Calculate the surface area of the prism.


Answer 1


152 units.

Step-by-step explanation:




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use symbolab

Step-by-step explanation:

The area of a rectangular painting is 5734cm^2
If the length of the painting is 94cm , what is its width?


Answer: 61cm

Step-by-step explanation:

So to work out this question you do 5734÷94 which would work out the with which is 61


Fifty eighth graders attend a
charter school. If 1/10 are
home with the flu and 2/3 of
the remaining students are
on a field trip, how many are
in school?




Step-by-step explanation:

1/10 of 50 is 5, so remove that.

2/3 of 45 is 30, so remove that too.

therefore, 15 kids are in school

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Express the following number as a decimal:
2 x 10^-6




Step-by-step explanation:

2* 10^-6

is the same as

2 * 0.000001

which is



The answer is: 0.000002

Step-by-step explanation:

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Answer: [tex]x \geq 3[/tex]

The graph has a closed circle pointing to the right

Find two consecutive integers whose sum is eleven less than three times the smaller integer.



If you call the smaller integer "x" and the greater integer "y", then:

x+y=3x-11             The sum of the two is 11 less than 3 times the smaller

y=x+1                    Because they are consecutive, the greater must be 1 more than the smaller

Then you can solve for x:

x+(x+1)=3x-11       Substitute x+1 for y

2x+1=3x-11            Combine like terms

2x+12=3x               Add 11 to both sides

12=x                      Subtract 2x from both sides

The smaller integer is 12, thus the greater integer is 1 more or 13.




25=25                       Yes, so the integers are 12 and 13

Step-by-step explanation:

thats pretty much it

ILL MARK BRAINLIST IF YOU GET IT RIGHT .which expression is equivalent to s - t?




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They are variables
Are there supposed to be answer choices?

Lerna's Hydra is a mythological character that appears in some stories such as the 12 Tasks of Hercules. The Hydra was a one-headed monster but when it is cut off, 2 more heads grow in its place. If a hero tried to conquer it by cutting off all of its heads every day, how many heads would the Hydra have on the third day? And at the end of 10 days of trying to kill it? *



Step-by-step explanation:

Initially the monster is one-headed, when it is cut off, 2 more heads grow in its place, when the two heads are cut off, 4 will grow in its place. This will go on an on and the amount of heads that grows each day will form a geometric sequance as shown;

1, 2, 4...

The nth term of an arithmetic sequence is expresses as;

[tex]T_n = ar^{n-1}[/tex] where;

a is the first term

r is the common ratio

n is the number of terms

To get the number of heads that the Hydra have on the third day, we will have to find the fourth term of the sequence since the first cutting was done the next day (second day).

from the sequence above;

a = 1

r = 2/1 = 4/2 = 2

T4 = 1(2)^{4-1}

T4 = 2^3

T4 = 8

Hence the hydra will have 8 heads on the third day.

To know the number of heads at the end of 10 days, we will find the 11th term of the progression

T11 = 1(2)^{11-1}

T4 = 2^10

T4 = 1024

He will have 1024 heads after 10 days of trying to kill the monster.

The number of heads that would the Hydra have on the third day is 8

And, at the end of 10 days of trying to kill it is 1024.

The calculation is as follows:

a = 1

r = 2 by 1 = 2  


= 8

So the hydra will have 8 heads on the third day.


To know the number of heads at the end of 10 days, we will determine the 11th term of the progression

= 1024

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A baseball player starts the season with 77 career home runs. Ten games into the
season, he has hit 2 home runs. Assume he continues at this pace. Write an
equation for the number of career home runs he has hit. How many career home
runs would you expect him to have at the end of the season (162 games)?


If there are a total of 162 games, and every then games the player hits 2 home runs, we can divide the total amount of games by 10 then multiply the quotient by 2.

162 / 10 is approximately 16.

16 × 2 = 32

32 + 77 = 109 career home runs

Using the slope intercept relation, the required equation and the number of home runs at season end would be ;

y = 0.2x + 77109

Recall :

y = bx + c

c = initial number of hime runs = 77b = slope y = total career home runs x = number of games played

Slope, b = 2 home runs per 10 games = 2/10 = 0.2

The expression can be represented thus:

y = 0.2x + 77

Number of home runs at the end of the season :

x = 162

y = 0.2(162) + 77

y = 32.4 + 77

y = 109.4

y = 109

Hence, Total number of hime runs would be 109.

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Suppose a person starts the day by drinking 3 cups of coffee containing 130 mg of caffeine EACH.

Let C = mg of caffeine remaining in the body and let t = hours since the 390 mg of caffeine was consumed. Write a function C(t) that expresses the amount of caffeine remaining in the body as a function of time.



C = t * 3

Step-by-step explanation:

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Minimum, Vertex(1,-7) and sorry what do you mean by aos? i dont get that please type in the comments I'll answer that too. Hope you understand the rest

Step-by-step explanation:

The vertex of a parabola means the stationary point/turning point which is denoted by the following:

[tex]x=\frac{-b}{2a} \\[/tex]

and for y we just simply put the value of x that we get into the equation so lets get started

The equation [tex]y=x^2-2x-6[/tex] is a quadratic equation

and if we compare it by the standard form [tex]y=ax^2+bx+c[/tex] we get the following values

a=1 , b=-2 , c=-6

and now for the vertex


[tex]x=\frac{-(-2)}{2(1)} \\x=\frac{2}{2} \\x=1[/tex]

and now for y


so the vertex is (1,-7)

and the graph is minimum not maximum because the value of a is greater than 0 if the value of a>0 then the graph is minimum and if the value of a<0 meaning a is negative the graph is maximum and here in the equation a=1 which means a>0 then our graph is minimum.


hey we were talking in the comment section with someone else 16 min ago and that chat maxed out so he made another one and wants you to come back. Just letting you know.

Step-by-step explanation:

Find the value for x that makes the given equation true. - -4(3x – 7) + 5x = -2x + 8​



Okay this might be slightly confusing but I'll try to make it simple. x = -10

Step-by-step explanation:

-4 ( 3x - 7 ) + 5x = -2x + 8 1. get rid of parenthesis first. -4 times 3x = -12x and -4 times -7 is 28

-12x + 28 + 5x = -2x + 8 2. Combine any like terms on each side of the equation. -7x + 28 = -2x + 8 3. Get rid of the smallest x value by adding to both sides -7x

+7x +7x

28 = -2x + 8 4. subtract 8 from both sides to get rid of it. (you wanna get x alone)

-8 -8

20 = -2x 5. Divide both sides by -2 to get 1x (which is x)

/-2 /-2

x = -10

If you could travel back in time one year, what advice would you give yourself?
10 sentence required for the brainlleist if 2 people answer



To keep my head up and focus on the good instead of the bad. To understand that life gets hard. I would remind myself that I'm worth it and I am a strong person. I would tell myself that whatever bad happens, something good will come out of it. To remind myself that all the bad I've been through is only making me a stronger person. And I would remind myself that everything happens for a reason, whether I see it now or I see it later on down the road. I would remind myself that it's never too late to change for the better. I would tell my self "you made it this far, your strong". And I would tell myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to. And that nothing is impossible.

Hope this helps :)

Step-by-step explanation:

If someone could travel back in time one year, the advice I would give myself would be to embrace change and adaptability. The world is constantly evolving, and it is important to stay open-minded and flexible in order to thrive.

I would encourage myself to be proactive in seeking opportunities for growth and learning, even if they seem daunting or unfamiliar at first. Additionally, I would remind myself to prioritize self-care and mental well-being. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but taking time for oneself is crucial.

Whether it be spending time in nature, practicing mindfulness, or pursuing hobbies and interests, nurturing my own happiness should be a priority. Lastly, I would advise myself not to dwell on past mistakes or missed opportunities.

Every setback is an opportunity for growth, and it is important to learn from these experiences rather than letting them define me. By adopting a positive mindset and focusing on the present moment, I can ensure that I make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

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A really fast armadillo can cross a road that is 20.00 meters wide in 10.00 seconds. What is the speed of the armadillo?
A. 2.0 m/s
B. 10 seconds
c. 10 meters
D. 200 m/s




Step-by-step explanation:

Speed= Distance/time

20m/10s=2 m/s

Kylie is studying the change in the water level of Sweetgum Pond as part of a summer science experiment. In the first week of June, the change in the water level was – 4 centimeters. The next week it stormed almost every day, so the water level rose 7 centimeters.



3 centimeters

Step-by-step explanation:

The computation of the change in the water level over the first two weeks of June is shown below:

= Rise in the water level - changed in the water level

= 7 centimeters - 4 centimeters

= 3 centimeters

hence, the change in the water level is  3 centimeter and the same is to be considered

We simply applied the above formula so that the correct value could come



Step-by-step explanation:




D. 75

Step-by-step explanation:

Bc they are congruent that means that DAY has angles 60 and 45 so you add them together to get 105 and bc triangles are 180 deg, the last angle is 75 (180-105 = 75)

180-105 = 75. Sorry if wrong

the sum of the 2 integers is -112. if one of them is -109 find the other​



let x and be the two integers


if one of them is -109

let x be one of the that is substitute-109 to the above equation


collect like terms to the left hand side.



move the sigh to the constant


The Huggins family went out to dinner. The price of the meal was $62.95. The sales tax is 8% of the
price of the meal. The tip is 15% of the meal and the sales tax. How much money did the family
pay for the meal, including tax and tip?



$62.95 (meal) + $5.03 (sales tax) +$.75 (sales tax tip) + $9.44 (meal tip)

Total: $78.17



Step-by-step explanation:

To find the total after the sales tax is charged you have to do

$62.95 x 1.08 (1 = to the total and .08 to add sales tax value) =$67.986  round*

Now you take $67.99 (has been rounded) and multiply but .15 to find out what is 15% of $67.99 , it comes out to be 10.1979 (Round)

Now to finish you add $67.99 +$10.20 = $78.19

What is the solution?

-6x - 1 =23




Step-by-step explanation:

the first thing you do is add 1 to both sides to make the variable be alone


now divide 6 on both sides the variable cancels out and your left with 24/-6

so your answer is -4

- Find the sum of (2+4i) and (3-6i)


(2+4i )+(3-6i)

= 2 + 4i+3 -6i

= 5 - 2i



Step-by-step explanation:




Please correct me if I am wrong

50 POINTS!!!!!!!!
Abbie, Chloe, and Xander are playing a dice game. The game consists of ten rounds. In each round, each person takes a turn rolling two dice and earns or loses points based on what they role. Points are awarded according to the following table: Roll Points Same number on both dice +3 Different numbers, with an even sum +1 An odd sum -2 At the end of ten rounds, the person with the highest number of points wins. In the first three rounds, Xander had the following rolls. Write an addition expression that can be used to find his point total at the end of the three rounds


Same number on both dice ( in first throw) + Different numbers ,with an even sum (in second throw) + An odd sum(third throw) + An odd sum(fourth throw) + Different numbers ,with an even sum (in fifth throw)

How to solve rolled dice problems?

From the given ,question Abbie, Chloe, and Xander are playing a dice game.

They are playing with two dices.

The game rules are;

Same number on both dice = +3

Different numbers, with an even sum = +1

An odd sum = -2

After five rounds, score of Chloe = +1

1 = 3 + 1 + (-2) + (-2) + 1

⇒ Same number on both dice ( in first throw) + Different numbers ,with an even sum (in second throw) + An odd sum(third throw) + An odd sum(fourth throw) + Different numbers ,with an even sum (in fifth throw)

If we alter the arrangements, In each case you will get sum as (+1), as integers satisfy both Commutativity and Associativity with respect to addition.

Complete question is;

Abbie, Chloe, and Xander are playing a dice game. The game consists of ten rounds. In each round, each person takes a turn rolling two dice and earns or loses points based on what they role. Points are awarded according to the following table:

Same number on both dice +3

Different numbers, with an even sum +1

An odd sum -2

In the first five rounds, Chloe had a combined score of 1 point. Determine what five types of rolls she had in these first rounds. Express your answer in complete sentences.

Read more about Dice rolls at;








The least number of rounds will be four. She will need to throw four, (different numbers, with an even sum).

Step-by-step explanation:

3.186e + 15
Convert this into a number will give Brainliest please answer as soon as possible!





3.186e + 15 → 3.186E+15 [What I am implying] = 3.186 × 10^15 = 3.186 × 1,000,000,000,000,000 = 3,186,000,000,000,000


People may also get the constant e mixed up if you are referring to scientific notation. I know it is the way alot of people write it, but sometimes the calculator can mix it up.

Because 3.186e + 15 may come out as 23.66044590547

3/4 + 1/6z = 35/4 solve


z=48 hope this helps


z = 48

Step-by-step explanation:


[tex]\frac{3}{4}[/tex] + [tex]\frac{1}{6}[/tex] z = [tex]\frac{35}{4}[/tex]

Multiply through by 12 ( the LCM of 4 and 6 )

9 + 2z = 105 ( subtract 9 from both sides )

2z = 96 ( divide both sides by 2 )

z = 48

The measure of an angle is 108°. What is the measure of a supplementary angle?



72 degrees

Step-by-step explanation:


where I got 180: a supplementary angle is 180 degrees

Frank has been driving at a constant speed for 3 hours, during which time he traveled 195 miles. Frank would like to know how long it will take him to complete the remaining 455 miles, assuming he maintains the same constant speed. Help Frank determine how long the remainder of the trip will take. Include a table or diagram to support your answer​



10.6 hours

Step-by-step explanation:

Katie wants to buy a bracelet. She only has $30 to spend. She has found a bracelet with a regular price of $45 and a discount of 35%. If the sales tax is 7%, will she have enough to buy the bracelet? If so, how much money will Katie have left? If not, how much more money will she need?


Given :

Money Katie has, M = $30.

She has found a bracelet with a regular price of $45 and a discount of 35%.

The sales tax is 7%.

To Find :

Will she have enough to buy the bracelet.

Solution :

Original price = $45 .

Price after discount = $( 45 - 45×0.35) = $29.25 .

Selling Price = $( 29.25 + 29.25×0.07 ) = $31.2975 .

Since, selling price is greater than $30.

Money needed = $( 31.2975 - 30 ) = $1.2975 .

Therefore, Katie will not buy the bracelet.

Box of 36 rubber bands he used 1/4 of the rubber bands in the box how many rubber bands did use

Pleas help



He used 9 rubberbands.

pls give me brainliest if correct.

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

36 divided by 1 over 4 equals 9




4  4  4  4




Sorry and where is your questions..

Given three collinear points A, B and C. How many line segments do

they determine? Name them.



Three segments: AB, BC, AC

Step-by-step explanation:

Remember to put the line on top since they’re segments.

Hope this helps!

Can someone please help me asap??? I’ll mark brainlist !!!!




Step-by-step explanation:


b or a

Step-by-step explanation:

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