If you are going to create a program for your community what would it be? what are the benefits can the community get from it? (5pts)

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Answer 1

If I was asked to create a program for my community I would create an educational event along with brochures for people who want to volunteer their support . Here people would be getting useful tips to continue their lives and clubs would be there , where people can discuss their growth , their income , their spiritual growth and the tips and tricks they use to lead a happy life . This way people would start to develope a friendly nature , a helping attitude and gratitude towards those who helped them . This would help improve the social and moral values of my community . I would also create free red talks on the topics which are most difficult to catch , so that people would be abke to get their hans on resources which are otherwise too expensive to purchase . I would call scholars who are willing to give free support to the community and ask them to provide free lectures . I would provide a certificate to the people who volunteered . This way people in my community will be benefitted and those who volunteered will experience a moment of truth ( in marketing it is said to be a way in which someone becomes a trusted or loyal member of a program or organization ) . To keep my community people involved in my program I would give some freebies that are attractive to sight so that they would frequent my program . These are some methods I would use to improve the overall social and educational performance of my community .

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True or False?





You can be determined or eager, that is also considered feeling compelled to do or use something. Addiction, is compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit-forming substance.

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can you tell me how to prevent pickles from getting spoiled?



Use of oil and vinegar prevents spoilage of pickles because bacteria cannot live in such an environment. Vegetables, fruits, fish and meat are often preserved by this method.

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ANSWER: Ways to Prevent Pickles from Getting bad
After canning, your pickles store them in a dark room, whereby the temperatures do not change. If a jar has not sealed correctly, make sure that you do not store it but instead eat the pickles before 24 hours are over. This is to make sure they are taken when fresh.
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