can someone who KNOWS WHAT theyre doing and is good at angles please help


Answer 1





***remember the 180 rule, and supplementary/complementary angles!

180 rule: all triangle's internal angles add up to 180, this means if you know any two angles you can always find the last one

supplementary angles:

angles that add up to 180, 180 is a straight line so they can be found on almost all triangle problems.

if there is a straight line and you know one of the angles that is on the line, you can find the other one by subtracting it from 180

complementary angles:

same thing ^ but with 90

i hope my explanations make sense! let me know if you have any more questions :)

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what is −58+34 any one know?




Step-by-step explanation:


-58 + 34 = -24

Step-by-step explanation:

You know what a number line looks like right? Well, you also know that the negative numbers are to the left of the middle of the line at point 0, and the positives are to the right of 0? So, -58 + 34, you would start at -58 and start counting (adding) 34. You do this by "subtracting" a positive 34 from the negative 58, so basically, you could just ignore the negative sign for now and just subtract the problem like this: 58 - 34 = 24. Since 34 is not greater than 58 and you have not "crossed" the middle (0) to get over to the positive side, the answer is still a negative number as your final answer. So, the answer is -58 + 34 = -24.

REMEMBER: On a number line, when you have a negative number and you have to add, you move to the right, or up (if you are doing a vertical line). When you are subtracting on a number line, you move left, or down (if you are doing a vertical line). P.S. I am using the number line example because this is how I add and/or subtract positives and negatives when I don't have a calculator at hand to give the me the answer.

Hope that was helpful and not confusing!!!

Mike has $800 in his bank account. Over the last 5 years, the amount in his account has went down to $300. What integer represents the average decrease in value PER YEAR?​



The average decrease each year is 60 because 300 divided by 5 is 60.


7(y-2)=7y-14 I’m kinda confused



Infinitely many solutions

Step-by-step explanation:


7(y-2)= 7y - 14

1. Simplify each side

7y - 14 = 7y - 14

Infinitely many solutions

х+5y = 3
3х - 2y = -8


X equals -2 and y equals 1
Solve for X: x+5y=3

Subtract 5y from both sides: x=3−5y

x=3−5y into 3x−2y=−8

Start with the original equation: 3x−2y=−8

Let x=3−5y: 3(3−5y)−2y=−8

Simplify: 9−17y=−8

Solve for y in 9−17y=−8: y=1

Substitute y=1 into , x=3−5y : x=-2


5(x – 10) = 30 – 15x




Step-by-step explanation:

5(x-10) = 30- 15x

5x - 50= 30 - 15x

+15x              +15x

20x - 50 = 30

       +50    +50

20x = 80

/20     /20

x = 4

Hope this helps!

Solve for y.
C=8(y + k)



C/8    -k= y

Step-by-step explanation:

C=8(y + k)

Divide each side by 8

C/8 = y+k

Subtract k from each side

C/8  -k = y+k-k

C/8    -k= y

Answer: y  =  C /8 −  k

Step-by-step explanation:

Evaluate the following expression. Express your answer in simplest form. 3/16 + 5/8 × 1/2​




Step-by-step explanation:

We have to follow the order of operations. Since there are no parenthesis or exponents, we do multiplication first. to multiple fractions, we multiply the two numerators (top parts), which in this situation would get us 5*1=5. Then, we multiply the two denominators (bottom parts), which would get us 8*2=16. then we put the first result over the second, and we get 5/16. since the two denominators are the same, we don't need to change anything. we can just add the numerator, and get 8/16, which simplifies to 1/2.

What do the two lines in the graph below have in common?


Answer: Parallel and same slope

Step-by-step explanation: Parallel means that the lines will never cross, which is shown in the picture. Basically they won't intersect.

branliest plssss :)

helppppppppp pls



Length of the side is 10 for a

Each side for b is 3

Step-by-step explanation:


50 and the second one is 3

Step-by-step explanation:

to get the length from each side the area divide the area by 2 and to get the length for each side from the total perimeter then divide by 4

I need help with this



ok I did this construction about a year ago but I think I can remember something so if it's not correct I hope you won't be mad with me ok so the first step draw a straight line measure the length then make an AC on both sides then stand on one side make an arc upstand on the other side make an arc upthen stand on one AC and make another ARK on top of the other one then stand on the other AC and make another ark on top of the other one then join the lines yeah I think that's the procedure

help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​




Step-by-step explanation:

Answer: A


What are the values of x and y?
image attached. Thank you!




Step-by-step explanation:

We'll have to use trigonometry for this.

First, note that in right triangle ABC, if we look from the perspective of angle A, the opposite side is x, the adjacent side is y, and the hypotenuse is 18.

In order to find x, then, we must use sine, which is opposite/hypotenuse. So:

sin(A) = sin(60) = opposite/hypotenuse = x/18

sin(60) is equal to (√3)/2, so multiplying both sides by 18 gives:

[(√3)/2] * 18 = 9√3

Already, we can tell that the answer is likely C, but let's find y to make sure.

We will use cosine to find y because cos = adjacent/hypotenuse.

cos(A) = cos(60) = adjacent/hypotenuse = y/18

cos(60) = 0.5, so multiplying both sides by 18 gives:

0.5 * 18 = 9

So, y = 9.

Thus, C is our answer.

~ an aesthetics lover



Step-by-step explanation:

Using the cosine/ sine ratio in the right triangle and the exact values

cos30° = [tex]\frac{\sqrt{3} }{2}[/tex] and sin30° = [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] , then

cos30° = [tex]\frac{adjacent}{hypotenuse}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{BC}{AC}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{x}{18}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{\sqrt{3} }{2}[/tex] ( cross- multiply )

2x = 18[tex]\sqrt{3}[/tex] ( divide both sides by 2 )

x = 9[tex]\sqrt{3}[/tex]


sin30° = [tex]\frac{opposite}{hypotenuse}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{AB}{AC}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{y}{18}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] ( cross- multiply )

2y = 18 ( divide both sides by 2 )

y = 9


x = 9[tex]\sqrt{3}[/tex] and y = 9 → C

the mass of the moon



The answer is 10^24kg. 0.07346.

find the coordinates of the midpoint of a segment with the given endpoints 3.)P(-12 -9) Q(2,10) help plz ​



(-5, 0.5)

Step-by-step explanation:

-12+2/2= -5

-9+10/2= 0.5

(-5, 0.5)

Help plz and thanks




Step-by-step explanation:


Need all these questions answer plz


Step-by-step explanation:

1 result(s) found




Step by Step Solution:

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Equation at the end of step 1





           x3 + 3x2 - 7x - 12

Simplify   ——————————————————

                 x + 4        

Checking for a perfect cube :

2.1    x3 + 3x2 - 7x - 12  is not a perfect cube

Trying to factor by pulling out :

2.2      Factoring:  x3 + 3x2 - 7x - 12  

Thoughtfully split the expression at hand into groups, each group having two terms :

Group 1:  -7x - 12  

Group 2:  x3 + 3x2  

Pull out from each group separately :

Group 1:   (7x + 12) • (-1)

Group 2:   (x + 3) • (x2)

Bad news !! Factoring by pulling out fails :

The groups have no common factor and can not be added up to form a multiplication.

Polynomial Roots Calculator :

2.3    Find roots (zeroes) of :       F(x) = x3 + 3x2 - 7x - 12

Polynomial Roots Calculator is a set of methods aimed at finding values of  x  for which   F(x)=0  

Rational Roots Test is one of the above mentioned tools. It would only find Rational Roots that is numbers  x  which can be expressed as the quotient of two integers

The Rational Root Theorem states that if a polynomial zeroes for a rational number  P/Q   then  P  is a factor of the Trailing Constant and  Q  is a factor of the Leading Coefficient

In this case, the Leading Coefficient is  1  and the Trailing Constant is  -12.

The factor(s) are:

of the Leading Coefficient :  1

of the Trailing Constant :  1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,6 ,12

Let us test ....

  P    Q    P/Q    F(P/Q)     Divisor

     -1       1        -1.00        -3.00      

     -2       1        -2.00        6.00      

     -3       1        -3.00        9.00      

     -4       1        -4.00        0.00      x + 4  

     -6       1        -6.00        -78.00      

     -12       1       -12.00       -1224.00      

     1       1        1.00        -15.00      

     2       1        2.00        -6.00      

     3       1        3.00        21.00      

     4       1        4.00        72.00      

     6       1        6.00        270.00      

     12       1        12.00        2064.00      

The Factor Theorem states that if P/Q is root of a polynomial then this polynomial can be divided by q*x-p Note that q and p originate from P/Q reduced to its lowest terms

In our case this means that

  x3 + 3x2 - 7x - 12  

can be divided with  x + 4  

Polynomial Long Division :

2.4    Polynomial Long Division

Dividing :  x3 + 3x2 - 7x - 12  


By         :    x + 4    ("Divisor")

dividend     x3  +  3x2  -  7x  -  12  

- divisor  * x2     x3  +  4x2          

remainder      -  x2  -  7x  -  12  

- divisor  * -x1      -  x2  -  4x      

remainder          -  3x  -  12  

- divisor  * -3x0          -  3x  -  12  

remainder                0

Quotient :  x2-x-3  Remainder:  0  

Trying to factor by splitting the middle term

2.5     Factoring  x2-x-3  

The first term is,  x2  its coefficient is  1 .

The middle term is,  -x  its coefficient is  -1 .

The last term, "the constant", is  -3  

Step-1 : Multiply the coefficient of the first term by the constant   1 • -3 = -3  

Step-2 : Find two factors of  -3  whose sum equals the coefficient of the middle term, which is   -1 .

     -3    +    1    =    -2  

     -1    +    3    =    2  

Observation : No two such factors can be found !!

Conclusion : Trinomial can not be factored

Canceling Out :

2.6    Cancel out  (x+4)  which appears on both sides of the fraction line.

Final result :

 x2 - x - 3

Terms and topics

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Polynomial long division

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What is the range of the function f(x)=1/3x+1, when the domain is {-1,1,4}

a {0, 2, 4}

b {-1, 1, 3}

c {2/3, 4/3, 2}

d {-2/3, 5/3, 4}




Step-by-step explanation:


a body of mass 10kg acted upon by a force of 40N for 0.5secs. Find the:(i)impulse on the body. (ii)final speed of the body. (iii)distance covered within the time interval.


Step-by-step explanation:

20n 20394848484848575

The impulse on the body is 20 kg-m/s, the final speed of the body is 2m/s, and the distance covered within the time interval is 0.5m.

What is Force?

Force is the strength applied on an object with mass to change its state of motion.

The mass of the body is 10kg.

The force applied on the object is 40N.

The time for which the force is applied is 0.5 sec.

The impulse on the body is calculated by,

Impulse =  Force * Time

Impulse = 40 * 0.5

Impulse = 20 kg-m/s

The final speed of the body is given by

v = u + at

Assuming the initial speed = 0

v = at

Acceleration =  Force / mass

Acceleration = 40/10

a = 4 m/s²

v = 4 * 0.5

v = 2 m/s

The distance covered within the time interval is given by,

s = ut + (1/2) at²

s = (1/2) at²

s = (1/2) 4 * 0.5 *0.5

s = 0.5 m

To know more about Force


Suppose at age 22 mort starts investing 200$ at the end of each month into a savings plan with an apr of 2.9% and he continues to do so through the next 43 years ( planning to retire at age 65). How much will be in his savigns plan towards retirement? How much of his balance was from the interested loans



Kindly check explanation

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the following :

Monthly Payment (PMT) = 200 at the end of each period

interest rate = 2.9% = 0.029/12 = 0.0024166

Period (n) = 43 years x 12 = 516

Using the future value(FV) of an ordinary annuity:

FV = PMT[(1 + r)^n - 1] / r

FV = 200[(1 + 0.0024166)^516 - 1] / 0.0024166

FV = 200[(1.0024166)^516 - 1] / 0.0024166

FV = 200(2.4745372) / 0.0024166

FV = 204,794.93

Amount which will be in saving plan towards retirement = $204,794.93

Interest amount :

$204,794.93 - total monthly deposits

$204,794.93 - (200 * 516)

$204,794.93 - $103,200

= $101,594.93

Which of the following is an example of the atmosphere interacting with the biosphere?


I’d say option 4

However, one may think option 3 might be possible as well. But that it is not interacting, it’s affecting.

So I’d stick with option 4.

Good luck!

Find the slope of the line


Slope formula =





Step-by-step explanation:

slope = ΔY  / ΔX  = 5/(-5)=-1

Which expression is equivalent to 5 (h + 9)?



5(m+9) = 5m+25


5(m+9) = 5m+25

Step-by-step explanation:


Two integers have a difference of 18 and a sum of 2. What is the product of the two integers?



the product of the two integers is -80




it was on a mathcounts competition

The sum of triple a number d and 5
(it’s translating expressions)




Step-by-step explanation:

Barnes and noble needs to ship 14 mystery books, 12 science-fiction books, and 8 historical-fiction books. The store can only pack one genre of book in each box, and they must pack the same number of books in each box. What is the greatest number of books Barnes and Noble can pack in each box?


Answer: 2

Step-by-step explanation:

Given:  14 mystery books, 12 science-fiction books, and 8 historical-fiction books needs to b shipped.

If they want to pack one genre of book in each box such that they pack same number of books in each box.

Then, the greatest number of books Barnes and Noble can pack in each box

= GCD(14,12,8)

Since, 14 = 2 x 7

12 = 2 x 2 x 3

8 = 2 x 2 x 2


Hence, the greatest number of books Barnes and Noble can pack in each box = 2

Line AB is 14 inches long. What is the approximate area of the circle?

615.44 inches
21.98 inches
153.86 inches
43.96 inches



The third one is closest

Step-by-step explanation:

half of the diameter=the radius 14/2 = 7 and the formula for the area of a circle is r^2π so 49 × π is 153.93804

Marcia has a monthly income of $3,500. She budgets 8% for her cell phone. What amount does she budget for her cell phone, in dollars and cents?



[tex]280 \: dollars[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]3500 \times .08 = 280[/tex]

Simple as that ^^^ Just find 8% of 3500


8% of 3500$ equals to



Based on a graph below which sequence of transformation is needed to carry ABCD onto its image A’B’C’D?



The vertices of ABCD are A(2,3), B(5,6), C(8,6) and D(8,3).

The vertices of A'B'C'D' are A'(-2,6), B'(-5,3), C'(-8,3) and D'(-8,6).

To find:

The sequence of transformation is needed to carry ABCD onto its image A’B’C’D.


The vertices of ABCD are A(2,3), B(5,6), C(8,6) and D(8,3).

If figure ABCD translated by the rule, [tex](x,y)\to (x,y-9)[/tex], then

[tex]A(2,3)\to A_1(2,-6)[/tex]

[tex]B(5,6)\to B_1(5,-3)[/tex]

[tex]C(8,6)\to C_1(8,-3)[/tex]

[tex]D(8,3)\to D_1(8,-6)[/tex]

Then the figure rotated 180 degrees clockwise about the origin. So,

[tex](x,y)\to (-x,-y)[/tex]

[tex]A_1(2,-6)\to A'(-2,6)[/tex]

[tex]B_1(5,-3)\to B'(-5,3)[/tex]

[tex]C_1(8,-3)\to C'(-8,3)[/tex]

[tex]D_1(8,-6)\to D'(-8,6)[/tex]

So, the required sequence of transformation that is needed to carry ABCD onto its image A’B’C’D is " A translation by the rule [tex](x,y)\to (x,y-9)[/tex] and then a 180° clockwise rotation about the origin".

Therefore, the correct option is D.

someone help with this ASAP I HAVE FEW MINS !!!




Step-by-step explanation:

Consider the equation and its solution. 8 (x minus 2) = 64. 8 x minus 16 = 64. 8 x = 80. X = 10. Which property is used in the last step to find that x = 10? Distributive property addition property of equality subtraction property of equality division property of equality



Division property of equality

Step-by-step explanation:

Consider the equation and its solution. 8 (x minus 2) = 64.

8 x minus 16 = 64.

8 x = 80.

x = 10.

Which property is used in the last step to find that x = 10

The property used in the last step to find that x = 10 is called the DIVISION PROPERTY OF EQUALITY

The Division property of equality states that , when two sides of a quadratic equation are divide by the same integer that is greater than zero, both sides will be equal to one another

Let c be the integer greater than zero

ac = bc

Divide both sides by c

a = b

From the above question

8 x = 80

This is also written as:

8x = 8 × 10

Division property of equality

Divide both sides by 8


x = 10


division property of equality

Step-by-step explanation:

since the equation before our answer was a multiplication equation, you must counteract that with the division property of equality.

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