(4.1357 x 10^-15) x (5.4 x 10^2) Answer must be in scientific notation


Answer 1




Scientific notation:

Scientific notation is the way to express the large value in short form.

The number in scientific notation have two parts.

The digits (decimal point will place after first digit)

× 10 ( the power which put the decimal point where it should be)

for example the number 6324.4 in scientific notation will be written as = 6.3244 × 10³

When we multiply or divide the values the number of significant figures must be equal to the less number of significant figures in given value.  Thus, in given value,

(4.1357× 10⁻¹⁵) × (5.4×10²)


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2. Ultraviolet radiation has a frequency of 6.8 x 10'5Hz. Calculate the energy, in
joules, of the photon.



[tex]E=4.5\times 10^{-18}\ J[/tex]


It is given that, the frequency of Ultraviolet radiation is [tex]6.8\times 10^{15}\ Hz[/tex]

We need to find the energy of the photon. The formula for the energy of a photon is given by :

[tex]E=hf\\\\\text{Where h is Planck's constant}\\\\E=6.63\times 10^{-34}\times 6.8\times 10^{15}\\\\E=4.5\times 10^{-18}\ J[/tex]

So, the energy of the photon is [tex]4.5\times 10^{-18}\ J[/tex].

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Which organelle is correctly matched with the cell process it performs?
A Vacuole — photosynthesis in plant leaf tissue
B Chloroplast — water storage in plant leaf tissue
C Mitochondria — energy production in plant and animal tissue
D Cell wall — supporting the cell in animal tissue



Mitochondria - energy production in plant and animal tissue


The mitochondria is the power house of a cell. it contains adenosine-tri- phosphate or ATP molecules that produce energy through active transport. The mitochondria is responsible for energy production in both plant and animal cells

how many atoms in a chair



100 trillion atoms are in one cell and  so just find how many cells are in a chair and then take 100xthe number and you get your answer


There are uncountable atoms which are present in a chair depending on it's size.

What is an atom?

An atom is defined as the smallest unit of matter which forms an element. Every form of matter whether solid,liquid , gas consists of atoms . Each atom has a nucleus which is composed of protons and neutrons and shells in which the electrons revolve.

The protons are positively charged and neutrons are neutral and hence the nucleus is positively charged. The electrons which revolve around the nucleus are negatively charged and hence the atom as a whole is neutral and stable due to presence of oppositely charged particles.

Atoms of the same element are similar as they have number of sub- atomic particles which on combination do not alter the chemical properties of the substances.

Learn more about atom,here:



Choose each statement that is scientific.
a. The universe's average temperature and rate of expansion support the idea that it began as one super-dense and hot mass 13.8 billion years ago.
b.The opinions of randomly selected participants in a survey prove the idea that global temperatures are not increasing on Earth.
c.Ocean tides are caused by the uneven gravitational pulls of the Moon and Sun on different parts of Earth.
d.Human life is more valuable than other forms of life on Earth because humans are more intelligent than other organisms.



he universe's average temperature and rate of expansion support the idea that it began as one super-dense and hot mass 13.8 billion years ago.

Ocean tides are caused by the uneven gravitational pulls of the Moon and Sun on different parts of Earth.


These statements are objective truths or rational speculations adequately supported by evidence.  The others are from unreliable sources, and are based on opinion.

the answer is A!


A and C are correct, I took the test


In which region is the substance in both the solid phase and the liquid phase?
1 2 3 4



its 2 on ed I promise do not listen to the brainiest





whats the lewis dot diagram for calcium


Draw the Lewis dot structure for each atom of the compound to show how many valence electrons are present in each atom. For example, the calcium atom in calcium chloride, CaCl2, has two valence electrons, and the chlorine atoms have seven valence electrons each.

Please Answer. What is the density of an object that has a mass of 13g and a volume of 25 cm3?


Density = Mass/Volume


The density of object is 0.52 g/cm³


Given data:

Density of object = ?

Mass of object = 13 g

Volume of object = 25 cm³



d = m/v

d = 13 g/ 25 cm³

d = 0.52 g/cm³

Thus, the density of object is 0.52 g/cm³.

In Ernest Rutherford's gold foil experiments, some alpha particles were deflected from their original paths, but most passed through the foil with no deflection. Which statement about gold atoms is supported by these experimental observations?

Gold atoms consist mostly of empty space.

Gold atoms are similar to alpha particles.

Alpha particles and gold nuclei have opposite charges.

Alpha particles are less dense than gold atoms.





Which of these elements is most likely to be a colorless gas based on the type of element? Al, Pd, Ar, Cs



Al (Aluminum)

what are the units for the volume of a solid volume of a liquid ​


Answer:Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by a closed surface, for example, the space that a substance (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) or shape occupies or contains.


Write a complete, balanced chemical equation where tin metal reacts with aqueous hydrochloric acid to produce tin(II) chloride and hydrogen gas. Include states.

From the equation, which element is oxidized, and which element is reduced?



1. The balanced equation is given below:

Sn (s) + 2HCl (aq) –> SnCl₂ (aq) + H₂ (g)

2a. H is oxidized.

2b. Sn is reduced.


1. Balanced equation for the reaction between tin (Sn) metal and aqueous hydrochloric acid (HCl) to produce tin(II) chloride (SnCl₂) and hydrogen gas (H₂).

This is illustrated below:

Sn (s) + HCl (aq) –> SnCl₂ (aq) + H₂ (g)

There are 2 atoms of Cl on the right side and 1 atom on the left side. It can be balance by putting 2 in front of HCl as shown below:

Sn (s) + 2HCl (aq) –> SnCl₂ (aq) + H₂ (g)

Now, the equation is balanced

2. Determination of the element that is oxidize and reduced.

This can be obtained as follow:

We shall determine the change in oxidation number of each element.


a. The oxidation number of H is always +1 except in hydrides where it is –1.

b. The oxidation state of Cl is always –1.

Sn (s) + 2HCl (aq) –> SnCl₂ (aq) + H₂ (g)

For Tin (Sn):

Sn = 0

SnCl₂ = 0

Sn + 2Cl = 0

Cl = – 1

Sn + 2(–1) = 0

Sn – 2 = 0

Collect like terms

Sn = 0 + 2

Sn = +2

Therefore, the oxidation number of Tin (Sn) changes from 0 to +2

For H:

H = +1

H₂ = 0

The oxidation number of H changes from +1 to 0

For Cl:

Cl is always –1. Therefore no change.


Element >>Change in oxidation number

Sn >>>>>>>From 0 to +2

H >>>>>>>>From +1 to 0

Cl >>>>>>>No change


Sn is reduced since its oxidation number increased from 0 to +2.

H is oxidized since it oxidation number reduced from +1 to 0

The balanced chemical equation for the reaction is

Sn(s) + 2HCl(aq) → SnCl₂(aq) + H₂(g)

and the element that oxidized is tin (Sn) while the element that is reduced is hydrogen (H)

The balanced chemical equation for the reaction where tin metal reacts with aqueous hydrochloric acid to produce tin(II) chloride and hydrogen gas is

Sn(s) + 2HCl(aq) → SnCl₂(aq) + H₂(g)

From the equation,

The element that is oxidized is tin (Sn), because the oxidation state of Sn increased from 0 to +2

The element that is reduced is hydrogen (H), because the oxidation state of H decreased from +1 to 0.


The balanced chemical equation for the reaction is

Sn(s) + 2HCl(aq) → SnCl₂(aq) + H₂(g)

and the element that oxidized is tin (Sn) while the element that is reduced is hydrogen (H).

Learn more here: https://brainly.com/question/12913997

Stan gets frustrated while working on his math homework, and he tears his paper into several pieces. What kind of change has his
paper gone through?



Physical Change


What is a physical change? A physical change is a change to the physical—as opposed to chemical—properties of a substance. They are usually reversible. The physical properties of a substance include such characteristics as shape (volume and size), color, texture, flexibility, density, and mass.

Which components are part of all scientific investigations? Check all that apply.



Steps of a scientific investigation include 1. make observation

2. ask a question

3. form a hypothesis

4. test the hypothesis

5. analyze results

5 , drawing conclusions,

6. and communicating the results

Element X has two natural isotopes. The isotope with a mass of 10.012 amu (10X) has a relative abundance of 19.91%. The isotope with a mass of 11.009 ammu (11X) has a relative abundance of 80.09%. Calculate the atomic mass of this element.





you can see the answer at the pic

what is the formula for sulfuric acid





Hope this helps!

Describe what will happen to the pressure of the gas as the plunger is pushed in.



The pressure of gas will increase.


The question above is related to "Boyle's Law." According to this law, provided that the temperature and amount of gas are stable, the absolute pressure of gas is inversely proportional to its volume.

In this sense, if the plunger will be pushed in, the volume of the gas will definitely decrease due to lack of space while the pressure will increase because the molecules of the gas are colliding with each other. The greater the collision, the greater the pressure. This explains the answer above.

What happens to the particles of a liquid when energy is removed from them?

A. The motion of the particles increases and the distance between the particles increases.

B. The motion of the particles increases and the distance between the particles decreases.

C. The motion of the particles decreases and the distance between the particles increases.

D. The motion of the particles decreases and the distance between the particles decreases.



b im pretty sure it is  b

Explanation  b  The motion of the particles increases and the distance between the particles decreases.

The motion of the particles decreases and the distance between the particles increases, the correct option is C.

What are different states of matter?

The matter is anything that has mass and occupies space.

Matter can exist in four different states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

By examining the arrangement of molecules, it is possible to comprehend the characteristics of the many forms of matter.

The state of a solid turns to a liquid when it is heated past its melting point.

A liquid turns into a gas when it is heated past the point at which it vaporizes.

Solids have a distinct shape and dimension and are densely packed.

Liquids fill the container's space and are loosely packed.

Gas has a large intermolecular distance and is not stiff.

When energy is removed from the particles of a liquid, the speed gets slowed, and so the motion decreases, as the motion is limited they become packed and the distance between them decreases, and the intermolecular forces increases.

To know more about Different states of matter



explain the effect of temperature, pressure, volume and concentration reaction rate


When you increase the pressure, the molecules have less space in which they can move. That greater density of molecules increases the number of collisions. When you decrease the pressure, molecules don't hit each other as often and the rate of reaction decreases. Pressure is also related to concentration and volume.


A student drops a 95g object into a graduated cylindor that has 30ml of water in it. After the object is added to the cylinder the water level reads 63ml. What is the density of the object? ​



The answer is 2.88 g/mL


The density of a substance can be found by using the formula

[tex]density = \frac{mass}{volume} \\ [/tex]

From the question

mass = 95g

volume = final volume of water - initial volume of water

volume = 63 - 30 = 33 mL

We have

[tex]density = \frac{95}{33} \\ = 2.87878787...[/tex]

We have the final answer as

2.88 g/mL

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The modern synthesis combined the concepts of _______ and evolution.



Molecular Evidence.

how many electrons does Neon-21 have?



10 electrons


Neon 21 has 10 protons and 11 neutrons. We know that there are the same number of electrons as there are protons. so your answer is 10.

Convert each of the following masses to the units requested.
a. 0.765g to kilograms
b. 1.34 g to milligrams
c. 34.2mg to grams



a) 0.000765kg

b) 1340mg

c) 0.0342g


a) 1000g = 1kg

0.765g= 0.765/ 1000

= 0.000765g

b) 1g = 1000mg

1.34g = 1.34 × 1000

= 1340mg

c) 1000mg = 1g

34.2mg = 34.2/1000

= 0.0342g

Pls help solving question (d)!!


Answer: 1 C4H6O3 + 1 H2O -> 2 C2H4O2



C= 4


O= 4


C= 2

H= 4

O= 2

You want the left side to be equal to the right side.

We can multiply each atomic element by 2, to get C4H8O4.

Theorists try to find ways to explain human behavior in rational ways. It seems irrational to break rules, if we want to maintain social order. We are largely constrained by the rules and obliged to behave in a particular way or to avoid certain behaviors. What motivates people to break social rules? Do you think powerful and famous people tend to break more rules? Is it worth breaking these rules? No Response(s) Be the first to respond to the Discussion topic!



See explanation


According to Burgess (1996); 'We don't break rules because it 'doesn't feel right' to do so. Some elements of personality can determine whether we will break rules or not, particularly when the moral/social-conventional distinction is taken into consideration'.

If an individual has the urge to behave in a manner that transgresses social rules,  personality characteristics now come into play here. Personality traits determines whether the  individual  considers him/herself as bound by the rules. Some people will follow the rules absolutely while some only follow  rules that they consider important, a small proportion will not follow any rule that prevents them from achieving their set objectives.

Famous people become carried away with affluence and position and tend to break more rules since they believe that they will always get away with it because of whom they are.

Irrespective of the circumstances, it is never worth it to break a rule. We always have to see ourselves as bound by rules as part of our social responsibility.

7. Which liquid caused the egg to shrink? *
(1 Point)
a. Vinegar
c.Corn Syrup



c.corn syrup

the egg shrinks due to osmosi.

It’s corn syrup Bec it can’t go into the egg

Chromium-48 decays. After 6 half-lives, what fraction of the original nuclei
would remain?



The fraction of original nuclei remaining is 1.5625


Which best explains what happens during crossing over?

The chromosomes have electrical connections that allow them to line up randomly.
Paired chromosomes overlap and portions of DNA switch between chromosome.
Genetic material is switched because the chromosomes line up independently.
Chromosomes line up randomly and cross genetic information between unpaired chromosomes.



Chromosomes line up randomly and cross genetic information between unpaired chromosomes.




Explanation:i took the quiz on edge 2020

When your food gets digested, the macromolecules get broken down into
individual monomers. Which monomer would be most present based on your meal?
How do you know?


Carbohydrates. The digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth. The salivary enzyme amylase begins the breakdown of food starches into maltose, a disaccharide. As the food travels through the esophagus to the stomach, no significant digestion of carbohydrates takes place.

Pls help I need it ASAP!!!





because water has the always has the same volume but it can change shape of the glass or container that it is put in

-79.6 -80 -81.2. is the correct answer


um what -80 lol what
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The graph shows the number of hours that Tammy spends typing for work, x, and the amount of pay that she earns, y.A graph titled Tammy's Pay with number of hours on the x-axis and pay in dollars on the y-axis. A line goes through points (2, 18) and (8, 42).What does the y-intercept represent? which of the following is an example of the relationship between structure and function in a living thing? A. A penguins feet are large and flat with claws for traction on ice. B. A whale has no appendix.C. The human ribcage is soft and lined with fur-like projections. D. An eagle is colorblind. He has only rods on his retina. 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The story should tell about an experience that shows why this person is a hero to you 50 POINTS pls need this nowwww!!!!!!! mark me as brillianist and enjoy points Fill in the blank with the correct German form.Ich singe gern. _______ du gern?SingstSingenSingeSingt Which of the following is likely to occur immediately as a result of new legislation regarding transition programs for veterans of the Afghanistan War?Choose 1 answer:Choose 1 answer:(Choice A)AThe Department of Veterans Affairs will use its authority to decide how to implement the law effectively.(Choice B)BMilitary experts will make recommendations to Congress on how much money they should spend creating these programs.(Choice C)CStates will create several job training programs to help veterans find jobs as they transition out of the military.(Choice D)DThe House Committee on Veterans Affairs will meet with recipients to determine the effectiveness of the law. What are rational numbers Hi! So, I'm struggling with a lot of feelings right now and I really need help I'm going to a therapist soon and I'm really scared but I just need to know what's going on. So I have been crying a lot more and It's about my school work and parents. Sometimes I just feel like dying and I seem sad all the time. I never want to get out of bed but never wanna go to sleep. Does this mean anything I'm also having really bad thoughts..