A car travels 45 miles per hour. What is this speed in feet per hour?


Answer 1




Answer 2
It would be 45 distance for feet per hour

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Whas the the ionic radius of strontium


Answer: 255 pm

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32 N of Force. 37 N force. How strong is the net force and in which direction?


5 units to the left.

They are working against each other. That means you subtract.

32 - 37 = -5

You are moving 5 units to the left because 37 is negative which means it is moving left. The key word is left. In physics, you would get the same answer if you did it this way.

37 - 32 = 5

The 5 moves in the same direction as the 37

Pioneer species like Lichens and Mosses inhabit an area after a major disturbance, such as a volcanic eruption. Over time, other species are found in the disturbed areas, and the number of pioneer species decreases. Why does the number of pioneer species get less?



The number of pioneer species get less as the area has more soil to support complex plants and the competition decreases the role of pioneer species.


Pioneer species like Lichens and Mosses inhabit an area after a major disturbance, such as a volcanic eruption. However, with time the number of pioneer species decreases.

The number of pioneer species get less as the area has more soil to support complex plants and the competition decreases the role of pioneer species.

Earth's revolution takes 365.25 days. What is a revolution?



"Revolution" refers the object's orbital motion around another object.

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Does the use of lithium cause human health problems?





Lithium can cause nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, change in heart rhythm, muscle weakness, fatigue, and a dazed feeling

Continued use of Lithium could mean fine tremor, frequent urination, and thirst

Source: Webmd.com

challenges we will face terraforming Mars


Because Mars has no atmosphere, astronauts will be exposed to high levels of cosmic radiation which could cause cancer or death. The lack of atmosphere also produces severe weather - very high and low temperature as well as very high wind speeds. Astronauts will likely have to live nearby caves or underground until an atmosphere can be formed due to these elements.

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Answer:Melting can create steam, kind of like a nukeular plant exept no nukulear rods

1. Endothermic; increases
2. Exothermic; decreases
3. Endothermic;increases
4. Exothermic; decreases
5. Endothermic; increases

Can someone help me with number 4 please?


this table does not provide enough information

What is meant by a solute-give an exmple.
What is meant by a solvent - give an exemple
what is meant by a solution -give an exmple
what do the following symbole mean s,l,g and aq
what is the difference between filtration and crystallisation ​



A solute is a substance that dissolves in a solvent to for a solution.Example; Sugar.

A solvent is a substance that dissolves a solute to form a solution.Example ;water.

A solution is a uniform mixture of a solute and a solvent.

aq means aqueous

In fiteration the residues are called filtrates but in crystalization the residues are called crystals .

What suprising result is explained using this model



B. A few positive particles bounced back because they were pushed away from the positive center.


The result of the experiment conducted by Rutherford shows that a few positive particles bounced back because they were pushed away from the positive center.

This is the central theme of Rutherford's experiment on a thin gold foil.

In 1911, Rutherford performed the gold foil experiment that gave the modeling of the atomic structure a great boost. He bombarded a thin gold foil with alpha particles. He discovered that most of the alpha particles passed through the foil while a few of them were deflected back. This led him to postulate that an atom has a small positively charged center where nearly all the mass is concentrated.

If an atom has 15 protons and how many electrons will be gained when this atom forms an ion?



What are the Answer choices

How many atoms are in the following formula?



15 atoms total


2 Al atoms + 3 O atoms = 5 Al2O3 atoms

5 Al2O3 atoms * 3 = 15

another way to do it is:

2 Al atoms * 3 = 6 Al atoms

3 O atoms * 3 = 9 O atoms

6+9 =15 atoms total

The number of atoms in the given 3Al₂O₃ is 15 atoms.

What are atoms?

Atoms are the smallest unit of every matter. It contains charged particles present inside the atoms. They are electrons, protons, and neutrons. Atoms are of four types, description, isotopes, radioactive, and ions.

These atoms are the ions, that are charged, and the charged ions make bonds with each other to form compounds. Aluminum oxide is a compound that is formed by combining aluminum and oxygen atoms.

The compound is 3Al₂O₃

This means there are three moles of aluminum, and three moles of oxygen.

2 Al atoms + 3 O atoms = 5 Al₂O₃ atoms

5 Al₂O₃ atoms x 3 = 15

The elaborative way is:

2 Al atoms x 3 = 6 Al atoms

3 O atoms x 3 = 9 O atoms

6 + 9 =15 atoms total

Thus, the number of atoms is 15 atoms.

To learn more about atoms, refer to the link:



how are sol, solution and suspension different from each other?
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Question 3 (1 point)
Which of the following elements is the most electronegative: arsenic, phosphorus,
sulfur, or selenium?





From the given lists of elements, the one with the most electronegativity is Sulfur.

  Electronegativity is of an element is a property that combines the ability of its atom to lose and gain electrons.

It is a measure of the relative tendency with which the atoms of the element attract valence electrons in a chemical bond.


Using the Pauling's electronegative table of elements;

   Here are electronegativity values of the given elements;

selenium                 2.4

arsenic                    2.0

phosphorus            2.1

sulfur                      2.5

We see that the value of sulfur is the highest.

Pedro is baking a cake for his experiment on chemical changes. He knows a chemical change will occur when he puts the cake mixture in the oven. He would like to know what will happen when the cake is removed from the oven. What prediction would you make for Pedro's experiment? A. The chemical changes occurred because the chemicals changed. B. The chemical changes occurred because there was a change in light energy. C. The fruit and the hamburgers were affected by an increase in heat energy. D.The fruit and the hamburgers were affected by a decrease in heat energy.



A. The chemical changes occurred because the chemicals changed.


When baking a cake several chemical reactions occur that change the chemical composition of the ingredients used in baking. An ingredient like baking powder releases carbon dioxide when it undergoes a temperature change in the oven. A chemical change is supposed to change the form of a substance.

An endothermic reaction also occurs when the ingredients absorb heat energy to produce several changes. The firmness of the cake occurs because of the heat absorbed by the proteinous content of the egg.

A train in Japan can travel 813.5 miles in 5 hours





Given parameters:

Distance covered by the train  = 813.5miles

Time taken  = 5hours


Speed of the train  = ?


Speed is a physical quantity.

It is mathematically expressed as;

      Speed  = [tex]\frac{distance}{time}[/tex]

So, input parameters and solve;

   Speed  = [tex]\frac{813.5}{5}[/tex]  = 162.7miles/hr

what is the name of CCI3
carbon trichlorine????


Carbon tetrachloride, also known by many other names (such as tetrachloromethane, also recognised by the IUPAC, carbon tet in the cleaning industry, Halon-104 in firefighting, and Refrigerant-10 in HVACR) is an organic compound with the chemical formula CCl4.

Not all protists use flagella or cilia to move. Give an example of another way protists move and identify the type of protist that uses that mode of movement.​


Answer: One of the most striking features of many protist species is the presence of some type of locomotory organelle, easily visible under a light microscope. A few forms can move by gliding or floating, although the vast majority move by means of “whips” or small “hairs” known as flagella or cilia, respectively. (Those organelles give their names to informal groups—flagellates and ciliates—of protists.) A lesser number of protists employ pseudopodia. Those same organelles may be used in feeding as well.


the number of moles in 4.5 x 10^24 atoms of oxegen is​



The answer is 7.48 moles


To find the number of moles in a substance given it's number of entities we use the formula

[tex]n = \frac{N}{L} \\ [/tex]

where n is the number of moles

N is the number of entities

L is the Avogadro's constant which is

6.02 × 10²³ entities

From the question we have

[tex]n = \frac{4.5 \times {10}^{24} }{6.02 \times {10}^{23} } \\ = 7.47508...[/tex]

We have the final answer as

7.48 moles

Hope this helps you

Homer notices that his shower is covered in a strange green slime. His friend Barney tells him that coconut juice will get rid of the green slime. Homer decides to check this out by spraying half of the shower with coconut juice. He sprays the other half of the shower with water. After 3 days of "treatment" there is no change in the appearance of the green



This strange green slime is a colonization of fungi caused by the humidity of the bathrooms, which to be eradicated requires a non-specific antimicrobial such as sodium hypochlorite that generates an osmotic imbalance producing a fungicidal effect.


The fungi that appear in the form of slime at the microscopic level have many forms of colonization, by adding coconut milk it was assumed that this would generate an environment not suitable for their metabolism and reproduction but this did not happen, therefore they continued their reproduction.




how does litmus indicator work​



The substance which responds to the change in the concentration of the hydronium ions in solution by changing its color is known as an indicator.

After lab, all of Darrel's friends looked at his data and laughed and laughed. They told him that he was 30.8% too low in the boiling point he had just recorded. He had recorded a boiling point of 50o C on his data sheet. What is the correct boiling point of the liquid he was working with in lab?





For a boiling point is it always 100°

Name for each compoud
4 H202


1. Carbon monoxide
2. Sulfuric acid
3. Calcium carbonate
4. Hydrogen peroxide
5. Sodium fluoride
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How to separate these pure substance?if it is not possible, please write cannot be separate

Carbon Dioxide



Oxgen- cannot be separated

Water - chemical change

Gold - cannot be separated

Carbon Dioxide - chemical change

Carbon​ - cannot be separated


A pure substance, which can either be an element or a compound, contains only one type of such element or compound. In opposition to a mixture, pure substances cannot be separated by physical means.

- Elements as a pure substance cannot be separated because it contains only one type of atom. However, compounds contain two or more types of atoms, and hence, can only be separated into its individual atoms via chemical means.

In this question, oxygen (O2), Gold (Au) and carbon (C) are all elements and hence cannot be separated. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) are compounds because they contain two different atoms respectively, hence, can be separated into individual atoms.

Do 2. A student determines that there are 1.3 x 1025 molecules of an unknown
substance in a 968 g sample. Which compound most likely represents this
unknown substance?



The correct option is;



The given information are;

The number of molecules in the substance = 1.3 × 10²⁵

The mass of the substance = 968 g

Therefore, we have;

The number of molecules in one mole of a substance = 6.02 × 10²³

The number of moles present = (1.3 × 10²⁵)/(6.02 × 10²³) ≈ 21.595 moles

Therefore, 968 g = 21.595 moles

1 mole = 968/21.595 = 44.826 g

The mass of one mole of the substance = 44.826 g

Therefore the mass of one mole of the substance is closely related to the mass of one mole of CO₂ which is 44.01 g/mol.  

The correct option is CO₂

The calculation is as follows:

The number of molecules in one mole of a substance should be = 6.02 × 10²³


The number of moles present is

= (1.3 × 10²⁵)/(6.02 × 10²³)

≈ 21.595 moles


1 mole = 968/21.595 = 44.826 g

The mass of one mole of the substance = 44.826 g

So,  the mass of one mole of the substance is closely related to the mass of one mole of CO₂ i.e.  44.01 g/mol.  

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Which pair of symbols represents nuclei with the same number of neutrons?
A. 56 Co and 580
B. 57Co and 58Ni
c. 57Fe and 58 Ni
D. 57Mn and 57Fe





Mass number  = number of neutrons + number of protons

Atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus.  

58Ni   : 58 is the number of neutrons + number of protons

atomic number of Ni is 28.  Thus,  58 -28 = 30 neutrons

57Co ;  57 is the number of neutrons + number of protons

number of Co is 27. Thus, 57 – 27  = 30 neutrons

A cube of metal has a mass of 5.05 x 10°g and its density is known to be 12.77 g/mL, what is the volume of this metal?
A 395.5 mL
B. 2.529 mL
C. 63,910 mL
D. 64.48 ml




option A is correct

Identify the heterogeneous mixtures.
Group of answer choices



vegetable soup

apple juice

trail mix



One thing to remember is homo=same/pure and hetero=different

so heterogeneous mixture is would be salad, vegetable soup, trail mix and brass.

this is because salad, vegetable soup, trail mix, and brass have a lot components and they’re not pure.

Hopefully i could help!!

how many picoliters are in 3.16 mL



3.16×10⁹ pL


Given data:

Volume in mL = 3.16

Volume in picoliters = ?


Picoliter and milliliters are units of volume. Milliliter is greater unit than picoliter.

1 mL = 10⁹ pL

Now we will convert the 3.16 mL into pL.

3.16 mL × 10⁹ pL/ 1 mL

3.16×10⁹ pL

explanation of atomic radius​


Ah yes.

The atomic radius is basically the distance between the nucleus of the atom and the outermost electron in the farthest orbital of the atom. The more bigger the atomic radius , the less powerful is the force that holds together the nucleus and its electrons.

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