If 1.02 g of nickel reacted with 750. mL of 0.112 M hydrobromic acid, how much of each will be present at the end of the reaction if you captured the gas in a 2.50 L vessel at 30 C


Answer 1


35.1% is percent yield


Full question: Assume no volume change.  If you formed 0.0910 atm of gas, what is the percent yield?

The reaction that is occurring is:

Ni + 3HBr → NiBr₃ + 3/2H₂(g)

First, we will determine moles of Ni and HBr to determine limiting reactant and theoretical yield

Using ideal gas law, we can determine the moles of hydrogen formed. Thus, we can find percent yield:

Moles Ni (Molar mass: 58.69g/mol):

1.02g * (1mol / 58.69g) = 0.01738moles Ni

Moles HBr:

0.750L * (0.112mol/L) = 0.084 moles of HBr.

For a complete reaction of the 0.084 moles of HBr you need:

0.084mol HBr * (1 mole Ni / 3 moles HBr) = 0.028 moles of Ni.

As there are just 0.01738 moles of Ni, the Ni is limiting reactant. Assuming a theoretical yield, moles of H₂ produced are:

0.01738moles Ni * (3/2 H₂ / 1 mol Ni) = 0.02607 moles H₂

Now, moles of H₂ produced are:

PV = nRT

PV/RT = n

Where P is pressure (0.0910atm)

V is volume (2.50L)

R is gas constant (0.082atmL/molK)

T is absolute temperature in Kelvin (30°C + 273.15 = 303.15K)

And n are moles

PV/RT = n

0.0910atm*2.50L/0.082atmL/molK*303.15K = n

0.00915 moles = n

And percent yield (Produced moles / Theoretical moles * 100) is:

0.00915 moles / 0.02607moles =

35.1% is percent yield

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Can someone help me with this chemistry I have attached?, just helping me understand these problems. Its moles and questions


there is so attachment

1. Determine the electron-domain geometry and molecular geometry for each of the following.

a. SBr2
b. PI4+
c. IBr2−

2. The following three compounds all have the same general formula, XF4. Compare the electron-domain geometries of these three compounds and explain what characteristic(s) of the central atom causes differences in geometry.

a. SiF4:
b. SeF4:
c. XeF4:



SBr2: Electron geometry-tetrahedral; molecular geometry-trigonal pyramidal

PI4+: Electron geometry-tetrahedral; molecular geometry-tetrahedral

IBr2−: Electron geometry- Trigonal bipyramidal ; molecular geometry- linear


In SBr2, the molecule is of the structure type AX2E2 hence it is based on a tetrahedron but have two lone pairs of electrons hence the molecular geometry is trigonal pyramidal.

PI4+ has four electron domains and all of them are bond pairs hence both electron geometry and molecular geometry are both tetrahedral.

IBr2- is of the structure type AX2E3 hence it is based on a trigonal bipyramd and has a linear molecular geometry.


SiF4 has a tetrahedral molecular and electron domain geometry because the central atom(Si) has no lone pairs.

SeF4 has a trigonal bipyramidal electron geometry with the structure AX4E. Its molecular geometry is See-saw since it has one lone pair of electrons that causes a deviation from its ideal trigonal bypyramidal geometry.

XeF4 has  an octahedral electron domain geometry and the molecule is AX4E2. The two lone pairs are positioned above and below the plane of a square hence the molecule is square planar.

How many atoms of Chlorine are in 1.00 mol of Chlorine gas?
6.022 x 10∧23
3.01 x 10∧23
6.022 x 10∧24



6.02 × 10²³ atoms Cl₂


Avagadro's Number - 6.022 × 10²³ atoms, molecules, formula units, etc.

Step 1: Define

1.00 mol Cl₂ (g)

Step 2: Use Dimensional Analysis

[tex]1.00 \hspace{3} mol \hspace{3} Cl_2(\frac{6.02(10)^23 \hspace{3} atoms \hspace{3} Cl_2}{1 \hspace{3} mol \hspace{3} Cl_2} )[/tex] = 6.02 × 10²³ atoms Cl₂

The smallest unit of an element that can exist either alone or in combination with other such particles of the same or different elements is the



The answer is D - Atom

The smallest unit of an element that can exist either alone or in combination with other such particles of the same or different elements is the atom.

What is an atom?

An atom is defined as the smallest unit of matter which forms an element. Every form of matter whether solid,liquid , gas consists of atoms . Each atom has a nucleus which is composed of protons and neutrons and shells in which the electrons revolve.

The protons are positively charged and neutrons are neutral and hence the nucleus is positively charged. The electrons which revolve around the nucleus are negatively charged and hence the atom as a whole is neutral and stable due to presence of oppositely charged particles.

Atoms of the same element are similar as they have number of sub- atomic particles which on combination do not alter the chemical properties of the substances.

Learn more about atom,here:



what isotope of an atom if it has 29 protons and 36 neutrons​





2 8 8 1________ 1A

What does this diagram represent?



Linear molecule with two domains


is a renewable resource used for the generation of electricity.
A. Natural gas
B. Coal
C. Petroleum
O D. Biomass



its natural gas because i had something like this


The renewable energy sources, such as biomass, geothermal resources, water, wind, etc. are called the natural resources. These can be converted into clean and usable energy. The correct option is D.

What is Renewable energy?

The energy which is derived from the natural sources which are replenished at a higher rate than they are consumed is defined as the Renewable energy. The renewable energy generating produce lower emissions than burning the fossil fuels.

The word biomass refers to the organic plant matter which is converted into fuel and used as an energy source. The biomass fuel is considered as an important renewable and sustainable source of energy. It is used for the production of electricity.

The organic materials like wood, agricultural wastes, etc. acts as the excellent sources to produce biomass fuel. It is possible to burn the biomass fuel directly and later converted into methane and ethanol biofuels.

Thus the correct option is D.

To know more about renewable energy, visit;



Which of the following evidence supports the theory of plate tectonics


The theory of plate tectonics states that the Earth's solid outer crust, the lithosphere, is separated into plates that move over the asthenosphere, the molten upper portion of the mantle.,Thus, at divergent boundaries, oceanic crust is created that’s what plate tectonics means hoped that helped


seafloor spreading


i took the test

How can environmental science help you?​



Organisms and humans depend on each other to get by. Environmental science is important because it enables you to understand how these relationships work.

For example, humans breathe out carbon dioxide, which plants need for photosynthesis. Plants, on the other hand, produce and release oxygen to the atmosphere, which humans need for respiration.

Animal droppings are sources of nutrients for plants and other microorganisms. Plants are sources of food for humans and animals. In short, organisms and humans depend on each other for survival.


Products made of plastic can last a very long time. Explain both the positive and negative effects of plastic being long-lasting. thank uuu


Because plastic products are durable, they can last for a long time. This makes them affordable because they do not have to be replaced often. On the other hand, the popular use of plastics means that many plastics are thrown away. Plastics litter the ocean, causing harm to marine birds and mammals. Plastic breaks down into plastic dust, which can last for up to a thousand years.

Answer:Because plastic products are durable, they can last for a long time. This makes them affordable because they do not have to be replaced often. On the other hand, the popular use of plastics means that many plastics are thrown away. Plastics litter the ocean, causing harm to marine birds and mammals. Plastic breaks down into plastic dust, which can last for up to a thousand years.

^^^^^copy and paste this part^^^^^

Explanation:Plastic is he hardest material to break down with harm to sea life and land life they may be affordable but costly to the environment.

The process of reviewing information using an investigator is knowledge, training, experience, and expertise is what type of reasoning?



Inductive reasoning


Inductive reasoning is based on making broad generalizations from specific observations. We draw conclusions from the data we have. This is the opposite of deductive reasoning, which starts with a general statement and aims to reach a specific conclusion.

Based on this, we can conclude that, if an investigator uses their knowledge, training, experience, and expertise to reach a conclusion, they are using inductive reasoning.

Which element contains four electrons in its third and outer main energy level? ​



valence electrons


The valence electrons are the outer most electrons and the principal energy level in which they belong will vary for .

The chemical element which contains four (4) electrons in its third and outer main energy level is: Silicon (Si).

An electron shell can be defined as the outermost shell of an atom of a chemical element around the atomic nucleus.

Hence, an electron shell is an orbital that is typically accompanied by electrons around the nucleus of an atom.

A sublevel is also referred to as an orbital and it can be defined as an energy level that is associated with the electrons found outside the atomic nucleus.

In Chemistry, there are four main (4) types of sublevel and these are:

s orbital (sublevel): it has one (1) orbital i.e 1s.p orbital (sublevel): it has three (3) orbitals.d orbital (sublevel): it has five (5) orbitals.f orbital (sublevel): it has seven (7) orbitals.

In the third (3rd) energy level, there are only three (3) sublevels and these are; s, p and d sublevels.

Silicon is a chemical element that is found in group (4) of the periodic table because it has four (4) electrons in its third and outermost shell.  

In its ground state, Silicon (Si) contains the following number of electrons:

Two electrons in its first (n = 1) energy level. Eight electrons in the second (n = 2) energy level.Lastly, it contains four (4) electrons in its third (n = 3) and outer main energy level.  

Read more: https://brainly.com/question/18214726

Which element is more reactive?
A) Flourine B) Oxygen C)Cabron D)Boron


i believe the answer is fluorine. the second most reactive would be oxygen

What volume of 1.27 M HCl is required to prepare 197.4 mL of 0.456 M HCl



70.88 mL volume of 1.27 M of HCl is required.


Given data:

Initial volume = ?

Initial  molarity =  1.27 M

Final volume = 197.4 mL

Final molarity = 0.456 M



M₁V₁ = M₂V₂

Now we will put the values in formula.

1.27 M × V₁ =  0.456 M × 197.4 mL

V₁ = 0.456 M × 197.4 mL/1.27 M

V₁ = 90.014M.mL/1.27 M

V₁ = 70.88 mL

70.88 mL volume of 1.27 M of HCl is required.

Which statement best demonstrates how data from a global positioning system (GPS) can be used to lessen the effects of a
wildfire? (1 point)
GPS data can be used by people to quickly evacuate an area because of a wildfire
GPS data can be used by scientists to predict weather patterns that can lead to a wildfire
GPS data can be used by firefighters to identify the boundaries of a wildfire
GPS data can be used by first responders to calculate the safest route to a wildfire


Answer: here is your answer

Explanation: You are visiting your Grandmother and notice that she is eating a balanced diet, taking vitamins, getting the proper amount of sleep and is not overweight. Despite her healthy lifestyle, she appears run down and tired. You realize that it's due to her lack of physical activity. Write a convincing letter to your grandma explaining the benefits of participating in regular physical activity.

Identifying the particles of an atom



6 protons 8 neutrons 5 electrons


protons are blue neutrons are red electrons are green

6-p, 8-n, 5-e.........

Using charge to describe an atom



this atom has nine electrons

What is the heat gjoules transferred by a chemical reaction to the reservoir of a calorimeter containing 135g of dilute aqueous solution (c=4.184 J/g^ C) the reaction causes the temperature of the reservoir to rise from 23.0 27.0 degrees * C



Required heat = 2,259.36 N (approx)



Mass = 135 g

Specific heat (c) =4.184 J/gC

Change in temperature ΔT = 27-23 = 4 c


Required heat


Q = mcΔT

Q = (135)(4.184)(4)

Required heat = 2,259.36 N (approx)

The heat transferred by the chemical reaction to the reservoir of a calorimeter containing 135 g of dilute aqueous solution is 2259.36 J

To solve this question, we'll begin by calculating the change in the temperature of the reservoir. This can be obtained as follow:

Initial temperature (T₁) = 23 °C

Final temperature (T₂) = 27 °C

Change in temperature (ΔT) =?

ΔT = T₂ – T₁

ΔT = 27 – 23

ΔT = 4 °C

Finally, we shall determine the heat transferred to the reservoir.

Change in temperature (ΔT) = 4 °C

Mass (M) = 135 g

Specific heat capacity (C) = 4.184 J/gºC

Heat (Q) =?


Q = 135 × 4.184 × 4

Q = 2259.36 J

Therefore, the heat transferred by the chemical reaction to the reservoir of a calorimeter containing 135 g of dilute aqueous solution is 2259.36 J

Learn more: https://brainly.com/question/10286596

which of the two pure substance consists of different types of Element​


Answer:Two Main Types of Pure Substances

Elements and compounds are the two types of pure substances. Examples of common elements include carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen. They consist of one type of atom and cannot break down into something else. Every pure carbon substance, for example, has the same particles in it.

Explanation:I think

Which of the following contribute(s) to most of the mass of an atom? Question 5 options: A) Neutrons only B) Protons and electrons C) Protons and neutrons D) Protons only





Hope this helps :)

What is the particle behavior of an liquid?


Answer: The particles are moving fast but close together.


its in the explanation.


1.In liquids, particles are quite close together and move with random motion throughout the container. Particles move rapidly in all directions but collide with each other more frequently than in gases due to shorter distances between particles.

2.It assumes the shape of the part of the container which it occupies particles can move/slide past one another.

Hope this helps. :)

Which statement BEST explains why the Moon is visible from the Earth?

1) The Moon reflects light from the Sun.

2) The Moon is always lit up by the Sun for us to see.

3) The Moon reflects light from the Earth.

4) The Moon produces its own light through radiation.


Answer: The answer is the ''The moon is always lit up by the sun for us to see.''

Explanation: The moon is directly illuminated by the sun.

2 is the correct answer

5 advantages of storing oil underground in salt dome?



Salt domes storage has advantages in cost, security, environmental risk, and maintenance. Salt formations offer the lowest cost, most environmentally secure way to store crude oil for long periods of time. Stockpiling oil in artificially-created caverns deep within the rock-hard salt costs historically about $3.50 per barrel in capital costs. Storing oil in above ground tanks, by comparison, can cost $15 to $18 per barrel - or at least five times the expense. Also, because the salt caverns are 2,000-4,000 feet below the surface, geologic pressures will sea; any crack that develops in the salt formation, assuring that no crude oil leaks from the cavern. An added benefit is the natural temperature differential between the top of the caverns and the bottom - a distance of around 2,000 feet; the temperature differential keeps the crude oil continuously circulating in the caverns, giving the oil a consistent quality.

Which element contains one set of paired and three unpaired electrons in its fourth and outer main energy level? ​



Phosphorus (P) because of the 5 valence electrons total, 3 of them are in the 3p sublevel, and according to Hund's rule, they "single-fill" each orbital first.

Forty milliliter of a liquid has a mass of 80 grams. What is the density of this substance?





If water has a density of 1.00g/ml, and theres

40ml of it, it would weigh 40g

The substance is twice as dense as water, making its density 2.00g/ml

A species that has 13 protons and 10 electrons will be_____​


Answer: Aluminum


Al3+ indicates an ion of aluminum having a charge of + 3. I.e., since an aluminum atom normally has 13 protons and 13 electrons, this ion has 10 electrons (-10 charge) and 13 protons (+ 13 charge) giving it a charge of + 3 (-10 + 13 = +3).



Al3+ indicates an ion of aluminum having a charge of + 3. I.e., since an aluminum atom normally has 13 protons and 13 electrons, this ion has 10 electrons (-10 charge) and 13 protons (+ 13 charge) giving it a charge of + 3 (-10 + 13 = +3).


the density of an 18.0 solution of ammonium sulfate is 1.10g/ml. What mass of Ammonium sulfate is required to prepare 275ml of this solution



Therefore, 54.45 g of Ammonium sulphate is required


Molar mass of ammonium sulphate, (NH₄)₂SO₄ = 132 g/mol

Since density of solution is 1.10 g/ml, a 1 mL solution has mass = 1.10 g

275 mL solution will have a mass = 275 * 1.10 = 302.5 g

Since the solution is 18% ammonium sulphate by weight,

mass of ammonium sulphate present in 275 mL solution = 302.5 * 18/100

mass of ammonium sulphate present in 275 mL solution = 54.45 g

Therefore, 54.45 g of Ammonium sulphate is required

Give Me An Atom With The Following Characteristics Lanthanide series


Atoms in the Lanthanide series are Lanthanum, Cerium, Neodymium, Europium, terbium, to name a few.

Which element is classified as a noble gas?



any of the seven chemical elements that make up Group 18 (VIIIa) of the periodic table. The elements are helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), radon (Rn), and oganesson (Og). :)



For edge, the answer is;

D. Xe



edg- answers ;p

molecular formula of C4H5​




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