12. Describe Binding energy and how it plays a role in nuclear fusion up to 56Fe (the synthesis of iron
nuclei). Include a description of the relationship between the strong nuclear force, the
electromagnetic force, and the number of nucleons involved in the fusion in your answer.
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Answer 1
The binding energy per nucleon increases in value from Hydrogen up to Iron (Fe 56). This causes lighter nuclei to fuse together to make more stable heavier nuclei.

The strong nuclear force is responsible for causing the fusion of the nuclei and it is much much stronger than the electromagnetic force that would otherwise keep the positive protons apart.

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A rotating pulley completes 12 rev in 4 secs determine the average angular velocity in rev /s, rpm and in rad/s​


12 rev per 4 seconds
3 rev per second
180 rev per minute
18.8 rad per second

Answer: The average angular velocity  for a rotating pulley is 3 rev/s, 180 rpm, 6π rad/s.

The pulley turns rotating when the rope tugged and completes 12 rev in 4 seconds.

How to determine the average angular velocity?

 If we consider a pulley rotating in a same axis, every point in the pulley has the same angular velocity.

Formula for angular velocity:

                    ω = Δθ / Δt

The average angular velocity can be defined as the ratio of the angular displacement to the time.

                                θ = 12 rev, t = 4s

             1 revolution = 2π rad

It can be solved as:

      Revolutions / second: 

      rev / s = 12 / 4      

                  =  3

      Revolutions per minute:

        rpm   =  ( 12/4) × 60

                  =   180

      Radian / second :

        rad/s  =   (12×2π / 4 )


Learn more about the average angular velocity,



Dan steps on the brakes in his toy car which causes a braking force of 700 N to the left.
a) If Dan’s car weighs 750 N, then what is the mass of Dan’s car?
b) What is the acceleration of Dan’s car?



76.53 kg; 9.15 m/s² left.


Given the following data;

Weight of car = 750N

Applied force = 700N

a) To find mass

Weight can be defined as the force acting on a body or an object as a result of gravity.

Mathematically, [tex] Weight, W = mg[/tex]

We know acceleration due to gravity is equal to 9.8 m/s²

Substituting into the equation;

[tex] 750 = m*9.8[/tex]

[tex]Mass, m = \frac{750}{9.8}[/tex]

Mass, m = 76.53kg

b) To find the acceleration;

Force is given by the multiplication of mass and acceleration.

Mathematically, Force is;

[tex] F = ma[/tex]


F represents force.m represents the mass of an object.a represents acceleration.

Making acceleration (a) the subject, we have;

[tex]Acceleration (a) = \frac{F}{m}[/tex]

Substituting into the equation;

[tex]Acceleration (a) = \frac{700}{76.53}[/tex]

Acceleration (a) = 9.15 m/s² left.

What if the height is 85m, then how long long does it stay in the air?



hamburger cheesecake

Cacao beans arrive in a factory from the areas where they grew. At the factory, the best beans are sorted and put into bags. After quality-control workers check the bags, a large truck transports the cacao beans to a commercial chocolate-producing company. Which organelle plays a similar role inside a cell?
A. cytoplasm
B. Golgi body
C. mitochondrion
D. ribosome
E. vacuole



B. Golgi body


The Golgi body is the region where proteins are modified, packaged, and transported to the appropriate location, usually outside of the cell.

The cytoplasm is the intracellular fluid/space, the mitochondrion produces energy, the ribosome produces proteins, and the vacuole is a storage organelle.    

The Answer is B , Because the golgi body stores stuff for later use.

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The slope of a distance vs. time graph is a measurement called
A. displacement
B. speed
C. correlation
D. velocity



B. speed


im not sure hahahaha




16: x4

17 x2

18; 4.5 for q1 and 4.5 for q2


A dog is 60m away while moving at constant velocity of 10m/s towards you. Where is the dog after 4 seconds?


20m away

the dog was 60m away from. you subtract 40m since it is 10m/s x 4 seconds
the dog is 20m away.
if the dog moves 10m/s, multiply 10 by 4, subtract 40 from 60. 20

What is the mass of a car if 4500N of force is used to accelerate it at a rate of 3.0m/s?



The answer is 15,000 kg


The mass of the car can be found by using the formula

[tex]m = \frac{f}{a} \\ [/tex]

f is the force

a is the acceleration

From the question we have

[tex]m = \frac{45000}{3} \\ [/tex]

We have the final answer as

15,000 kg

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define fundamental units​



one of a set of unrelated units of measurement, which are arbitrarily defined and from which other units are derived. For example, in the SI system the fundamental units are the meter, kilogram, and second.


When a body like earth is moving in a circular path the work done in that case is zero because: (a) Centripetal force acts in the direction of motion of the body (b) Centripetal force acts along the radius of circular path (c) Gravitational force acts along the radius of circular path (d) Centrifugal force acts perpendicular to the radius of circular path



(b) Centripetal force acts along the radius of circular path


Centripetal force is a force experienced by a body moving in a circular path. It is expressed mathematically ad F = mv²/r

m is the mass of the body

v is the velocity

r is the radius of the circular path

When a body moves in a circular path, work dome is zero because Centripetal force acts along the radius of circular path and the force is at right angle with the motion of body.

is isopropyl alcohol a element compound or mixture



Isopropyl is an element compound.






24 i think


B. 24


There are 24 atoms in one molecule of C6 H12 06. This chemical compound is made up of 6 atoms of carbon, 12 atoms of hydrogen, and 6 atoms of oxygen. We find the number of atoms by adding these numbers up. We than get:

6 + 12 + 6 = 12 + 12 = 24

Therefore, there are 24 atoms in the following chemical formula.

What type of glass is heat resistant?

A.leaded glass
B.tinted glass
C.borosilicate glass
D.tempered glass





Tempered glass is the less expensive alternative, and is best for lower temperature applications. It can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470 degrees F. Tempered glass is regular glass that has been strengthened through a thermal or chemical treatment. Tempering not only strengthens the glass but also changes its breakage pattern, causing it to shatter into small pieces instead of large sharp angles, reducing the chance of injury. It is best used for applications where the fire will not be near the glass, as constant temperatures of 500 degrees or more will cause it to weaken and shatter.

lists the 4 states of matter from most amount of thermal energy to least amount of thermal energy?




plasma, gas, liquid, solid

If a car accelerates at a uniform 4.0 m/s, how long will it take to reach a speed of 36.0 m/s,
starting from rest?









In which box could “gas” be placed?

*C. W is not the answer


It is U:move freely,and spread out

Look at pic.... 2 examples of radiation and how they are radiation







chocolate chip model


Thomson's discovery of the electron completely changed the way people viewed atoms. He proposed the atom was a sphere, but the positive and negative charges were embedded within it. ... Thomson's model came to be called the "plum pudding model" or "chocolate chip cookie model".

An object on another planet with g = 25 m/s^2 hits the ground from rest in 4 seconds. How far did it fall?



Using the kinematics equations Vf=Vi+ (a)(t) and d=Vi(t)+1/2(a)(t)^2
and given:

Vi= 0 m/s
g= 25m/s^2 (so a= 25m/s^2)
t= 4sec

you first have to use Vf=Vi+ (a)(t) to solve for Vf:

Vf= (0m/s) + (25m/s^2)(4 sec)
Vf= 100m/s

Now using d=Vi(t)+1/2(a)(t)^2

d= 0m/s +1/2(25m/s^2)(4)^2

Which gives us d= 200.0 meters

An apple is dropped from a 260m high building. How long will it take to hit the ground in



7.28 s




assume a=-9.81


s=1/2at^2 + ut

-260=1/2 (-9.81) t^2 +0t

t=7.28 s

The time taken for the apple to hit the ground from the high building is 7.28s.

Given the data in the question;

Before the apple was dropped, it was initially at rest, so

Initial velocity; [tex]u = 0 m/s[/tex]Distance or height from which it was dropped from; [tex]s = 260m[/tex]


To find the time it will take for the apple to hit the ground

We use the Second Equation of Motion:

[tex]s = u^2 + \frac{1}{2}at^2[/tex]

Where s is the distance or height from which it was dropped, u is its initial velocity, t is time and a is the acceleration due to gravity.

We know that earth's gravitational field or acceleration due to gravity; [tex]g = 9.8m/s^2[/tex]

Since the apple is falling, it under gravity; [tex]a = g = 9.8m/s^2[/tex]

We substitute our values into the equation and find t

[tex]260m = (0m/s)^2 + (\frac{1}{2} \ *\ 9.8m/s^2\ *\ t^2 )\\\\260m = 4.9m/s^2 \ * \ t^2\\\\t^2 = \frac{260m}{4.9m/s^2}\\\\t^2 = 53.06^2\\\\t = \sqrt{53.06s^2} \\\\t = 7.28s[/tex]

Therefore, the time taken for the apple to hit the ground from the high building is 7.28s

Learn more; https://brainly.com/question/20534444

What are some common measurements that are given as a rate?



taco bell


Which scenario does not describe an example of acceleration?

A car increases its speed while turning to the left.
A car decreases its speed while driving straight ahead.
A car maintains a constant speed while turning to the right.
A car maintains a constant speed while driving straight ahead.



B is the right answer


It is decreasing.

A car maintains a constant speed while driving straight ahead.

What is acceleration?

The acceleration of an object is the rate of change of velocity with time. It is measured in meter per second square.

Velocity of the car

The car undergoes velocity when there is change in direction of the speed.

Thus, the only option that does not describe acceleration is a car maintains a constant speed while driving straight ahead.

Learn more about acceleration here: https://brainly.com/question/14344386

whats the order of solid liquid and gas from least particle motion to the most?



Solid < Liquid < Gas

velocity is derived physical quantity why​



Velocity is “how much distance you cover in a particular time.” Space and time are fundamental quantities, and meters and seconds are their base units. Velocity is a combination of a space and a time, and therefore its units — “m/s” – are “derived” from the units for space and time

A 1500 kg car traveling at 15m/s to the south collides with a 4500 kg truck that is initially at rest at a stoplight. the car and truck stick together and move together after the collision, what is the final velocity of the two vehicles


Answer: 3.75 m/s


Here's what you know: The car has mass 1500 kg, and initial velocity 15.0 m/s.  The truck has mass 4500 kg and initial velocity 0 m/s.  The final mass is 6000 kg (4500 kg plus 1500 kg, because they stick together) and we are looking for the final velocity.  Using the formula p = mv, and the concept that p before equals p after, the p of the car plus p of the truck equals the p of them together. So, 1500 x 15 + 4500 x 0 = 6000 x v final.  22500 = 6000 v, and v = 3.75 m/s.  The velocity is positive, and the initial velocity of the car was positive, so the two vehicles together are traveling to the south just like the car was initially.

Suppose y = 2x + 10. Find y if x = -2



y = 6


Given parameters:

        Given equation:

                     y = 2x + 10

And supposing; x = -2


y = ?


 We are going to solve this problem by substitution;

           y = 2x + 10

  since x = -2; input this into the equation to solve for y;

           y  = 2(-2) + 10 = -4 + 10  = 6

The value of y = 6

Select the correct answer from each drop-down menu.
Brenda is a crime scene investigator. She believes there is blood at the scene of the crime but needs to confirm her initial findings. Which of the
following techniques should she use to find probable evidence of blood and confirm that it is indeed blood?
Brenda should uses a
to confirm that it is indeed blood.
test to find probable evidence of blood. If she does so, she should use a
✓ test



it is kastle Meyer fasure

I think its Kyle myer I think

What is the acceleration of a car moving in a straight line that increases from 0m/s to 50 m/s in 5 seconds?





a=change in velocity/change in time


The sum of potential energy and kinetic energy is



The total mechanical energy


M = Mass

V = Velocity

G = Gravity

H = Height

KE = 1/2mv²

PE = mgh

ME = KE + PE

ME = 1/2 mv² + mgh

he lower the frequency of the wave the ____________ it will have.
more medium
more energy
more amplitude
less energy



D. Less Energy

The more energy in a wave, the higher it's frequency

The less energy in a wave, the lower the frequency is

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