A cannonball is fired horizontally from a 10 m high cliff at 20 m/s. How long will the cannonball be in the air? How far away will the cannonball strike the ground?


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Why is our (a person's) gravitational pull NOT as strong as the Earth's gravitational pull
on us?
Gravity doesn't act on us
The Earth is closer to us than the Moon
Our mass doesn't change so the pull is really the same
We are much smaller than the Earth.


Answer:With gravity, two things with mass will want to move toward each other. However, we humans don't feel our gravity pulling on another person because it's not very big, but we do all feel the pull of Earth's gravity all the time - we're not all floating in the air, because that would be happening without Earth's gravity!


BRAINLIEST. Agraph is probelow. The graph shows the speed of a car traveling east over a 12 second period. Based on the information in the graph, it can be
that in the first second


Answer:speeding up constantly


The graph between the time and the speed of the car shows that the speed is increasing constantly, so, option C is correct.

What is speed?

A moving object's rate of change in distance traveled is measured as speed. Speed is a scalar, which implies it is a measurement with a magnitude but no direction.

A thing that moves quickly and with high speed, covering a lot of ground in a short time. On the other hand, a slow-moving object traveling at a low speed covers a comparatively small distance in the same amount of time. An object with zero speed does not move at all.


The graph shows the speed of a car traveling east over a 12-second period,

As you can see from the graph, at time t = 0 sec the speed is 10 m/s,

At t = 3 sec, the speed = 15.3 m/s

At t = 6 sec, the speed = 20.3 m/s

Thus, speed is increasing constantly.

To know more about Speed:



What is your role in motivating yourself?


i typically focus on motivating others.. i wanna be a motivational speaker someday. tbh if anyone needs anyone to talk to id be happy to listen and i would give the best advice i can. heres my discord: ionknow22#2868

Pressure and temperature ______ with depth below Earth’s surface.



Pressure increases as you move deeper below earth's surface.

Tempurature  increases as you move deeper below earth's surface.

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block of mass m sits at rest on a rough inclined ramp that makes an angle with the horizontal. What must be true about normal force F on the block due to the ramp




For a body on a ramp with mass m, the forces acting on the body along the vertical component are the weight and the normal reaction.

The weight of the body acts in the negative y direction while the normal reaction acts in the positive y direction

Taking the sum of forces along the y component

Sum Fy = -W+R = ma

Since acceleration is zero

-W+R = m(0)

-W+R = 0

-W = -R

W = R

Hence the Normal reaction force acting on the on the body is equal to normal force

During which process of the water cycle does water change from a gas to liquad


Condensation is the process by which water vapor in the air is changed into liquid water. Condensation is crucial to the water cycle because it is responsible for the formation of clouds.

In each of the given pairs, choose which element will have the bigger atom. Give reasons for your choice. (a) Mg (atomic number 12) or Cl (atomic number 17) (b) Na (atomic number 11) or K (atomic number 19)



Mg (atomic number 12)

K (atomic number 19)


The size of an atom is estimated in terms of its atomic radius.

The atomic radius is taken as half of the inter-nuclear distance between two covalently bonded atoms of non-metallic elements or half of the distance (d) between two nuclei in the solid - state of metals.

Across a period, atomic radii decrease progressively from left to right. This is due to the progressive increase in the nuclear charge without increase in the number of electronic shells. Down a group, atomic radii increase progressively due to the successive shells of electrons being added which have been compensated for by the increase in nuclear charge.

Cl is further right of Mg in the third period

K is below Na in the first group

SOH-CAH-TOA is used to solve for the ________
velocities in a full/angled projectile.

a. final (x and y)
b. overall
c. initial (x and y)
d. resultant



c. initial (x and y)


When a projectile is launched at a velocity with a launch angle, to solve it, we must first resolve the initial velocity into the x and y components. To do this will mean we have to treat it like a triangle due to the launch angle and the direction of the projectile.

Therefore, we will have to make use of trigonometric ratios which is also known by the mnemonic "SOH CAH TOA"

Thus, this method resolves the initial x and y velocities.

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How is power passed down in a dynasty?

through a family bloodline
through a religious council
through an arranged marriage
through a military commander


Through a family bloodline
Your answer should be Through a family bloodline ;)
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A car starts from rest and accelerates for 7.2 s with an acceleration of 1.4 m/s2. How far does it travel? Answer in units of m.



xn = 36.28 [m]


To solve this problem we must use the following equation of kinematics, which is ideal for a body that moves with constant acceleration.

[tex]x=x_{0}+(v_{o} *t)+(\frac{1}{2} )*a*t^{2}[/tex]


x - xo = displacement of the car [m]

Vo = initial velocity = 0

t = time = 7.2 [s]

a = acceleration = 1.4 [m/s^2]

The initial velocity is zero, as the car begins its movement from rest.

xn = (x - xo), Now replacing

xn = (0*7.2) + 0.5*1.4*(7.2^2)

xn = 36.28 [m]

A car at the top of a ramp starts from rest and rolls to the bottom of the ramp, achieving a certain final speed. If you instead wanted the car to achieve twice as much speed at the bottom of the ramp, how high should the ramp be compared to the first case



It must be 4 times high.


Assuming that the car can be treated as a point mass, and that the ramp is frictionless, the total mechanical energy must be conserved.This means, that at any time, the following must be true:ΔK (change in kinetic energy) = ΔU (change in gravitational potential energy)

⇒      [tex]m*g*h = \frac{1}{2} * m*v^{2}[/tex]

Let's call v₁, to the final speed of the car, and h₁ to the height of the ramp.

       So, at the bottom of the ramp, all the gravitational potential energy

      must be equal to the kinetic energy of the car (Defining the bottom of

      the ramp as our zero reference for the gravitational potential energy):

       [tex]m*g*h_{1} = \frac{1}{2} * m*v_{1} ^{2}[/tex]  (1)

Now, let's do v₂ = 2* v₁Replacing in (1) we get:

        [tex]m*g*h_{2} = \frac{1}{2} * m*(2*v_{1}) ^{2}[/tex] (2)

Dividing (2) by (1), and rearranging terms, we get:h₂ = 4* h₁

The Intensity level of a loud saw is 100 db at a distance of 5m. At what distance would the level be 80 db



50 m


The relationship between the intensity of sound in dB and distance is given by the formula:

[tex]B_2=B_1+20log(\frac{R_1}{R_2} )\\\\Where \ B_2\ is \ the\ sound\ intensity\ at\ distance\ R_2\ and\\B_1\ is \ the\ sound\ intensity\ at\ distance\ R_1\ \\\\Given\ that: B_1=100\ dB, R_1=5\ m, B_2=80\ dB\\\\B_2=B_1+20log(\frac{R_1}{R_2} )\\\\80=100+20log(\frac{5}{R_2} )\\\\-20=20log(\frac{5}{R_2} )\\\\log(\frac{5}{R_2} )=-1\\\\\frac{5}{R_2}=10^{-1}\\\\\frac{5}{R_2}=0.1\\\\R_2=5/0.1=50\ m[/tex]

A chef places an open sack of flour on a kitchen scale. The scale reading of
40 N indicates that the scale is exerting an upward force of 40 N on the sack. The magnitude of this force equals the magnitude of the force of Earth’s gravitational attraction on the sack. The chef then exerts an upward force of
10 N on the bag and the scale reading falls to 30 N.Draw a free-body diagram of the latter situation.





Initial reading on scale =40 N

So, we can conclude that weight of the sack is 40 N

After this a 10 N force is applied upward on the sack such that the net force becomes (40-10) N downward (because downward force is more)

This net downward force is the resultant of earth graviational pull and the applied upward force.

So, this downward force acts on the machine which inturn applies an upaward force of same magnitude called Normal reaction.

This situation can be diagramatically represented by figure given below  





An electron moving in the direction of the x-axis enters a magnetic field. If the electron experiences a magnetic deflection in the -y direction, the direction of the magnetic field in this region points in the direction of the





The force on a moving charge due to a magnetic field follows the right hand rule, so a positive charge, experiencing a magnetic deflection in the -y direction, while it moves in the direction of the x-axis, will do it  due to a magnetic field pointing in the +z direction.

As the electron has a negative charge, the magnetic field will point in the opposite direction, i.e., in the -z direction.

Peter is running laps around a circular track with a diameter of 100 meters. If it takes Peter 12 minutes to run 4 laps, how quickly is he running (in meters per second)?



v = 1.74 m/s


Given that,

Diameter of a circular track, d = 100 m

Distance covered for the 4 laps,

[tex]D=4\pi d\\\\D=4\pi \times 100\\\\D=1256.63\ m[/tex]

Time, t = 12 minutes = 720 s

We need to find the velocity of the peter. It can be calculated as follows :

[tex]v=\dfrac{D}{t}\\\\v=\dfrac{1256.63\ m}{720\ s}\\\\v=1.74\ m/s[/tex]

So, the speed is running with a velocity of 1.74 m/s.

Peter is running at 1.7453 m/sec.

Given to us,

Diameter of the circular track, D = 100 meters,

Number of laps Peter run, L = 4 laps,

Time taken by Peter, t = 12 minutes,

1 lap = circumference of the circle,

4 laps = 4 x circumference of the circle,

As we know, the circumference of a circle is given by πD.

So, 4 laps = 4 x circumference of the circle,

[tex]\begin{aligned}4 laps &= 4\times \pi \times D\\&= 4 \times \pi \times 100\\& = 1,256.6370\ meters\\\end{aligned}[/tex]

Also, we know that 1 minute has 60 sec.

so, 4 minutes = (4 x 60) seconds

Further, speed is given [tex]\bold{(\dfrac{Distance}{Time} )}[/tex]


[tex]\begin{aligned}speed &= \dfrac{Distance\ coverd\ by\ Peter}{Time\ taken\ by\ Peter}\\&=\dfrac{1,256.6370}{12\times 60}\\&=1.7453\ m/sec \end{aligned}[/tex]

Hence, Peter is running at 1.7453 m/sec.

To know more visit:


What is the approximate weight of a 400 kg object?



881.84905 LBS


ThErE :p

3922.66 newtons.

This is an exact amount, to get newtons form kg, multiply by 9.8, or in this case, 10.

This gives you 4000 newtons

A fountain shoots a jetof water straight up. The nozzle is 1 cm in diameter and the speed of the water exiting the nozzle is 30 m/s. What is the force exerted by the water jet




mass of water coming out per second = A x v where A is area of cross section of the nozzle and v is velocity of water

A = 3.14 x .005²

= 785 x 10⁻⁷ m²

mass of water coming out per second = 785 x 10⁻⁷ x 30 = 23.55 x 10⁻⁴ kg

momentum of this mass = 23.55 x 10⁻⁴ x 30 = 706.5 x 10⁻⁴ kg m /s .

Rate of change of momentum  = 706.5 x 10⁻⁴

Let force be F

F - mg = 706.5 x 10⁻⁴

F = mg + 706.5 x 10⁻⁴

F =  23.55 x 10⁻⁴  x 9.8 + 706.5 x 10⁻⁴

= 937.3 x 10⁻⁴ N .

A recipe gives the instructions below
After browning the meat pour off fat from the pan to further reduce fat use a strainer.

what type lf separation methods are described in the recipe

A decantation and screening
B distillation and screening
C decantation and centrifugation
D distillation and filtration



A. decantation and screening


Decantation is the one of the process of separating the mixture. In this process the precipitated liquid is separated from the solid. According to the given instruction for the recipe, the fat which is in liquid state is separated from meat. In the process of screening, more liquid is separated by placing the mixture on the screen. Here, the gravity plays an important role for the process of separation.  




A person following a liberal ideology would likely approve of


not sure sorry :5

How many turns are in its secondary coil, if its input voltage is 120 V and the primary coil has 210 turns


Complete Question

How many turns are in its secondary coil, if its input voltage is 120 V and the primary coil has 210 turns.

The output from the secondary coil is  12 V


The value  is  [tex]N_s  =  21 \  turns [/tex]


From the equation we are told that

   The input voltage is  [tex]V_{in}  = 120 \ V[/tex]

   The number of turns of the primary coil is [tex]N_p =  210 \  turn[/tex]

    The output from the secondary is [tex]V_o =  12V[/tex]

From the transformer equation

   [tex]\frac{N_p}{V_{in}}  =\frac{N_s}{V_o}[/tex]

Here [tex]N_s[/tex] is the number of turns in the secondary coil

=> [tex]N_s  =  \frac{N_p}{V_{in}}  *  V_s[/tex]

=>[tex]N_s  =  \frac{210}{120}  *  12[/tex]

=>[tex]N_s  =  21 \  turns [/tex]

What is the maximum current flow possible through a 12 Ohm resistor from a 120V source?






A "lovesick" individual wants to throw a bag of candy and love notes into the open window of their significant other’s bedroom 10.0 m above. Assuming it just reaches the window, they throw the gift at 60.0o to the ground: At what velocity should they throw the bag? How far from the house are they standing when they throw the bag? (Answer: A. 16.2m/s B. 11.5m)




Let the velocity be v .

vertical component of the velocity = v sin 60 = √3 v /2

it reaches maximum height of 10 m .

v² = 2 gh

( √3 v/2 )² = 2 x 9.8 x 10

3 v² = 196 x 4

v² = 65.33 x 4

v = 16.2  m /s

Let time taken to reach height of 10 m

v = u - gt

v sin 60 = 9.8 t

16.2 x √3  /2 = 9.8 t

t = 1.43 s

horizontal distance covered = v cos 60 x t

16.2 x .5 x 1.43 = 11 .5 m

An airplane, starting at rest, takes off on a 600. m long runway accelerating at a rate of 12 m/s/s. How many seconds does it take to reach the end of the runway?



10 seconds


As it starts from rest, then u=0

and by III rd equation of motion:

How do I proton and and electron compared


What’s the question?

Determine the electrical force of attraction between two balloons
that are charged with the opposite type of charge but the same
quantity of charge. The charge on the balloons is 6.0 x 10-7 C and they
are separated by a distance of 0.50 m.





Fe= k(6x10^-7C)^2/(0.5)^2

Electrical force of attraction between the balloons is F=1.3x10^-2N

The electric force of attraction between two balloons should be F=1.3x10^-2N.

Calculation of the electric force;

Since The charge on the balloons is 6.0 x 10-7 C and they are separated by a distance of 0.50 m.

So, here the electric force is

Fe= k(6x10^-7C)^2/(0.5)^2


hence, The electric force of attraction between two balloons should be F=1.3x10^-2N.

Learn more about force here: https://brainly.com/question/19848845

waht is science



the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.


Calculate the effective charges on the H and F atoms of the HF molecule in units of the electronic charge, e.




Hydrogen fluoride (HF) is an ionic/electrovalent compound that dissociates into ions when dissolved in water. It's dissociation is as seen below

HF ⇄ H⁺ + F⁻

There is a transfer of electron from the hydrogen atom which produces the hydrogen ion (H⁺), while the fluorine atom receives the donated ion to become negatively charged (F⁻). The amount of charge in one electron is generally given as 1.602 × 10⁻¹⁹ coloumbs.

The required value of effective charge on HF molecule, due to H and F is  1.602 × 10⁻¹⁹ Coulombs.

The given problem is based on the concept of effective charges. The net positive charge carried out by the electrons of atomic species, after forming a polyelectronic atom  is known as Effective charge.

As per the given problem, the Hydrogen fluoride (HF) is an ionic/electrovalent compound that dissociates into ions when dissolved in water. It's dissociation is given as,

HF ⇄ H⁺ + F⁻

There is a transfer of electron from the hydrogen atom which produces the hydrogen ion (H⁺), while the fluorine atom receives the donated ion to become negatively charged (F⁻). The amount of charge in one electron is generally given as 1.602 × 10⁻¹⁹ Coulombs.

Thus, we can conclude that the required value of effective charge on HF molecule, due to H and F is 1.602 × 10⁻¹⁹ Coulombs.

Learn more about the effective charge here:


Who was the first who traveled to the moon?​




On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. 

Please provide explanation!!!
Thank you.



(a) 102 cm/s

(b) 0.490 cm²


(a) Use Bernoulli equation.

P₁ + ½ ρ v₁² + ρgh₁ = P₂ + ½ ρ v₂² + ρgh₂

0 + ½ ρ v₁² + ρgh₁ = 0 + ½ ρ v₂² + 0

½ ρ v₁² + ρgh₁ = ½ ρ v₂²

½ v₁² + gh₁ = ½ v₂²

½ (25.0 cm/s)² + (980 cm/s²) (5.00 cm) = ½ v²

v = 102 cm/s

(b) The flow rate is constant.

v₁ A₁ = v₂ A₂

(25.0 cm/s) (2.00 cm²) = (102 cm/s) A

A = 0.490 cm²

3 For this force system the equivalent system at P is ___________ A FRP 40 lb along x dir and MRP 60 ft lbB FRP 0 lb and MRP 30 ft lbC FRP 30 lb along y dir and MRP 30 ft lbS FRP 40 lb along x dir and MRP 30 ft lb


This question is incomplete, the complete question is;

For this force system the equivalent system at P is ___________

A) FRP = 40 lb (along +x-dir.) and MRP = +60 ft.lb

B) FRP = 0 lb and MRP = +30 ft.lb

C) FRP 30 lb (along +y-dir.) and MRP  = -30 ft.lb

D) FRP 40 lb (along +x-dir.) and MRP = +30 ft.lb


D) FRP 40 lb (along +x-dir.) and MRP = +30 ft.lb


From the figure in the image i uploaded along this answer;

FRP = ( 40 lb i + 30 lb j ) + [30 lb (-j)]

Where i  and j are the unit vectors along X & Y axis respectively.

So, FRP = 40 lb i

that is,  FRP = 40 lb along +X direction

MRP = [ 30 lb x ( 1 ' + 1' ) ] +( -30 lb x 1 ' )

= (30 lb x 2 ' )- 30 lb ft

= 60 lb ft - 30 lb ft

= 30 lb ft

Therefore option(D) is correct    

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