3(10 + 2) = ? something like that I think .

Step-by-step explanation:

plz help me with this i do not understand math stuff


Answer: Pink choice: y= -6x -2

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to be parallel, the slope must be the same. You find the slope as the number or fraction connected to x. ("co-efficient" of x in math talk)

In the given equation, that is -6.  (So that knocks out the first two choices)

The other thing to look at is the y-value of the given coordinate,(-1,4)

(The y-value is the second number in the coordinate (x.y) is the pattern)

and compare it to the the last number in the equations in the choices and     Here the Yellow choice has y= -6x + 4 so this line can't pass through the coordinate given, because  +4 in this equation is where the line crosses the y-axis. ("y-intercept"  in math talk)  So yellow choice is out!

The attachment shows what the graphs of the choices look like.

The black line is the correct answer. The given coordinate (-1,4) is the labeled red spot. The blue line is the given equation. (You can see where it "intercepts the y-axis on the +3)   And the green line also has the -6 slope, but misses the point and intercepts the y-axis at 4.)    

I hope the diagram and explanation helps you understand better. It can be confusing.

Anyone wanna help?please




Step-by-step explanation:





suppose that there were a positive correlation between the variables u and v. if v is 24 when u is 10, which of these is most likely to be the value of v when u is 20?


Answer: 48

Step-by-step explanation: I got it wrong and it said the correct answer was 48

This year, there were 25% fewer sunny days than last year. That’s my question.


If there were 25% fewer sunny days this year than last year, then there were 25% more sunny days last year than this year and the number of sunny days in the coming year is unknown.

Use Graphs A-D for Exercises 9-11. During the winter, the amount of water that flows
down a river remains at a low constant. In the spring, when the snow melts, the flow of
water increases drastically, until it decreases to a steady rate in the summer. The flow
then slowly decreases through the fall into the winter. Consider the graphs shown.
Water (gallons per second)
Water (gallons per second)
Season (winter-fall)
Season (winter-fall)
Water (gallons per second)
Water (gallons per second)
Season (winter-fall)
Season (winter-fall)
9. Which graph best represents the given situation?
Graph B
10. Describe the other three graphs.
11. What are possible situations for graphs B, C, and D?


did u get the awnsers?

Brad sells each cup of lemonade for $0.50 he wrote.



What are we supposed to solve??? its incomplete

Step-by-step explanation:




v= w/ry+tu/ry

Step-by-step explanation: Isolate the variable then Divide each side by the factors that don't contain the variable.

Draw diagonals ACand BDon rectangle ABCD. Measure and record the lengths of the diagonals.



Diagonal   Length

AC               7.21

BD              7.21  

Step-by-step explanation:


Diagonal  |  Length

AC            |  7.21

BD            |  7.21

Step-by-step explanation:


someone please help! I’ll give brainliest!!


The images are similar. The scale factor is 3/4, but may also be 4/3 depending on which image is the original one. I would go with 3/4.

[(2r^2t)^3/4t^2]^2 simply




Step-by-step explanation:

what do reflections have that dilation do not



A reflection is the same just on the opposite side a dilation enlarges or enhances it along with flipping it thats what makes them different please give me brainliest.

dose anybody know this? could you provide the step by step


17 people because if they spend $300 the equation 300=5p+215, then subtract 215 on both sides then it would be 85=5p and then you divide 5 by 85 and you have 17 (sorry if i’m wrong!)

What is the factorization of the expression below?
25x^2 - 36
A. (5x+6)(5x-6)
B. (5x-6)(5x-6)
C. (5x- 4)(5x-9)
D. (5x + 4)(5x-9)


i think its D????????????????????????

5x5 = 25
9 x 4 = 36
- and a + equals a -

Answer: The answer is A, (5x+6)(5x-6)

Step-by-step explanation: The negative and positive 6 will cancel out the regular X, meaning that 25x^2 and -36 are the only numbers left.

Slope 6, passing through (-4,2)








Select each polynomial expression that could be factored by grouping.​



The 2nd and 3rd option

Step-by-step explanation:

They can be separated into 2 pairs and factored

3x + 2y + z = 7 2x + 3y - z = 8 5x + y + 2z = 11



x = 3,    y = 0,      z = −2

Step-by-step explanation:

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