A race dog is initially running at 10 m/s but is slowing down. How fast is the dog moving when its kinetic energy has been reduced by half?
5.37 m/s
7.07 m/s
5.00 m/s
6.10 m/s


Answer 1

Answer: 7.07 m/s

Step-by-step explanation:

I took the quiz and that was the correct answer 5 is wrong

Answer 2

The speed of the dog at half of its kinetic energy is 7.07 m/s. The correct option is (B).

What is Proportionality?

When two quantities have some dependence in their values they can be said proportional to each other.

It can be of two types such as direct and indirect.

The direct proportionality means the values of both the quantities are increasing or decreasing at the same time while the indirect proportionality implies value of one quantity is increasing while the other is decreasing.

Given that,

The present speed of the dog is 10 m/s.

Suppose the mass of the dog be m kg.

Since, the kinetic energy of an object is given as K = 1/2mv².

As per the question, the following expression can be written,

Initial energy, K₁ = 1/2m × 10²

                           = 50m

Final energy, K₂ = K₁/2

                           = 50m/2

                           = 25m

Using the expression for kinetic energy,

1/2mv² = 25m

=> v² = 50

=> v = √50

       = 7.07

Hence, the speed of the dog when its kinetic energy is reduced to half is 7.07 m/s.

To know more about proportionality click on,



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Ben and Ella are filling goodie bags for a party. Each goodie bag needs an eraser, a bubble wand, and a few candy bar bites. Ben filled 25 goodie bags in 20 minutes. Ella filled 27 goodie bags in 24 minutes. Who filled goodie bags at a faster pace?




Step-by-step explanation:

25 goodies = 20 minutes

27 goodies = 24 minutes

Let's use ratio, divide both of them by their minute

25/20 = 20/20

27/24 = 24/24

1.25 goodies = 1 minute

1.12 goodies = 1 minute

1.25 is bigger than 1.12.


Step-by-step explanation:

Convert y = x2 - 4x + 1 to vertex form by completing the square.

O y= (- 1)2 + 4
O y= (1 - 2)2 +5
O y= (x - 2)2 – 3
O y = (x - 4) + 1



vertex: (-2, -3)

Step-by-step explanation:

y = x2 + 4x                 + 1  

y = x2 + 4x + 22          + 1 - 22  

y = (x + 2)2 + 1 - 4  

y = (x + 2)2 - 3            in y = (x - h)2 + k, (h, k) is the vertex.  



y = (x - 2)² - 3

Step-by-step explanation:


y = x² - 4x + 1

To complete the square

add/subtract ( half the coefficient of the x- term )² to x² - 4x

y = x² + 2(- 2)x + 4 - 4 + 1

   = (x - 2)² - 3

if the cost of carpeting a floor is $2.50 per foot how much will it cost to carpet a rectangular floor that is 10 feet by 12 feet



300 dollars

Step-by-step explanation:

Multiply 10 feet by 12 feet to get the total number of feet needed

10x12=120 feet

120 times $2.5= $300

The cost to carpet a rectangular floor is $300.

Given that,

The cost of carpeting a floor is $2.50 per foot A rectangular floor that is 10 feet by 12 feet

Based on the above information, the calculation is as follows:

[tex]= 10 \times 12 \times \$2.50[/tex]

= $300

Learn more: brainly.com/question/17429689





Step by step

determine the defined range

remove parentheses

move the terms

collect like terms and calculate

divide both sides

I need help what is -0.5 _ -0.2​


-0.5 < -0.2,
because I need more characters

Which of the following statements is true?

The number 0 is a natural number.
The number is an integer.
The value π is a rational number.
The number -5 is a real number.


Answer: the number -5 is a real number

Real numbers are both negative and positive numbers. -5 is a negative number. Since real numbers include negative numbers, -5 is the answer.

Hope this helps!


the number -5 is a real number

Step-by-step explanation:

A survey asks students to name their favorite outdoor activity. 12 students say bike riding, 8 students say climbing trees, and 5 students say swimming. Mia says that 40% olf the students say their favorite activity is climbing trees. Is she correct? Explain



Mia is incorrect. 32% of the students say climbing trees is their favorite.

Step-by-step explanation:

Percentage of the students that chose climbing trees = number of students that chose climbing trees ÷ total number of students surveyed × 100

Number of students that chose climbing trees = 8

Total number of students = those that chose riding bike + those that chose climbing trees + those that say swimming = 12 + 8 + 5 = 25


% of the students that say climbing trees = [tex] {8}{25}*100 = \frac{800}{25} = 32 [/tex].

Mia is wrong.

32% say climbing trees is their favorite. NOT 40%.

Estimate and then solve the equation.

x − 174


= − 131


The estimated equation is


The estimated solution is x =


The actual solution is x =




Estimate and then solve the equation.

x − 174


= − 131


The estimated equation is

✔ x – 18 = -13


The estimated solution is x =

✔ 5


The actual solution is x =

✔ 4 3/5


Hope this helps!


A bakery sold a total of 500 cupcakes in a day, and 93% of them were vanilla flavored. How many of the cupcakes sold that day were vanilla flavored?


I also got 465 lol. What grade are you all in?

answer the questions

dont answer if u dont know



3.) 2.5cm

4.) 14mm

5.) 1.75in

6.) 12cm

7.) 4in

8.) 1.6ft

9.) 31.4in

10.) 43.96in

11.) 56.52in

Step-by-step explanation:

3-5 finding the radius is just half of the diameter.


5/2= 2.5


28/2= 14


3.5/2= 1.75

6-8 is finding the diameter. To find the diameter multiply the radius by 2.


6*2= 12


2*2= 4


.8*2= 1.6

9-11 is finding the circumference. To find it use this equation C= 2πr.

C= circumference, 2=2, π= 3.14, r= radius

#9 the diameter is 10in so the radius is 5in



#10 the radius is 7in

C= 2(3.14)7

C= 43.96

#11 diameter is 18in so the radius is 9in


C= 56.52


I don't know the anwser

Step-by-step explanation:

but the other person does so I'm adding this to get points and so you can make her brainliest


Using the exponential notion and simplify pls


Evaluate or simplify?
It would be 8000 I think. I’m sorry if it’s wrong!

If someone could help me I would really appreciate it!

Factor by slide and divide!




Step-by-step explanation:

6x^2 + 7x + 24

= 6x^2 + (15-8)x + 24

= 6x^2 + 15x - 8x + 24

= 3x( 2x+5 ) - 4( 2x+5 )

= (3x-4)(2x+5)

Write an equation or inequality to represent the relationship "three
times a number decreased by 12 is equal to -18". Then solve.
a. Equation :
b. Answer:



a. 3x-12= -18 b. x=-2

Step-by-step explanation:

simplify the expression (5x^7)^2




Step-by-step explanation:

Measure the angle and classify it as right, acute, or obtuse.




Step-by-step explanation:

Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Combine like terms to simplify the expression. 5 x + 4 + 2 x + 5



[tex] \huge{ \boxed{ \bold{ \text{7x + 9}}}}[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex] \text{5x + 4 + 2x + 5}[/tex]

[tex] \text{Combine \: like \: terms} : [/tex]

[tex] \text{Like \: terms \: are \: those \: which \: have \: the \: same \: base.}[/tex]

[tex] ➝ \: \text{5x + 2x + 4 + 5}[/tex]

➝ [tex] \text{ 7x + 4 + 5}[/tex]

[tex] \text{Add \: the \: numbers : 4 \: and \: 5}[/tex]

[tex] ➝ \: \text{7x + 9}[/tex]

[tex] \text{Hope \: I \: helped}[/tex]!

[tex] \text{Best \: regards}[/tex]!

~[tex] \mathfrak{TheAnimeGirl}[/tex]


7x + 9

Step-by-step explanation:

Combine like terms, means put the ones that have something in common together; in this case they are the terms with an 'x' value, and a regular numeric value.

5x+2x = 7x

5+4 = 9



What is the square root of 51.84​


The square root of 51.84 is 7.2

i need help in finding numerical value please



Step-by-step explanation:




[tex]B=\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{12}=\sqrt{3}+2\sqrt{3}\\\\ = (1+2)\sqrt{3}\\\\ = 3\sqrt{3}[/tex]


= 3* 1.732 - 4 *1.4142

= 5.196 - 5.6568

= -0.4608

Exact Answer:   [tex]4\sqrt{2} - 3\sqrt{3}[/tex]

Approximate Answer:  0.46070182678574

Round the approximate value however you need to.


Work Shown:

[tex]C = \sqrt{ B^2 + A^2 - 2BA}\\\\C = \sqrt{ B^2 - 2BA + A^2}\\\\C = \sqrt{ (B-A)^2 }\\\\C = -(B-A) \ \ \text{ see note below}\\\\C = -B+A\\\\C = A-B\\\\C = (A) - (B)\\\\[/tex]

[tex]C = (\sqrt{2}+\sqrt{18}) - (\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{12})\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+\sqrt{18} - \sqrt{3}-\sqrt{12}\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+\sqrt{9*2} - \sqrt{3}-\sqrt{4*3}\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+\sqrt{9}*\sqrt{2} - \sqrt{3}-\sqrt{4}*\sqrt{3}\\\\C = \sqrt{2}+3\sqrt{2} - \sqrt{3}-2\sqrt{3}\\\\C = 4\sqrt{2} - 3\sqrt{3} \ \ \text{ ..... exact value}\\\\C \approx 0.46070182678574 \ \ \text{ ..... approximate value}[/tex]


Note: The rule used here is

If x is positive then [tex]\sqrt{x^2} = x[/tex]

Or if x is negative, then [tex]\sqrt{x^2} = -x[/tex]

Since B-A = -0.4607 approximately, we will use the second version of the rule above.

value of 3b^2 - 5c^3 if b = 2 and c = -1​




Step-by-step explanation:

3(2)^2 - 5(-1)^3

3(4) - 5(-1)

12 + 5


Help me out please I'll give brain list




Step-by-step explanation:

hope this helps

B because they are all attached to the bell which will allow it to make noise hope this helped

Type the correct answer in each box. Spell all words correctly, and use numerals instead of words for numbers. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s). ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the criterion. (Use the three-letter abbreviation without spaces.) The value of x is , and the value of y is .


*See attachment for the given diagram.


∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent by the SSS criterion.

The value of x is 11 and the value of y is 8

Step-by-step explanation:

Based on the Side-Side-Side (SSS) Congruence Theorem, ∆ABC and ∆FDE are congruent to each other. The 3 sides of ∆ABC are congruent to the 3 given sides of ∆FDE.





Find x:

Since BC ≅ DE, therefore measure of BC = measure of DE.

BC = x + 3

DE = 14


x + 3 = 14

Subtract 3 from each side

x = 14 - 3

x = 11

Find y:

Since AB ≅ DF, therefore the measure of both sides are equal.

AB = 3

DF = x - y


x - y = 3

Substitute x = 11 into the equation

11 - y = 3

Subtract 11 from both sides

-y = 3 - 11

-y = -8

Divide both sides by -1

y = -8/-1

y = 8



Step-by-step explanation:

got it right

A runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd). How many feet (ft) is this? First fill in the blank on the left side of the equation using one of the ratios. Then write your answer on the right side of the equation. ft mi yd 1760 yd 1 mi 3 ft 1 ft 12 in 1 yd Ratios: 1 mi 1760 yd 1 yd 3 ft 12 in 1 ft . in Х 117 yd 1 ft 0 x IK IT LOOKS CONFUSING SO LOOK AT THE PICTURE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!:)​



117 yd/1 x 3 ft/1 yd = 351 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\frac{117}{1} * \frac{3}{1} = 351 ft[/tex]

A runner sprinted for 351 feet.

Given that, a runner sprinted for 117 yards (yd).

How to convert yards to feet?

To convert a yard measurement to a foot measurement, multiply the length by the conversion ratio. The length in feet is equal to the yards multiplied by 3.

Here, multiply the ratio 117/1 by 3/1.

That is, 117 × 3 =351 ft

Therefore, a runner sprinted for 351 feet.

To learn more about the metric conversion visit:



What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-5,7) and (10, 1)?
m = 5/2
m = -5/2
m = -2/5
m = 2/5


y= -2/5x + 5 is the equation, so the correct answer would be c

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1). The slope of the points is -2/5.

How to calculate a slope ?

Any two different points on a line can be used to calculate the slope of any line. The slope of a line formula is used to determine the ratio of "vertical change" to "horizontal change" between two different points on a line.

Given that,

The points are (-5,7) and (10,1).

We have to find the slope of the points.

The relationship between how a line's y coordinate changes and how its x coordinate changes determines a line's slope. y and x are the net changes in the y and x coordinates, respectively. As a result, the change in y coordinate with regard to the change in x coordinate can be written as,

Slope of the points=[tex]\frac{y_{2} -y_{1} }{x_{2} -x_{1} }[/tex]






Slope of the points [tex]= \frac{1 - 7}{10 + 5}[/tex]

Slope of the points =(-6)/(15)

Slope of the points = -2/5

Therefore, the slope of the points is -2/5.

To learn more about slope visit: https://brainly.com/question/3605446


what 5-2 to the power of 5




Step-by-step explanation:

(5-2) = 3

3 to the power of 5 is 3x3x3x3x3

3x3x3x3x3 = 243


(5-2)^5= (3)^5 = 3*3*3*3*3 = 9*9*3 = 243

Step-by-step explanation:

Antonio's dad bought gas for their family's ATV two weeks in a row. Last week, he bought 12 gallons for $35.40. This week, he bought 9 gallons for $25.83. How much more did Antonio's dad pay per gallon last week?


Answer: 0.08

Dont belive the dummy that said 0.30

Antonio's dad paid $ 0.08 per gallon more for the last week as compared to this week.

Given information:

Antonio's dad bought gas for their family's ATV two weeks in a row.

Last week, he bought 12 gallons for $35.40.

This week, he bought 9 gallons for $25.83.

So, the cost of one gallon for last week is,


The cost of one gallon for this week is,


So, the extra charge paid by his dad for the last week for one gallon will be,

[tex]2.95-2.87=0.08\$\;\rm per\;gallon[/tex]

Therefore, Antonio's dad paid $ 0.08 per gallon more for the last week as compared to this week.

For more details, refer to the link:





a) 300m

b) 15 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

a) 1 : 30 000

=  1x 30 000

=  30 000cm

=  30 000cm/ 100                           Representing in metres

=  300m

b) 1 : 6

=  1x 2.5 : 6x 2.5

=  2.5 : 15

=  15 miles

1. (3x + 7) + (8x + 2)



Step by step:
Remove the parenthesis
Collect like terms
Add 7+2

HELP PLEASE HELP I’m doing geometry please help



(4x - 10) + x = 90 degrees

x = 20

Ariana buys an ant farm from a store near her home. The ant farm’s price is $12, and the sales tax is 7%. What is the total price of the ant farm?




Step-by-step explanation:

Start by dividing 12 by 100 to get 0.12 to get 1% of the price of the ant farm.

Then multiply 0.12 by 107 to get the price + tax.

You'll end up with 12.84.

Then just add your units to get $12.84.

Answer would be 12.84:)





Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]8(-9) - 6(-3)\\[/tex]

Multiply 8 by -9 and 6 by -3

[tex]-72 - (-18)[/tex]

Subtract[tex]Value = -54[/tex]

Hope this helps

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