(First and Second continental congress)

Who was recommended to lead the American Army? Explain who recommended this person and why they did so.


Answer 1
Gorge Washington he lead the USA’s first army
Answer 2
George Washington was recommended to lead the American Army because the continental congress unanimously voted to have him lead the revolutionary army.

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Answer ALL the questions.



Answer: B

Second answer: C


List some advice you would give to an incoming high school freshman.


Math work is kinda hard if you don’t read well but it’s fun well at least in my school
Grades are so important , you don’t have to get all A’s but do not get anything below a C.
Always do you’re homework on time. I know it may seem like a drag most times but It’s better if you do it on time then waiting and having more homework to catch up on and do. Balance you’re fun social life and school life. Don’t spend all you’re days doing school but don’t spend all your days going out and not worrying about school. It does get a bit stressful so good luck

Hi I need a good grade on this really bad! It’s from the book inside out and back again. Pls help me I will give the brainliest and it’s a lot of point!!!

Based on the poems on pages 42-47, what decision is ha’s family trying to make? Is this decision challenging for them? Why or why not? Write a complete paragraph in and explain using one or two quotes from the text.





Answer:Ok so I didnt really read this book but its kinda obvious so  first of all look at the pages on 42 and 47 gather those poems and probably u can write them all in a peice of paper now after uve finished that u just gotto brainstorm what they are trying to do then if u know what it is say if its hard or not like theyrre going to build a catsel ofcourse thats hard so u just gotto say why its hard!  

I realllllly hope this helped and mark it as brainliest have a nice day!!! :D

Read the excerpt from Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad.

She started talking about William Still and the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee. No one commented. No one asked any questions.

In this excerpt, which rhetorical appeal is Tubman attempting to use to convince people to continue?

Ethos, because she is using her own knowledge as a tool.
Pathos, because she is appealing to her audience’s needs.
Ethos, because she is appealing to their emotional needs.
Pathos, because she is using facts to convince her audience.



Ethos, because she is using her own knowledge as a tool.


Ethos because she is using her own knowledge as a tool

According to the lesson above, verbs are identified by their: _____.


The answer would be action
i think that verbs are identified by actions

The facts or opinions in a paragraph should be presented in some logical order or sequence.


****ik this seems like an easy question but my brain hurts


Answer: true.
Explanation: it makes sense.
This answer would be true

Reports produced by the United Nations are considered

relevant sources.
irrelevant sources.
biased sources.
disputed sources.






its a on edge


David is completing a word list with words from this paragraph.

We enjoyed all types of travel during our family vacation to Italy. First we took a train to get into the city. Later we rented bikes to explore the mountain trails. Finally, we enjoyed floating along the water in a real Italian gondola!

A 4-column table with 3 rows. Column 1 is labeled Word with entries train, bike, gondola. Column 2 is labeled Part of speech with entries noun, noun, noun. Column 2 is labeled Example sentence with entries "First we took a train to get into the city," "Later we rented bikes to explore the mountain trails," "Finally, we enjoyed floating along the water in a real Italian gondola!" Column 4 is labeled Meaning with entries a rolling group of cars, a two-wheeled vehicle, blank.

What is the meaning of the word gondola?

a three-wheeled vehicle
a long, narrow boat
an extra-long bus
an underground train


Thai moon phases one+2+3+4 = 5

Read the following explanations. Then answer the question.

The common spelling of the following words is arch.

monarch, arch-enemy, architect

The word architect means "the designer who is in charge of building plans."

Based on this information, what meaning do these words have in common?

A. important people in history

B. a group or set of people

C. a primitive person

D. the primary person


Answer: D; the primary person


Important people in history are common in the words that are given below. Thus, option D is correct.

Who is an architect?

An architect is defined as a position who built something to construct something. He might have a plan or a preplanned design on which he or she is going to work on. A qualified someone who creates plans and oversees the development, or construction structures

In monarchs,  arch-enemy, and architecture the basic thing which was common was they were all an important part of history. In history, there were various monuments and structure that was architect by a monarch.

And every monarch had an arch-enemy from whom they used to fight. Also, these are the enemy would when gain control would destroy the architecture that was being made by the prior monarch.

Therefore, option D is the correct option.

Learn more about architect, here:



Use a thesaurus to find the matching synonym for the following words.
Note: Roget's Thesaurus is available on the Internet if you do not have a copy of your own.
1. disburse
2. attraction
3. air
4. assuage
5. pine
6. bonny
7. aphonic
8. divergent


1. disburse = spend
2. attraction = draw
3. air = melody
4. assuage = relieve
5. pine = languish
6.bonny = beautiful
7. aphonic = voiceless
8. divergent = different


Spend - Disburse

Draw - Attraction

Melody - Air

Relieve - Assuage

Languish - Pine

Beautiful - Bonny

Voiceless - Aphonic

Different - Divergent

What can you conclude about Killer Kane’s feelings towards Loretta?



Answer: Kane is mean to Loretta and doesn't like her. For example, he will not eat anything that she touches.

Kan is mean because he doesn’t like her and won’t touch anything she touches.

On Election Day, U.S. citizens head to the polls. They cast their votes. These are called popular votes.

To cast a vote is to __________.

Press enter to interact with the item, and press tab button or down arrow until reaching the Submit button once the item is selected
A give it
B read it
C imagine it
Dl ose it


This question doesn’t really make sense but If i’m giving my best guess I would choose A
I would say give it so a

ead the legend titled "The Little Mice."

Once upon a time, a prairie mouse busied herself all fall storing away a cache of beans. Every morning she was out early with her empty cast-off snakeskin, which she filled with ground beans and dragged home with her teeth.

The little mouse had a cousin who was fond of dancing and talk but did not like to work. She was not careful to get her cache of beans, and the season was already well gone before she thought to bestir herself. When she came to realize her need, she found she had no packing bag. So she went to her hardworking cousin and said:

"Cousin, I have no beans stored for winter and the season is nearly gone. But I have no snakeskin to gather the beans in. Will you lend me one?"

"But why have you no packing bag? Where were you in the moon when the snakes cast off their skins?"

"I was here."

"What were you doing?"

"I was busy talking and dancing."

"And now you are punished," said the other. "It is always so with lazy, careless people. But I will let you have the snakeskin. And now go, and by hard work and industry, try to recover your wasted time."
Which statement best identifies the purpose and theme of this legend?
The legend aims to teach readers a lesson about understanding, revealing the theme "honesty is greatly respected."

The legend aims to teach readers a lesson about responsibility, revealing the theme "you get out of something what you put into it."

The legend aims to teach readers a lesson about determination, revealing the theme "any job can be completed with effort and cooperation."

The legend aims to teach readers a lesson about free time, revealing the theme "life's pleasures must equal life's work."



I love that story omg


The legend aims to teach readers a lesson about determination, revealing the theme "any job can be completed with effort and cooperation."





The speaker’s statement in line 5 is ironic because the speaker—
Answer choices for the above question

A. really means that it is dreary to be Nobody, not Somebody.
Incorrect. The speaker doesn’t thinks it’s dreary to be Nobody.

B. says the opposite of what is generally expected.
Correct. Most people think being well known is the opposite of dreary.

C. uses a negative word but her intended meaning is positive.
Incorrect. The speaker’s intended meaning is not positive.

D. makes readers laugh by making fun of her own shyness.
Incorrect. The line may make readers laugh, but the speaker is not making fun of herself.

The irony in lines 6-8 contributes to the overall theme of questioning the value of fame by—
Answer choices for the above question

A. making fame seem relatable and commonplace.
Incorrect. A frog may be commonplace to some areas, but this is not the poem’s theme.

B. showing that anyone, even a frog, can be famous.
Incorrect. The poem may suggest that one does not have to be special to become famous, but this is not the poem’s theme.

C. emphasizing that fame sometimes lasts only a month.
Incorrect. This is not the poem’s theme.

D. suggesting that fame is as meaningless as a frog’s croak.
Correct. Dickinson compares being famous to a frog that says its own name over and over to suggest that fame has no real value.



Your answers are B and D for the last one.


The speaker’s statement in line 5 is ironic because the speaker:

B. says the opposite of what is generally expected.

The irony in lines 6-8 contributes to the overall theme of questioning the value of fame by:

D. suggesting that fame is as meaningless as a frog’s croak.

According to the complete question, we can see that there is a general misconception about the meaning of the word "dreary" as they think it has positive connotations.

As a result of this, we can see that the lines in 6 and 8 contributes to the theme which states that there are questions over the value of fame by showing that fame is meaningless.

Therefore, the correct answers are options B and D

Read more here:


this question is from perus and the gorgons head plz help


i’d also say 5 and 3
A leader with a hard heart will come to ruin and good always triumphs over evil

Jim was never late. Della held the watch chain in her hand and
sat near the door where he always entered. Then she heard his step in
the hall and her face lost color for a moment. She often said little prayers
quietly, about simple everyday things. And now she said: “Please God,
make him think I’m still pretty.”

Jim stopped inside the door. He was as quiet as a hunting dog when
it is near a bird. His eyes looked strangely at Della, and there was an
expression in them that she could not understand. It filled her with fear.
It was not anger, nor surprise, nor anything she had been ready for. He
simply looked at her with that strange expression on his face.

From inside the coat, Jim took something tied in the paper. He threw
it upon the table.

For there lay The Combs—the combs that Della had seen in a
shop window and loved for a long time. Beautiful combs, with jewels,
perfect for her beautiful hair. She had known they cost too much for
her to buy them. She had looked at them without the least hope of
owning them. And now they were hers, but her hair was gone.

Jim had not yet seen his beautiful gift. She held it out to him in
her open hand. The gold seemed to shine softly as if with her own warm
and loving spirit.

“Isn’t it perfect, Jim? I hunted all over town to find it. You’ll have
to look at your watch a hundred times a day now. Give me your watch.
I want to see how they look together.”

Jim sat down and smiled.

“Della,” said he, “let’s put our Christmas gifts away and keep them
a while. They’re too nice to use now. I sold the watch to get the money
to buy the combs. And now I think we should have our dinner.”

Answer all five questions below:

What is the point of view of the story?
From whose perspective is the story told?
Why did the author choose to tell the story from this perspective?
What information would the reader gain if the story was told from another perspective? Give two specific details from the story that support your idea.
What information would the reader lose if the story was told from another perspective? Give two specific details from the story that support your idea.


I don’t know I just want my brainly points so I can get an answer to my question, look it up on Symbolab

Want to hear a song?



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Fill in the blank. The ______traveler put his suitcase down and rested on the bench.


Answer: Weary


Weary means tired and confused.

Weary because it means rested

write an introduction, presentation, and conclusion about animals



Paragraph in pets!


A pet, or companion animal, is an animal kept primarily as a working animal, livestock or a laboratory animal for the business or enjoyment of an individual. ... Two of the most common animals are dogs and cats; an ailurophile is the technical term for a cat lover and a cynophile is a dog lover.

Animal people are those who respect the value and spirit inherent in non-human beings. ... Bekoff describes it as the ability to feel, feel and relate not only to other beings, but to be related to our surroundings. “And there is another charm about him, namely, that he puts animals in a pleasing light and makes them interesting to mankind.” This is a passage from an author that lost his best friend. This shows how much an animal can mean to a person.

Animals are multicellular eukaryotic species that make up the biological kingdom of Animalia. With few exceptions, animals consume organic material, breathe oxygen, can travel, reproduce sexually, and grow from a hollow cell sphere, the blastula, during embryonic development. About 1.5 million living animal species have been described — about 1 million of which are insects — but it has been estimated that there are about 7 million animal species in total. Animals are 8.5 micron in weight.

The conclusion that I have to make this project is really fascinating and satisfying. I know now that animals have intelligence, and I have learned that they are a lot more intelligent than we think they are. It's just that each species has good parts and bad parts, and they display it in different ways that we don't notice it.

Yet they do have the fundamentals of intelligence: contact. Each animal interacts with each other, and I think they're also trying to connect with us. For example, dolphins communicate by making sounds, dogs, barking, chimpanzees, signs, etc.

In my view, we should start taking care of the animals and try to train their brains because it's like humans that you have to train your brain to keep it going because if we don't start losing capacity. We're not allowed to treat animals like objects.

Also, looking at how they're supporting us, I found they're really making an impact in society. They support us in many ways, be they physical , social or physiological. They're really important to us, and they've opened my eyes to investigate. We couldn't deal with them, they're part of our culture. Think about this, if they weren't relevant, why do we continue to embrace them and make them part of our lives? They are a big part on transmitting sadness into happiness and joy fullness.

I hope this helped. I did get most information from different websites, but they are all put in my own words, so don’t worry about copy and paste. I suggest you read it and change anything you need. I don’t know if you can contact me on this app but if you can please do if you have any questions. Good luck!

sheesh that person above me deserves brainliest

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the author of "Tour the Kremlin"?

providing architectural information
giving a brief history lesson
creating a picture of the Kremlin
suggesting a political opinion



i think it is suggesting a political opinion


hope it helps and sorry if I'm wrong


Cheyenne is completing a word list with words from this paragraph.

Growing vegetables is an easy and healthy hobby. Fresh tomatoes taste wonderful and are not difficult to grow. Peas and cucumbers grow above the soil. Cabbage and kohlrabi grow near the earth. All are packed with vitamins and taste great!

A 4-column table with 3 rows. Column 1 is labeled Word with entries cucumber, cabbage, kohlrabi. Column 2 is labeled Part of speech with entries noun, noun, noun. Column 3 is labeled Example sentence with entries "Peas and cucumbers grow above the soil," "Cabbage and kohlrabi grow near the earth," "Cabbage and kohlrabi grow near the earth." Column 4 is labeled Meaning with entries a green plant to eat, a leafy plant to eat, blank.

Which is the best prediction for the meaning of kohlrabi?

a bulb-like plant to eat
a poisonous plant
a type of fruit tree
a flowering vine


A flowing vine hope that helped
a flowing vine it is

Read the excerpt from The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

We were all now tied; and just as we were to leave for Easton jail, Betsy Freeland, mother of William Freeland, came to the door with her hands full of biscuits, and divided them between Henry and John. She then delivered herself of a speech, to the following effect:—addressing herself to me, she said, "You devil! You yellow devil! it was you that put it into the heads of Henry and John to run away. But for you, you long-legged mulatto devil! Henry nor John would never have thought of such a thing." I made no reply, and was immediately hurried off towards St. Michael's.

Which best describes Betsy Freeland’s attitude toward Frederick Douglass?



Betsy Freeland’s attitude toward Frederick Douglass was resentful. Thank you! Hope this helps!

her attitute towards him was resentful :) i hope this helps :)))

How does James Cross Giblin create realistic portraits of historical figures?
I can't figure this out and need help ASAP!! (つ﹏<。)


I found an answer on google, hope this helped
So basically he focuses on how they think and do stuff so it shows what his characters are like

The Italian sonnet is divided into two main stanzas (sections) called

the quatrain and the couplet
the couplet and the octave
the sestet and the quatrain
the octave and the sestet



the octave and the sestet


Octave and the sestet

Read this excerpt from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Alice never could quite make out, in thinking it over afterwards, how it was that they began: all she remembers is, that they were running hand in hand, and the Queen went so fast that it was all she could do to keep up with her: and still the Queen kept crying "Faster! Faster!” but Alice felt she COULD NOT go faster, though she had not breath left to say so.

What question should a reader ask to clarify what is happening in the story?

Why is Alice out of breath?
How do Alice and the Queen travel?
Where are Alice and the Queen going?
Who else enjoys the company of the Queen? can you help me with more questions please


Answer: Where are Alice and the Queen going?


due soon please help​






1. The ancient history began around 5,000 years beginning with the Sumerian cuneiform script, with the oldest coherent texts from about 2600 BC.

2. My grandmother was telling  me a story last night.


I dont really know if this is what you wanted but if its not i'm sorry.

The point of view that London uses in White Fang helps the reader understand the perspectives of

the people in the story, not the animals.
the animals in the story, not the people.
both the people and the animals in the story.
both the characters and the author of the story.



I am pretty sure he did it so the readers can understand All the characters




Read this excerpt from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

She was rambling on in this way when she reached the wood: it looked very cool and shady. “Well, at any rate it's a great comfort,” she said as she stepped under the trees, “after being so hot, to get into the—into WHAT?” she went on, rather surprised at not being able to think of the word. “I mean to get under the—under the—under THIS, you know!” putting her hand on the trunk of the tree. “What DOES it call itself, I wonder? I do believe it's got no name—why, to be sure it hasn't!”

She stood silent for a minute, thinking: then she suddenly began again. “Then it really HAS happened, after all! And now, who am I? I WILL remember, if I can! I'm determined to do it!” But being determined didn't help much, and all she could say, after a great deal of puzzling, was, “L, I KNOW it begins with L!”

Which question might a reader ask to gain a better understanding of this excerpt?

Why does Alice choose to step through the looking glass?
Why does Alice forget the name of the woods and her own name?
Why does Alice want to play chess with all the others in the garden?
Why does Alice talk to the gnat about the looking-glass insects?


It could be B but i don’t really know that book or anything but the only what that would make sense to me is, B.

Read this excerpt from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

"You might make a joke on THAT,” said the little voice close to her ear: "something about ‘you WOULD if you could,’ you know.”

"Don't tease so,” said Alice, looking about in vain to see where the voice came from; "if you're so anxious to have a joke made, why don't you make one yourself?”

The little voice sighed deeply: it was VERY unhappy, evidently, and Alice would have said something pitying to comfort it, "If it would only sigh like other people!” she thought. But this was such a wonderfully small sigh, that she wouldn't have heard it at all, if it hadn't come QUITE close to her ear. The consequence of this was that it tickled her ear very much, and quite took off her thoughts from the unhappiness of the poor little creature.

What question should a reader ask to clarify what is happening in the story?

Who or what is the voice speaking to Alice?
When will Alice attempt to share a joke?
What secret will Alice share with the new character?
Why do whispers tickle the listener



(A) Who or what is the voice speaking to Alice?


Omg I feel you i was on Alice through the looking glass and i was so stuck nobody helped me but thats ok. Its crazy because i know your struggling because its so hard!

So Glad I Could Help!


: )


(A) Who or what is the voice speaking to Alice? i think.


Someone help me with this ASAP!


The first one is the answer “ use of machines that function on their own “


The first option


Since it is auto it would be working on its own

Other Questions
The angle of a triangle are in ratio 4:5:6.what is the angle of the triangle? A. Corresponding anglesB.Same side interior anglesC. Alternate exterior anglesD. alternate interior angles - Find the sum of (2+4i) and (3-6i) Which dialogue most clearly indicates who is speaking and reveals the emotion of the scene?O "How do you feel today?""Okay"Mrs. Murphy said, "How do you feel?""Better" Dillon said,"How do you feel?" Mrs. Murphy asked Dillon with a concerned tone,"Better than yesterday." Dillon replied."How do you feel, Dillon?" Mrs. Murphy inquired of her son,"Okay, I guess." A line with slope -3 passes through the points (5,2) and (9,y). Find y. (and yes I know this is a repost but the other one was wrong its not y=5) Professor Huosheng Hu's fish robots can swim around on their own. No one has to control them. Hu hopes to put some of the robots into the ocean. Like the other robots, the fish will have a job. They will look for pollution, like oil leaks from ships. Then people can come and clean the dirty water.The robots will ___ pollution . locate avoid removetrap What new idea can you form based on information inthe two excerpts?O The sculptor of Figure met the sculptor of the Kotafigure.O Abstract art is a new invention.O Figure was sculpted before the Kota figure wassculpted.The human body is a common subject of art. Write a report of no less than 125 words comparing the report of the two spies returning from Jericho (Joshua 2:24) with the report of the other spies mentioned in Numbers 13:31-33. Explain who exercised faith and how we can apply this to our lives today. Based on the myth you read and what you know about the Haida, think about what inferences can be made about their ancient lifestyle. Knowing where the Haida lived, what can the reader infer about the kind of clothes they wore? They wore wool and leather. How did the Haida's island location likely affect their interaction with others? How did the Haida's island location likely affect their sense of community? The Haida's skill with canoes gave them an advantage in which area? What land did the United States acquire after the Mexican-American war?A.Louisiana B.OregonC.TexasD.California and New Mexico 50 POINTS!!!!!!!!Abbie, Chloe, and Xander are playing a dice game. The game consists of ten rounds. In each round, each person takes a turn rolling two dice and earns or loses points based on what they role. Points are awarded according to the following table: Roll Points Same number on both dice +3 Different numbers, with an even sum +1 An odd sum -2 At the end of ten rounds, the person with the highest number of points wins. In the first three rounds, Xander had the following rolls. Write an addition expression that can be used to find his point total at the end of the three rounds Based only on the information given in the diagram, which congruence theorems or postulates could be given as reason why JKL and MNO? define yin-yang in own wordsgive brain;iest what do u call the large screen in a laptop an oxide of copper is decomposed forming copper metal and oxygen gas. a 0.500 g sample of this oxide is decomposed, forming 0.444 g of copper metal. what is the empircal formula of the gold oxide Evaluate the following question:f(x) = 3x - 7 for f(10) if you help me you will get 40 points Write a journal entry as if you were a settler headed for the Oregon Territory in the 1840s. Do some research and describe why you are headed west, what problems you have faced, and a few specific instances along your journey. Describe the Italian Renaissance and when and why did it happen? in your own words Identify and describe 6 different camera angles pwease answeeeeerrList the 5 groups of the food guide pyramid and give their daily recommendations (general recommendation)?