Calculate the unit rate for each option of Takis, explain which option is better,
and why?


Answer 1
Answer: .42 for left bag .22 for right bag

(1st explanation is the left bag and the 2nd in the right bag)
Explanation: If the bag is $1.68 for 4oz of takis and you want to find the unit rate you do 1.68 divided by 4 which equals $0.42 per oz of takis.
2nd Explanation: If its $4.42 for 20 oz of takis do 4.42 divided by 20 which equals $0.22.

Explanation for the teacher (I saw the worst words ever, "why?": The right bag of takis are the best value since the left bag is a little bit less than twice the right bag.
Answer 2


they are better because they are cheeper than the other

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